Camp Kenedy: An American Concentration Camp - UIL Young Filmmakers Documentary Submission 2019

Camp Kenedy: An American Concentration Camp – UIL Young Filmmakers Documentary Submission 2019

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On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to intern all German, Japanese, and Italian alien civilians, in America’s version of concentration camps. The small town of Kenedy, Texas was once home to over 3,500 interned aliens. Camp Kenedy was an internment camp during world war 1. The camp was for men from German Japanese and Italian descent, who were ordered out of their homes and separated from their families. The group of girls who made the documentary possible all grew up in Kenedy and were somewhat familiar with the camp. Throughout the journey of producing this film they felt apart of the history. They had the opportunity to meet a man from Germany and even a few relatives of internees, and camp workers. The purpose of the documentary is to bring back Kenedy’s forgotten history, reflect on the choices of our country and think about what we might do if another situation like this occurs.


Directed by: Jolie Mead
Written by: Jolie Mead & Paige Tam
Producer: Gunner Cantu
Producer: Jerrica Rossilli
Camera Operator: Paige Tam
2nd Camera Operator: Lizbeth Rodriguez
Video Editor: Nathan Cantu
Video Editor: Lizbeth Rodriguez

Sponsor – Gunner Cantu

Lila Rakoczy and The Texas Historic Commision
Truett Lee Hunt
Herbert Scherer
Marianne McCall
City of Kenedy
Curtis Plant
Ashley Chesser
Elizabeth Cantu
Principal: Deborah Del Bosque
Superintendent: Diana Barrera
And all the parents who let their kids participate.

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