Charles Lindbergh NHD Documentary

Charles Lindbergh NHD Documentary

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Award-winning video from Minnesota History Day, 2001. A good example of narrowing a History Day topic to focus on a specific aspect of a famous person’s accomplishments. Documentary was created on the theme, “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas”

my goal water flying fool lucky on May 20th 1927 Charles Lindbergh an unknown airmail pilot took off from New York in his plane the spirit of st. Louis 33 and 1/2 hours later he landed in Paris France becoming a worldwide hero after the celebrations he used his fame to promote and publicize aviation the rest of his life was devoted to advancing the frontiers of commercial aviation one of his dreams was that someday airplane travel would allow people to travel faster and more efficiently accompanied by his copilot and wife and Murrow they flew around the world discovering new air outs for some of the first commercial airlines after the Wright brothers first flight in 1903 people tried to invent practical uses for the airplane they were used for entertainment the military air mail and advertising but by the 1920s airplanes still do not have an important role in everyday life in 1922 much to his parents dismay 20 year-old Charles Lindbergh enrolled in flying school Lindbergh had a vision that airplanes would dramatically change the way people travelled and bring the world closer together his autobiography expressed how he wanted to shrink the frontiers of time and distance what a future aviation has but how few people realize it businessmen think of aviation in terms of barnstorming flying circuses crashes and high-cost refining our somehow they must be made to understand the possibilities of flight and see how swiftly and safely passengers can fly after a short enlistment in the army flying airmail and barn storming around the country he decided to go for the $25,000 prize for flying nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean unlike the 98 years before him Charles Lindbergh was determined to succeed Hughes new ideas for his plane the spirit of st. Louis the plane combined a powerful engine with a lightweight structure for optimal performance on May 20th 1927 headlines in the New York Times reported that a new man named Charles Augustus Lindbergh was gonna try for the prize for thirty three and a half hours he kept people in suspense until finally Charles Lindbergh soared into Paris Limburg returned to the United States as a worldwide hero he began to take promotional trips in the spirit of st. Louis that were funded by industrialist Daniele Guggenheim Guggenheim believe that Lindbergh's flight signaled a change in aviation we now face the task of the Beltre who follows the pioneer a second period of aviation is beginning the period of its utility when the once uncommon airplane becomes a common carrier Charles Lindbergh would use his fame to promote new ideas about commercial aviation to the public on December 21st 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew to Mexico in the spirit of st. Louis on a goodwill tour it was there that he met the daughter of the United States ambassador and Moreau who one year later became his wife Charles taught and how to fly and together they toured the world promoting and publicizing commercial aviation in order for commercial aviation to expand air outs needed to be planned across North America and around the world Charles Lindbergh's aeronautical knowledge and fame was extremely valuable to the airline industry he worked as a consultant for transcontinental air transport now TWA Pan American Airways and Northwest Airlines by touring the nation in the spirit of st. Louis Lindbergh sparked public interest in aviation Guggenheim explained the evidence of the tour's effect on people's beliefs about the potential uses of the airplane results of the tour are found in the fact that there was a very marked increase in airmail in each city visited by the plane and a great stimulus was given to the building of airports in addition to touring Lynbrook also advised airline companies about airplane purchasing route planning and maintenance he was one of the four founders of transcontinental Air Transport which became known as the Limbourg line Lindbergh's influence would soon expand to international aviation in 1929 Pan American Airways hired Limburg to map routes throughout Central and South America but this was just the beginning of his global journeys in July 1931 Charles and Anne Lindbergh set off to look for a better air route to China by flying north to the Orient using a great circle route over the Arctic the limericks demonstrated that New York was 2,000 miles closer to Japan when compared to traveling through the mid Pacific between 1931 and 1936 Charleston and completed journeys to Africa South America Central America Asia and Europe during these trips they gathered information about weather wind patterns and geography these pioneering flights show that people could fly distances safely with the right plane and navigational plans in 1931 the Japan advertiser explained the importance of Charles Lindbergh to narrow and global frontiers the world owes a great debt to this intrepid airman for he has been its greatest worker in the cause of commercial aviation which is drying the nations of the rug closer and therefore remote peace and harmony among them however ten years later Japanese pilots bombed Pearl Harbor causing the United States to enter the Second World War although the war slowed the advancement of commercial aviation new ideas and technologies created for military aviation would later be adapted for commercial use world war two had a huge influence on Charles Lindbergh and on commercial aviation Lindbergh observed Germany's military preparations in 1938 and he was afraid that entering the war would be damaging to the United States he gave controversial speeches stating his views against joining the war these views and a medal he accepted from Germany put a damper on his fame after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Limburg tried to enlist in the Army Air Force but due to his earlier views on the war he was rejected he still did his heart to help the war effort by working with Henry Ford to improve b-24 bombers and other planes used in the war Lindbergh also flew 50 combat missions as a civilian aircraft consultant for the naval and Marine Air Corps before the war commercial aviation was growing but still was small compared to other transportation industries Airlines did not have many planes and the ones that they did have were small and could only go short distances airplane travel was also more expensive than riding buses or trains the war had a great impact on the mass production of airplanes the training of pilots and the management of commercial airlines government contracts to carry supplies and passengers gave the airline's new business opportunities after the war in 1946 the st. Paul Pioneer Press reported that Northwest Airlines established its claim to the Great Circle Route largely by virtue of its excellent wartime performance as a military transport agency during the Alaskan and Aleutian campaign the great circle route mapped by Lou lumbergh's in 1931 allowed commercial airlines like North West to carry supplies and passengers faster and profitably during the war the military created planes that could fly long distances and train thousands of pilots to fly them after the war companies continued to make bigger planes that could fly people even farther quicker and more economically military aviation also helped people accept this once unfamiliar means of travel and use it to cross global frontiers after the war the United States government asked Limburg to visit Germany once again this time he was there to look at jet and rocket technology to ideas that would change air and space travel forever he saw the potential of the German technology and promoted research to expand these new frontiers of aeronautical knowledge with fleets of jets airline companies one new passengers and the use of ocean liners and passenger trains declined drastically however Charles Lindbergh was not in favor of the supersonic transport because of its environmental and economical problems in the 1960s Lindbergh served as a technical advisor and a director for Pan Am he is cursed by the Concorde in favor of the Boeing 747 Anna's autobiography limericks summarize his role as an aviation pioneer for me and the spirit st. Louis was a lens focused on the future a forerunner of mechanisms that would conquer time and space wherever I flew my plane then someday meal or passengers or bombs could be delivered in peace and in war a third dimension was opening to man's travel Charles Lindbergh crossed many aeronautical and Geographic frontiers and helped create the foundation for modern aviation but take your hands off to fluffy lofty Lindbergh's nickel offer you and me

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  1. my gr – grandmother and her father used to haul the airmail out to meet his plane out by bradfordton and athens illinois. she said he was kinda of quiet and shy. she was newly widowed and i think on the prowl for a husband. she said ,she thought he was sort of a sissy. they never called him lucky lindy or the lone eagle. they just called him slim. she said he was on the st louis to chicago airmail run.

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