A Vegan Debunks 'The Game Changers' Documentary

A Vegan Debunks 'The Game Changers' Documentary

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Debunking some of the dumb stuff in The Game Changers. Are any diet documentaries actually good?

3:00 – Gladiators were largely vegetarian
4:28 – Protein source is irrelevant?
8:53 – Blood flow “study”
12:09 – Plants good, meat bad
14:31 – Meat doesn’t have antioxidants so it’s bad
15:58 – Dean Ornish’s trial because of course
16:17 – Even small amounts of poultry & fish are bad?
18:02 – Peen “study”
22:04 – Industry funding (honestly shocking)
22:57 – Conclusion


Plant proteins

Dimitar Savatinov’s strongman diet

Patrik Baboumian’s diet


Avocado hamburger study

Fish & endothelial function

Heterocyclic amines




Heme iron

Dean Ornish heart disease trial

Small amount of chicken and fish are bad?

Interview with Walter Willett

David Katz

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40 Replies to “A Vegan Debunks 'The Game Changers' Documentary

  1. Another thing: I really really REALLY wish they would have talked diet specifics with some of the athletes they profiled. What a day of eating looks like for these guys. I think that's super useful, given most of these guys and gals probably eat tons of protein. Like Baboumian who eats 400+ grams a day! It's a far cry from what a lot of vegan doctors/influencers recommend and would have been good to show I think. Then again, maybe they didn't want to show how reliant you become on protein powder? Baboumian drinks like 4-5 protein smoothies a day. A lot of athletes rely on protein shakes so it's not that big of deal, but may be unappealing nonetheless.

  2. To all the Ryan Lowery's, to all the Shawn Bakers, to all the Joe Rogans of the world, What The Health!?, The Game Changers, PlantPure Nation, Let Us be Hero's, one after the other showing you why you should embrace a whole foods plant based diet, however, this has become nothing but a war of conceptual information in order to sustain a pointless argument of which has no purpose other than to argue.

    To the nay sayers of the world, we say to you, don't take our words for it anymore, don't take the documentaries words for it anymore, challenge yourself to cut out animal products for 30 days and only consume whole foods plant based products and see how you feel for yourself.

    Numbers do not lie and you will see the proof for yourself. The most important thing you will know and understand of which can never be removed from your being is, how you feel. You will always remember how you feel. This is the most important, because, conceptual information has it's place in this world, however, it will never be a substitute for felt understanding.

    Challenge yourself to a whole foods plant based diet as described by PlantPure Nation and see how you feel after 30 days for yourself.

    End of story.

    End of discussion.

  3. Holy sh!t, people!!!! She fully understands what the movie is trying to do. Her point is, let's stay factual or otherwise risk undermining ourselves and our movement cause we leave ourselves open to be called out… I also don't understand people who are calling her snide and arrogant. Did she upset you somehow? She's just trying to be fair and factual. That is a good thing. We all in this movement need to do the same.

  4. you obvisouly never exercised. i use to consume 200+ grams of animal protien to obtain 180 lbs.I consume 120-140grams of plant protien and weigh 175 lbs and yes i consumed the same amount of creatine on both diets and yet im stronger . you don't know what your talking about,just anecdotes

  5. Seems like most people on the comments disagree on her views because she is not looking at the bigger picture that is getting the msg across. You fail to understand that ways matter. When a scientific paper, or a pseudo scientific paper talks about meat benefits citing bogus references, everyone is going to jump at it. Goes the other way around.

    Ok, the documentary is spreading an idea thar you like. If they make bogus claims while doing it, is it justified because you like the overall idea?.

    Non vegan here, but a fan of your content. Keep up the good work

  6. Maybe learn the difference between 'digestion' and 'assimilation'. And please stop sitting on the 'funny' cushion…constantly giggling is irritating and makes you appear condescending, which is not neccessary when trying to make objective and constructive criticisms, it just makes you appear personally biased. The proof is in the pudding, if you are an athlete who is breaking world records on a plant based diet, then that is your proof that a plant based diet works. I'm not a vegan and never will be, but after watching the Game Changer's I'm now following a plant based diet and have never felt healthier. Try the plant based diet and see if it works on an individual basis. If it works carry on, if not revert to whatever you were eating before. Don't preach, lead by example.

  7. Everyone commenting who has a problem with unnatural vegans video needs to watch the Kris Kresser debunking video. The Game Changers is incredibly stupid and misguided, take your emotion out of your thought process and assess the facts

  8. I have to say this was a very good and thoughtful non-biased video. If the Documentary was based more on (no pun) just the fact that athletes can flourish on a sustainable PB diet- that would have been perfect.

  9. This was a very interesting video, thank you for sharing! I'm making my diet more plant based, but I can't change over completely due to digestive disorders limiting what I can stomach eating.

  10. At around 15:00 you talk about the need for supplements like B vitamins and calcium that you're not getting from a vegan diet. Doesn't that therefore make veganism an incomplete diet? In the absence of modern conveniences like nutritional supplements, how can one be a "healthy" vegan? Or is that an ethical sacrifice?

  11. they equated "animal based" diet with the standard American diet/ fast food. I've reversed white hair, healed tooth cavities, healed chronic hypoglycemia, insomnia and depression with a meat based diet. Meat from hunting and local farms, and homemade bone broths.

  12. That documentary was no different than the woke of YouTube. People put videos up with no scientific support or evidence. Hell this girl isn't even a scientist, what gives her the right to make a video with scientific support of her part?

  13. If you have to also have good sleep, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle to blunt the negative effects of meat…then maybe its not good for you??? Like it wont cause harm if you live a healthy life because the healthy life is enough to keep the negative health effects of meat in check. But what if you start slipping? Then youre not protected. This is further evidence its not healthy. No one is arguing if beans or blueberries are healthy lol.

  14. It's. Propaganda. Full-stop.

    James Cameron has a vested FINANCIAL interest in Beyond Meat, and a $140 mil investment in the largest pea protein factory in the world. Hmmm…
    Congratulations if you sat through this long-form commercial that references epidemiological bullshit and twists study conclusions which have no bearing on real science.

  15. It is a pity you are a vegan, you make very good arguments. However, your veganism makes the information you provide insufficient. You are still promoting diet ideas that have been disproved by science. i.e. Lowering cholesterol prevents heart disease, Soy does not reduce testosterone, etc…

  16. Thank you for this! A voice of neutrality and reason and scientific principles against all the propaganda and hyperbole and misleading claims.
    I definitely agree with your points against the misuse of studies, hiding the full picture, hiding just how much is still unknown about nutrition and what a complicated picture it all is.

    I completely agree that I wish the film had presented itself as a series of anecdotal stories about how you can still be fit and muscular on a vegan diet and people's emotional reasoning for the switch. I was held back until this year from making the switch because I honestly believed that it would not be possible to be vegan and still be muscular. And that is a big positive from this film – it clearly demonstrates that you can still be muscular on a vegan diet and I believe has already convinced many people to at least reduce their meat intake. Personally, I have also found it much easier to lose fat on a vegan diet – but as you implied, that is not really because I have given up low fat chicken but more because the rest of my diet has changed by becoming a vegan – now I eat way more fruits and veg, way less processed foods and so on.

    I've just discovered your channel and I love your intelligent, well-considered videos, thank you! 😀

  17. Do you have any idea how many youtube comments I've seen in the last few weeks along the lines of 'wow the game changers just opened my eyes, trying out veganism'. So yeah, looks like the movie is doing pretty well at achieving what it set out to do. 100% accurate or not, this movie is saving the lives of lots of animals. But you don't care about that do you Unvegan Vegan? All you care about is upholding your sad reputation as an omnivore sympathiser.

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