Best Video Tripod for Filmmakers! - Sachtler Flowtech 75

Best Video Tripod for Filmmakers! – Sachtler Flowtech 75

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After owning a ton of tripods the Sachtler Flowtech 75 Carbon Fiber are hands down the best tripod I have ever used.

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1. Sachtler Flowtech 75 Carbon Fiber Tripod:
2. Sachtler Flowtech 75 Carbon Fiber Tripod W/ FSB 8 Fluid Head:

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30 Replies to “Best Video Tripod for Filmmakers! – Sachtler Flowtech 75

  1. Everyone is complaining about the fact this tripod is over 2000 bucks.
    But you know what? First of all, if you did professionally, it's more than worthing it. The time that you save on set with this pay for itself.
    Second of all… everyone is quick to complain about the price of the highest quality basic essentials, but drop some pretty pennies on stuff like gimbals, drones etc
    Now don't get me wrong : Those are all cool and amazing. But I'd rather invest in this tripod as soon as possible and skip the gadgets in the beginning. It's hard to justify the cost of buying a drone when you're starting out – how many times are you gonna use it? How are you gonna manage the regulations, the permit, etc etc… you won't have your money back.
    You are way, way better off investing in a tripod like this that will last you a lifetime, rather than the last cool gadgets than you will have to change next year.
    It's a shame to see all the beginners with an amazing gimbal and drone, but a poor cheap tripod and shoulder rig. Those things always work, without batteries; you always need them on every shoot; those are the tools you will be using the most in your career.
    If you need a gimbal/drone on some shoots, learn how to use those tools and rent them. You can do most of the shots you need with this tripod. Newbies have this mentality that it's nor worth it to go for the expensive essential like tripods, batteries, storage media… but there is a reason why you find such drastic price differences. A Movi is 6K – any shoulder rig fully equipped on a serious production is likely much more. The tripod alone cost this most of the time.
    Get the basic tools first, gadgets will come. And in the end you will end up spending waaaaay less money. Trust me. When your gear gonna start falling appart, you will wish you had a tripod like this. And I had my fair share of duck-taping moments to realize than I'm not rich enough to afford cheap…

  2. Surprised you were so incompetent to not at least mention an alternative Tripod for BUDGET…so dumb. And I was looking for Budget Tripod not your Own Spiratical Infatuation of the Greatest Freakin Tripod of All TIME . Weirdo

  3. Can you comment on the price when you do a video. I watched the whole video, really like the tripod, went to B&H via your link and saw it was an eye watering $1,344 for the legs alone. A simple warning or comment about the price in the video could have stopped that 'wow' then crash (on seeing price).

  4. Very good review from a real user perspective. Needless to say Flowtech with FSB head is really a good tripod system. But for those who can not afford it for the time being, have a look over SCG T8 fluid head. You would be really surprised.

  5. To those of you who can’t afford, the bit with the lever on the top which extends the legs was already done by Manfrotto about 30 or 40 years ago on the manfotto 058, my dad used for 30+ years as a wedding photographer and I now use the same tripod for my 3D and video business. Still going strong.

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