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  1. As Team Leader of the A4U Project during the first 3 years of its real work, I believe that this film reflects quite well the efforts that we have been doing together with all that huge number of leaders, experts, colleagues and friends and supporters who have been involved.
    The nice words about the Ukrainian Fellows are fully true. Great people they are – most of them real professionals too. OK to talk about the supporters at different levels too – such projects do hardly survive in an unfriendly environment.
    However, no word is mentioned about those many European Consultants, who have produced more than 60 hugely important and exciting analytic documents, assessments, guidelines, studies, reviews, summaries, recommendations, and training courses. Without their precious work, this project could not have become a real success story. It will follow NOW that the real value of those works will (need to) be seen.
    Consequently, TO BE FAIR AND JUST, the names of the authors and editors and trainers of those works MUST BE MENTIONED in such a summary-memory type of film, and if this is not done, the film loses its credibility.
    Here are some names of those Colleagues that should have been mentioned by the creators of this film: Marian Murawa, Mark Hellyer, Rafal Hykawi, Stefan Moser, Tibor Draskovics, Balazs Jarabik, Adam Lazowsky, Marek Tabor, Peter Miklic, Richard Lucking, and others. Commented by: Dr. Janos Zakonyi.

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