Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 - World War II DOCUMENTARY

Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 – World War II DOCUMENTARY

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After a long discussion, we decided to start making documentaries on the modern wars, and the first one we are going to cover will be the battle of Stalingrad in 1942-1943 that was fought between Germany and its allies and USSR within the World War II. This battle is considered one of the most decisive in the second World War, as it worsened the situation of the Wehrmacht and allowed the Soviet Red Army to start counterattacking all over the Eastern Front. This battle is also symbolic, as it was one of the rare battles where the egos of two rulers – Hitler and Stalin clashed.
We are planning to release more documentaries covering the modern conflicts, so stay tuned.

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50 Replies to “Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 – World War II DOCUMENTARY

  1. So many wrong things in this video..
    Stalingrad was only mentioned once in Fall Blau, where it said that entering the city is no priority…
    Only when time was running low Hitler decided to take Stalingrad since he cant reach the Volga any other way..
    Inform yourself more then make a Video thx.

  2. the british army was defeating the nazis in north africa thats a really funny way of saying the united states was defeating the germans with minimal british help

  3. Man what a typical snide remark from the 'breeteesh' narrator at the very end "….and the British armies were preparing to invade Italy with its' allies." You mean the Americans right Lord Fussypants?

  4. Order 227 as depicted in enemy at the gates is BS
    Order 227 usually comes out as very harsh when "not a step back" and "unauthorized retreat = death" is taken out of its context. If you take 5 minutes and read the whole order as it was formulated, it is actually inspiring and almost beautiful.

    It is also important to understand that it was a welcomed order amongst the frontline soldiers, and many felt that it should have been issued earlier.

  5. "Some people make the mistake of judging Adolf Hitler's actions as if he was a rational strategist and commander." Jordan B. Peterson. We're talking about the man who executed Rommel for merely giving an objectively good advice (as he was asked!!!!).

  6. Stalingrad was not a main objective and wasn't even in the planning of fall blau. The plan was for Astrakan and the oil fields. Get your shit right! Also the numbers are highly misleading as the 6th Army was split into army Group A and B and the priority was given to the oil fields attack for army group A. Germany was outnumbered at stalingrad. TIK does a much better job at this then you guys. Although the graphics, music and presentation was great. You got your facts wrong. Also order 227 was wrong as well.

  7. Misleading graphics. Nazi Germany had Italy, Hungary, Romania and others as it allies and controlled even more territory then depicted. The Luftwaffe did managed to supply a large army at the Demyansk pocket. And, as someone already pointed out – the soviets did evacuate civilians from the city as best as they could.
    Good catch on Manstein though.

  8. Looks like soviets put almost all focus on Stalingrad. I've one question, why not Germans took the chance and concentrate other fronts??? They could have captured Moscow for example….

  9. The most important battle in history! If the Russians would have lost; that would have been the end! I still believe that if the Wehrmacht focused on taking the capital Moscow; Germany would have came out victorious. Although oil was important, you need to take out the command center of a country in order to make easier moves through it, and this was the case in the Russian campaign. It would have been a domino effect if the Russian high command was taken out.

  10. Yeah Mannstein was at fault if he convinced Hitler to refuse any breakout attempt, because clinging on to a lost battle sacrificing nearly 250.000 men because of a massive gamble / no less even, a completly unlogical assumption, is rather a hard blunder for a man in his position. For once Hitler was in doubt of the operation's success, and what happens ? his top general makes an utterly terrible decision.

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