Blood Brother Documentary - Filmmaker Steve Hoover on India and the Kids

Blood Brother Documentary – Filmmaker Steve Hoover on India and the Kids

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Kids with HIV AIDS in India. Blood Brother, chronicling the journey of a young American, Rocky (filmmaker Steve Hoover’s friend) who dedicates his life to helping orphans and women with the virus.

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Clips courtesy of Animal (Production Co) provided by TCDM & Associates.

to me arriving in India's one you know one of the best times in my life I'll never forget it we got almost international flights from the US get to India at like 3:00 in the morning this first time I had ever traveled to a place like this and it was dark when we got there and the village was an hour and a half ride from the airport so everything was just black I couldn't really see anything stuff along the side of the roads but you know that wasn't enough that was the full full picture so we got to his village it was still dark I couldn't see and then you know I was described as India kind of like slowly revealed itself to me you know the Sun came up I stayed up for we walked around the village we watched and and talked with people as they're coming out of their homes and starting fires to cook breakfast and I was just completely overwhelmed with the beauty of everything with the people the kindness and just everything that was was kind of unfolding it was it was incredible you know people know they always say incredible India and it's they feel like you can't you know there's not a more appropriate term to describe India the home is for women and Jordan affected and abandoned by AIDS and HIV the main focus is a refuge you know a place of peace and encouragement all the children all the women of HIV except the cook and myself that was a hard thing to detach yourself from and know what what it is you know what what people don't know about Rakhi or anything like that so the good thing about filming someone you know so well is that you have access you have backstory you already have some ideas and things that you can naturally tap into because you've heard the stories but you know I'm also finding that there's things that I took for granted you know or things that you can take for granted that people don't know when I met the kid a whole idea of them having AIDS made me cautious and I was nervous about them touching me just watching rocky help me to push through it he doesn't even think about eats that whole time it was just it was unbelievable it's almost stupid trying to describe it everything just started to make sense I work for a production company I had access to their resources and they were supportive of the film the production company is animal based out of Pittsburgh and you know they're great they were supportive of it so because of that and because I have a job and because they're willing to support we only needed money to get there we basically had all the gear and so we did a Kickstarter to raise those funds and we were able to raise a little bit more than we intended so we are we added someone on the crew to do all of our data management and so yeah it wasn't hard to get funding for the initial process because I was doing all the editing along with a friend of mine who was willing to support and didn't want pay but the second trip you know we were out of money so I had to pay out of pocket to go the film itself because we're donating all the filmmaker proceeds I wanted to do well in that in that way because we have a lot of plans that are going to help the kids in the future so naturally I want the film to do that and it's going to it's going to impact their lives directly and set them up to have better futures we have a lot of details and goals as to how that's going to work so I want the film itself to achieve that for the people in the film I want them to benefit the most but for viewers you know my hope was that people would be inspired by the film and you know to me it's a film about love and relationships and we all have those and you know I I don't have anything specific that I want people to do and I've been saying that from the beginning I feel like people need to kind of figure that out for themselves you know what do you do with with inspiration what do you do when you are affected and you want to love or help people there's a lot of different avenues that people can take and my hope is to just that the film could bring them to a place where they want to do something positive or maybe even something inspirational there's times I just flip out and get Aragon I get rude or I get impatient or unloving deep I don't know I don't presume to be a parent of the year anything but I do try to make sure that they're growing with some sort of character no hug okay I won't know what it's like to see blood brother for the first time some people have had really emotional experiences with the film and I have emotional experiences with the footage but I've I cut it you know I mean it was there was never just a complete separation than watching the film I won't never know that but I've realized not just through the film itself but through some of the things we filmed and how those people reacted to that footage in India I've always always hear you know filmmaking is powerful it's a tool and I've been a greatly affected by films before but I've never done something or made something that I felt like was effective in that way and so in doing this I did realize in a deeper way kind of the power of filmmaking and how it can help and how it can change situations and help people and and it's something I want to continue to apply to my future work I'll still be doing commercials and and different work that is more shallow or you know just pushing products and I'm okay with that as long as I'm engaged with something deeper

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  1. One of those films that you see and instantly your heart and the way you think changes and opens to a broader way of interacting in our world. Many blessings to all involved and thank you for making the world a little bit better. ♥

  2. I'd previously seen the documentary but had never seen this few minutes of back story.  Thanks, Steve Hoover, for your work, your input, your honesty.  Without your willingness, who knows how this would've turned out?  I was beyond moved when my church showed this documentary and am fully prepared to follow God's plan all the way through in whatever capacity He calls me  to participate.  You, Rocky, Nimmy, LIGHT and the volunteers rock ;)

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