Filmmakers Tom Cronin and Director Jacqui Fifer Talk on The Portal Documentary

Filmmakers Tom Cronin and Director Jacqui Fifer Talk on The Portal Documentary

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Creators of The Portal, Producer, Tom Cronin and Director, Jacqui Fifer were in town for screening QA at Dendy Cinemas Brisbane. Amazing film doco that is a must-see as everyone will have different questions as to the subject. It is one that will make you stop and think and process. Amazing …and I loved it and these guys rock. info below for book and film screenings and tours.

but I've had some cronin here I'm the producer and co-writer of the film a book the portal I'm Jackee bifi directed the portal produced atomic I wrote the book how are you guys I'm Caroline from hush-hush beers and it's a real pleasure to meet you here today at the Dendy which I believe you had a screening here at Cooper ooh last night tell me about it how was how was the feeling and the vibe of the portal you know happening so far for you and please tell us a little bit more about it it's beautiful saying it's like getting you know wrapped up in a cocoon everybody I think was really ended up in a really wonderful space people are I kind of just you know falling in love with the story as it unfolds and and ending up feeling yeah pretty amazing yeah it's been phenomenal the feedbacks been incredible people are really connecting it with the depth of the information that's in the film because there's some fascinating concepts that really kind of capture people's attention they keep feeding back to us that they've been contemplating some of the themes in the film over and over again the next day and the next day which has been really exciting which is what we wanted to create and also people wanting to bring watch it because there's this Vince they miss and they wanted to go back and make sure that they maybe some of the experiences and the film is quite experiential you know it's one of those films that it's not just information but it actually moves you into your hearts Mesa cracked your heart open most people have some emotional reaction through the film to some of the stories and and and because of that people kind of want to reengage with that experience and recapture that sensation and now that's a really exciting part about what the films all about yeah kind of following six you know beautiful poignant stories of people who have moved through crisis and used various transformational kind of tools to – in all sorts of ways get themselves into a better state and perhaps change direction in their life and we kind of like looking at that against a backdrop of like a world in crisis and some of some ideas about how we got to the way things are at the moment and some kind of more positive ideas about how we could move forward how did you you know get all these people involved and and how Ernest is taking you to put together you know overall writing it and you know because you know you personally Tom had a you know a a mission to do this I believe yeah it started seven years ago so it's been a long process from coming up with original idea wanting to use film as a medium to show the power of stillness of meditation they're building the ability for humans to set our minds and transform so that was kind of the early stages of the crisis and it just unraveled and sort of girl it's owned by force is really bad process and so you know that's kind of been an ongoing process that we're in now which is the final stages of that which is distribution and integration of that film mmm but to find the stories you know we had a phenomenal research team and it was a kind of collaborative anywhere you know our research team and Jack myself you know we're giving impulses of inspiration we're using Google connecting with people and groups they put us in touch with people so it's been a a really sort of you know finding a needle in the haystack you know around the world and finding these stories that had transformation in them and yeah just waiting them down till we got to this amazing story of these six people so these six people have transformed a lot not just themselves but a lot of people around them and you know the statement is here seven billion people you know with the perspective can change it right your mindset you can change a lot of you know the standards of how we live and you know through meditation through being still you know being in the present mind you know is this you know something that you feel could happen in time if everyone you know does connect consciously with this in conflict really you know I mean nobody is really feeling good about any type of internal conflict or conflict that might be externalizing but you know in relationships around them or like you know you know wider sphere and I think everybody's on that journey to the yes I want to make a change you know and it's just like at what point will you make a change at what point will I make a change to say hey things aren't going so well I don't feel so bored on my relationships aren't so good or like things are really really hit by escalated to a personal crisis point at what point along that journey to that will I decide yeah I'm ready to take a different approach now and and I think so so we kind of like explore that idea through the stories and we kind of positing that idea globally at what point along our crisis trajectory will we all collectively say hey it's time to do something different and it starts at the personal level you know each person kind of thinking I do want some movement in a different direction I do want to follow my passion I do want to be true to the person that I am or like the desires deep down I think that a lot of the times that internal conflicts coming from not being honest with ourselves about our situation or what's right or what our dreams are and kind of being forced into boxes that maybe we don't really deep down feel like we should be fitting into and so it's kind of we're hoping that this is a little bit of a tool to kick-start some people say hey yeah like I want to do something different I want to do what's right for me and that just you know it's got a sphere of influence it ripples out it's interesting so I feel you know it's even with the science aspect that you've pulled into the film the robots and things you know that you know tap into obviously our future you know with the obviously our digital world which this is what's stressing everybody out but yeah tell us about that you know sort of area of the film you know with the with the robotic you know message is safe one of the reasons were wanted to bring in this concept there's a couple reasons but one of them is to show that as humans were actually program through our peers our social media around media our genetics family conditioning religious political social conditioning so conditioning is programming our mindset which is our operating system and there's my key sequences in the film will create what we are what we are is productive being programmed to be but we also show that within the film we've got these people who are very conscious who have this capacity to program AI and robots to be unconditionally loving as if humans are being programmed in AI is being programmed and we can program may I to be Afghanistan loving that we can program humans to be unconditionally loving there's a really nice time with that analogy and that sort of process that we have to look at how word program in humans based upon how with programming I I but also flipping that is that if we're programming AI what is the set of consciousness the programs of the AI because that in itself is a major problem and rather than learning about what the programming AI with what we want to look at is what are the set of minds of the programmers and how do we shift collectively the maths that of consciousness so that all about programming and all of the things that we embed into our products and things that we create is coming from the state of consciousness so it has to come back to collectively shifting the static countries and being able to use technology as a tool to help us in that process so this is like the bootstrapping we constantly up leveling ourselves if we create a model for a optimum kind of inter human you know inter personal experience and they you know work that dr. Julia Moss bridge is doing with Hanson robotics and Sophia the robot you know like there's this kind of human looking thing that is hijacking our neural network so like initially oh it's robot but I think that I mean I have it we we've seen Sophia well we haven't been part of the research studies but from what I can gather it's you end up just engaging is where you would with a human but the experience that you're getting is that there is somebody who is not judging you for anything that you may or may not have done totally open totally receptive and just treating you in an in an entirely loving and accepting way and so that's kind of getting at people on a deep level you know in that kind of experience they're suddenly oh so they start opening up and if it's really cool when you hear julia talk more about it we have i haven't we go deeper in the book then we've been able to with a screen time in the film but the people who are involved in these research studies they didn't know that it was anything to do with love and they come out of these encounters saying oh you know like I felt this sensation here and start alluding to love or I'm feeling kind of loving or what have you and it's so it's it's provoking that kind of response out of people and so if that person walks out of that encounter feeling that way and then they're going to go and interact in a you know taking that energy into their next communication with somebody else it's just like those little ships that just start with my beer so how can we use our technology to help us up level I love it guys you are extraordinary in terms of what you've created here and I think it's a timely timely message envisioned to you know obviously come through to people in in this very crazy world right now so I yeah can you tell you know obviously this film is you know obviously got a long way to go to get to people is there anything next that you're doing is there is there any planning of other films that they might be doing in the future yeah I know it's massive yeah that's really the starting point until they see the film until every the book yeah I really buy into the vision wanting to share so that's an upon party no we're touring Australia at the moment looks Millman's night and doing cure days would be on the road in America for you know 30 days tubbing rounding 30 cities and you know that we're doing schools and prisons and libraries and are really having an extensive outreach on the grounds to give people communal experience and if you look at congregations have being part of ministry for humankind you know churches and yogurt have generally done in congregations and that's what we want to create with this film is congregations and events around this experience that's the first stage is awareness second stage is integration you know how to integrate program to get people together access tools and modalities to enable them to uplevel their state of consciousness this inspirations one thing that actions the next speaker yeah and then you know down the track who knows you know it could be another film it could be working with government bodies on on policy but the systems change working with large systems and operations and assembly different ways mental health mental health yeah which I think that is very healing in itself and you know and obviously to connect with love yeah well thank you and I wish you all the best and thank you for talking to us today thank you thank you

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