44 Replies to “Alpo Martinez Documentary Here's What I Think About It!

  1. We all know this everyone was not saying shit then. now youtube social media facebook twitter is on n he is home he maid money from it dicu n all yah keep talking about him he will never fade yah aint letting him. Snitching today is just like two gay dudes kissing on a corner while people n niggas walk around n dont say shit to them..i would ill tell them take that shit somewere else..the game bin fuckt up triffe niggas back stabbers n set u up your own people😡

  2. What emotions do you keep referring to? I saw none… I think so many others have profitted (including the Porter family) off of his story, he has the right to do the same whether we like it or not – his morals are not out morals – it is what it is…

  3. Hi Hassan, massive fan from Liverpool, England….. i just got one questuon. Did u iron that tshirt with a cold brick 😂😂😂 only joaking big man. I have learned a lot about America in genral because all the real news is filtered out by the time it reaches us. Thanks for what you do my friend you are one of a kind

  4. Listen to the Azie interview with VLAD. Now listen to the Alpo interview. It's almost as if Alpo never actually was pulling the trigger. He always had someone else doing it. Now, what kind of guy has over 10 bodies on him and is a free man? Funny how Alpo came out of nowhere in jail. You see where I'm going with this?? AZ keeps telling Vlad, it's much deeper than you think. He was trying to say something without really saying it. Alpo was either a police informant or straight government/police agent. DEA, CIA, etc etc. It wasnt to find drug dealers and help arrest them. AZ believed that the conspiracy was that the government had people in the drug game in order to push it out to the black community. Hell, Freeway up and admitted he realized he was a pawn in a MUCH bigger operation. You think they weren't running this same hustle on the east coast???sheeeeeeet. US government pushed crack up and down both sides and has millions of bodies on its hands. AZ on his thoughts about Paid in Full. https://youtu.be/KKtCw2Thnvs?t=4530

  5. Im not negative but Im sorry…if that was my lil brother I wouldn't rest trying to find him. It wouldn't have even got this far to begin with. Only thing that would save him is me not being on social media and oblivious to the bs.

  6. What about the drugs that destroyed our peoples, That was way more damaging than Alpo killing rich.
    No disrespect to Rich but them drugs fucked up the hood forever.
    Sometimes life come to collect in different ways,

  7. Like Said Harlem Niggas Some Hoes’ … Y’all Been Exposed! Ain’t No Way In Hell This Nigga Would Be Walking Around The Streets Glorifying In Front Of The Cameras Chasing Clout!!! Nigga Head Will Be On A Fucking Telephone Pole Fucking With Me 💯💯

  8. Rats, drug dealers,fuckup blk hip-hop music,blk women dressing like hookers, dope fins verywer, people acting dogs,ect. white supremacist loves u all, keep it real u 💯%fact ass blk people. All sellouts. U all are dead wrong.

  9. This is how I know you a hoe ass nigga first of I’ve seen rappers from New York won’t even speak on this man this man is a snitch and a killer that’s a deadly combo but when he asked to meet up with you you bitched up big time I’m coming to New York next month and if I see you I’m gone slap you like the BITCH you are and that’s on CRIP

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