FastCoast Film Academy Classes!

FastCoast Film Academy Classes!

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Need your help!

Would you or Someone you know sign up for which class or all? “From Concept to Distribution”
This filmmaking class teaches you how to create your film from idea to screen. “Zombies Monsters Action – A filmmakers guid to low-budget-no-budget movie special effects!
This special effects makeup/prop making class teaches you many tricks to save a penny or more on creating awesome props and special effects. “Screenwriting Class” teaches you the proper format and story structures and facts of translation from page to screen. (and the one we’ve been doing since last year)
“Make a film” class – literally we make a film and you learn hands on.

If these classes cost money would you pay for them or sponsor someone to take them?

If they were announced this month as 6pm to 8pm classes one or two days a week for one to two weeks would you do it? Or, know someone who would?

These classes would take place here in Hamilton Montana at FastCoast Productions.

Or, would you want us to come to you?

Or what do you want to learn?

Let us know in the comments, thanks!

Plus, message me! #fastcoastfilmacademy #fastcoastproductions #adulteducation #education #afterschool #student #filmschool #showbusiness #filmmaking #christianackerman #mrackerman

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