Addicted to Winning: Football on the Frontlines of America's Opioid Epidemic [Full Film]

Addicted to Winning: Football on the Frontlines of America's Opioid Epidemic [Full Film]

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UNINTERRUPTED proudly presents Addicted to Winning, a documentary film that tells the story of a small town in West Virginia caught in the middle of two very different realities: a successful, nationally-recognized high school football program amid a town suffering from one of the most serious epidemics to ever sweep the nation.

Go into the real life experiences of the players and families to see how the Martinsburg community refused to be defined by statistics and found hope and success in the face of a crisis. #AddictedToWinning

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34 Replies to “Addicted to Winning: Football on the Frontlines of America's Opioid Epidemic [Full Film]

  1. This is a great documentary. Coach Walker is a great coach. He started his career at my high school East Hardy and was one of the best coaches we ever had. I am proud of the accomplishments that Coach Walker has made since going to Martinsburg. I keep up with him and his Bulldogs every week during the football season.

  2. We as parents always blame ourselves. The truth is dont think it cant happen to you….cause it can. I have much respect for these parents fighting the good fight against this horrific opiate takeover. GO DOGS!!

  3. I do hate when ppl say "oh he's got a good head on his shoulders, he won't use drugs"…Education level and mental capabilities have NOTHING to do with addiction. Nine times out of ten, it's past trauma(childhood or otherwise) that cause someone to use and only when you get to the root of that trauma do these issues even begin to be resolved.

  4. Alot of people from Martinsburg love this school, but i hated it. The students, staff, everyone. This school drove me to suicide. I hate this town, and i hate that school. Im just unlucky enough to not have the money toget out yet being im only 17.

  5. It is a shame the director didn't think it prudent to recognize all the other coaches, assistants and volunteers that have made the successes possible. Granted Coach Walker is to be commended for his leadership but not acknowledging the rest of the contributors is a major slight to their time, effort and dedication to these kids, the program and the community.

  6. Everyone should leave state for an awesome college experience!!!!! It’s the best experience of my life going to UF in gainesville FL ! Go go go !! You only live once ! Don’t state in this crap town break out into something new ! Who wants to live by a bunch of 5G cell towers ! Polluted air and water .. there are no pools and parks or things for kids to do in Martinsburg no real night clubs or amusement parks nada !

  7. One of the best public school football programs in the country. What the Dogs have done the past decade is special, and it looks like it will be a while before they slow down. As long as Keyser stays AA, I hope Martinsburg wins 100 in a row. Second longest winning streak in the USA and another title coming in December. All WV folks should be proud of what they are doing. God Bless Coach Walker. For anyone not familiar with the area, Martinsburg is no joke. They have made football more appealing than partying or joining gangs there and it has paid off in spades. Tyson is leading the nation in passing at Shepherd. Sadly, this is an exception, but hopefully inspiration for kids all over the state. Someone will catch them eventually….. Until then keep it rolling down there. Blessings from Keyser.

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