Build A New Life In The Country: Cotswolds | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Build A New Life In The Country: Cotswolds | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

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George Clarke advises a finance director moving from London to his dream home, a 16th-century property in the Cotswolds near Oxford. The £250,000 redesign is developing as work progresses, but the owner is not always around to make decisions, and the builders grow frustrated. With a wedding due in a few weeks, the completion date looms ominously.

Presented by architectural designer Charlie Luxton, Build A New Life follows people leaving the rat-race of the city in pursuit of new lifestyles and new homes in the countryside. The dream houses they are creating are inspiring, architecturally challenging and are all undertaken with a modest budget.

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35 Replies to “Build A New Life In The Country: Cotswolds | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

  1. Jeremy seems like a nightmare. How dare he drive with that dangerous speed! How dare he be so thoughtless about other people's time! And I wish them well but there seems to be no love/passion between Jeremy/Carol.

  2. Jeremy was clueless as many people are when it comes to renovation. Once he had the sit down with the builder and went over the timeline needed and turned over control the project got going. Smartest move he could have made. Thankfully the fiancé helped tone down some of his more wild ideas for the decore. It looks like there is still lots of decorating to do so he can work in some bits he likes without going too overboard. Anyway in the end Jeremy got what he had always wanted a proper settled home! Hopefully these two will settle into country life nicely.

  3. I hope he modifies his speed when he moves there. Those country lanes weren't made for that kind of driving. Slow down, You might end up in a ditch. Or put someone else there.

  4. Silly schoolboy with money and petulant, possibly venomous schoolgirl meet nearly 10 years ago wreck a house and get married, I wonder where they are now.
    Maybe he could drive a little faster down those lanes.

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