David Bowie- FIVE YEARS :The Making Of An Icon (BBC 2 documentary TV trailer 2.)

David Bowie- FIVE YEARS :The Making Of An Icon (BBC 2 documentary TV trailer 2.)

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FIVE YEARS : DAVID BOWIE- The Making Of An Icon BBC 2 TV ad 2.

BBC 2 – Saturday 25th May 21:20hrs – 22:50 hrs

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I'm a collector and I've always just seemed to collect personalities ideas just needed a positive decision to only do what I want to do and not do things for the sake of what David Barry or whoever I was playing last time it was expected to do featuring rare and unseen footage five years David Bowie Saturday 25th of May on BBC Two and BBC two HD

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  1. From search chrisMsimon YouTube channel: Downloaded ABC 2 – CH 22 Sat Jul 5 iVIEW App on my Google Play, but I think ABC were still stuck at their drunk NYE broadcast being rude about our PM and trying to start foreign wars; because the gr8 David Bowie: Five Years in The Making Of An Icon was not allowed for my (M) viewing just now on my Samsung better than :I-i…HMM. ..My pals will let me see it from a few years back on BBC instead. Think I saw the idiot with fat arms. Son of an idiot in an ice cream parlour other day – drinking milk steroids that gave him the dutch to soak his Mum's sis' car in my blood & give me 5 yrs left on Earth to watch this gr8 Bowie archive and superb HD of him at about 22 and writing iconic lyrics like Five Years.

  2. Hi Folx!

    I did upload this to YouTube but BBC TV has blocked it worldwide on YouTube.

    If you click on link that I've put in the video description you may be able to view it on Vimeo but be quick as the BBC have already removed it twice.


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