Alex Olivares | Demo Reel (A Short Documentary Film)

Alex Olivares | Demo Reel (A Short Documentary Film)

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Welcome to my Demo Reel!


A demo reel (AKA demo tape, demo disc, show reel, etc) is a video or audio presentation designed to showcase your talents to a potential employer. The idea is that the employer can see what you are capable of based on the examples you have supplied.

Music credits:

Directed and Edited by Alex O.

Camera Operator: Alex O.

* I do not own the rights of the music in the short documentary *

Equipment Used:
Joby Gorilla Pod
Len Used: Wide Angle
Camera equipment: iPhone
App used: Filmic Pro!
Edited In: iMovie!
Microphone: Boya-By-mm1 microphone

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you hi my name is Alex and I am a videographer and vlogger welcome to my channel I do documentaries films and I shoot on my iPhone XR and I edit on my iPhone but in the future like maybe soon I'll edit on my macbook and and I am currently figuring more about filmmaking and big thanks to at full time filmmaker for the health and I learned a lot about filmmaking well that's it for the demo real and just enjoy all the clips and basically what I do for my channel for my videography and stuff and go out to my short films right now and thanks for joining me go visit my other previous work bye everyone basically I'm just gonna list off right now um like clips of like be past work that I've done so far and basically this demo reel is basically gonna be like a movie and this is not other like this is not any other demo real this is the biggest demo real I might ever make on this like channel on Vimeo like literally the biggest like demo real I'm making on video so enjoy the demo real we don't need this you

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