Director Says Documentary Featuring Woman With Down Syndrome ‘Draws People To Look At Their Own L…

Director Says Documentary Featuring Woman With Down Syndrome ‘Draws People To Look At Their Own L…

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College graduate Annemarie Carrigan discusses the new documentary film, “Normie,” which explores her life and the “illusion of normal” through the lens of Down syndrome.

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  1. Wow I’m crying. My little brother has down syndrome, but he had a heart defect when he was born which has stunted his growth mentally. He will never be able to live alone. It’s hard to understand his needs sometimes and that frustrates him. But I’m prepared to take care of him for the rest of his life because he is the most loving and kind person I have ever met. I have learnt so much from growing up with him, and growing up loving him. Every day I thank God that he is my brother and that we were blessed enough to have him just the way he is

  2. I work at McDonald's, we have people with special needs who clean the lobby and stuff. We treat them like family, they even get teased like everybody else. This makes me appreciate them even more🤗

  3. She is an amazing young lady, so talented and intelligent and everything I want my children to grow up to be, beautiful, smart in many more ways than just book smart, kind, efficient, confident, loving, to have a voice and ultimately be happy, darn it she is everything I aspired to be as a child, she’s a girl to look up to xx

  4. She's such a relatable woman. I'm on the autism spectrum and I definitely understand the feeling of being alone and having trouble expressing/ proving yourself to others. She's clearly very intelligent saved kind. This brought me to tears

  5. I'm sorry but children with Down's disease get too much focus as the token "retarded person" If this was about an Autistic child, the whole premise will be completely different. Down's is not Autism. Autism is less accepted more prevalent, over diagnosed, but also under represented. Everyone recognizes a Down Syndrome child and goes "oh, okay, retarded" The autism child has way more issues but appears physically fine so people can't recognize it, they basically can't understand nor define it, so they ignore it. Shame on Dr.Phil for defaulting yet again to Down Syndrome exploitation because it is easier and recognizable.

  6. She's the highest functioning person with down syndrome that I've personally ever seen. I've known a young man with down syndrome in the past that lived/lives in a group for crying out loud and then I look at this young woman and think what a shame some of these people like the young man I mentioned aren't encouraged and allowed to reach their full potential like this young lady is. Of course some people with DS aren't high functioning and they need assistance to meet their needs but some are very capable but are treated like they're dumb and have no potential.

  7. This made me want to cry, my daughter had down syndrome and we found out while I was pregnant but due to complications she was still born. I was always so scared of what her life would be like but this just makes me feel so happy to know that everything might have been okay.😭❤️

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