(History of Macabre Crimes in London) The Chronicles of Crime Vol 1, Part 1 (Audiobook)
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(History of Macabre Crimes in London) The Chronicles of Crime Vol 1, Part 1 (Audiobook)

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This catalogue of human weakness and at times downright atrocity has been brought together by Camden Pelham, a barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple during the second half of the 19th century. It is given in chronological order, the first case listed is from 1700, and the final case in Volume 1 being in 1816. Some of the most famous cases of the age are listed, from Dick Turpin and Captain Kidd, to the assassination of Spencer Perceval MP, and the Luddites. Some cases will shock with descriptions of horrific murders, whilst others will amuse with the idiocy of the perpetrators. These 275 cases give a fascinating insight into life during 18th and 19th century Britain. (Summary by Kevin Green)
(History of Macabre Crimes in London) The Chronicles of Crime Vol 1, Part 1 (Audiobook) by Camden Pelham

39 Replies to “(History of Macabre Crimes in London) The Chronicles of Crime Vol 1, Part 1 (Audiobook)

  1. I'm on my third listen to the whole series., it's one of my favorites.,  thank-you for posting such great listening., I learn so much with every listen., I LOVE the long format too.

  2. Thank you, I need to plug phone, tablet, and computer into a massive screen to see as i have stargardt disease and am going blind. Audio books , new ones, are very expensive, and this hits the spot for me. Thanks again.

  3. I'm for it "London Crimes 1700~On finding the suspect with the killed victim's blood on him, he will be executed 3 days after, on site of the crime"

  4. This is probably my sixth or seventh go at this. I love it and I too use it to sleep every night. Don't be mistaken however, this is not boring and does not put me to sleep, his voice is just so calming that you forget he's describing some pretty horrible stuff. Thank you for the upload!!

  5. I suffer bad migraines and this makes it a bit easier when having to lie down in a dark room with my eyes closed and unable to sleep the pain away, its about all I can do at the time , very much appreciated the work it takes to read these and record results, takes balls!

  6. I absolutely love this!
    This is the first audiobook I've ever listened to.
    I decided to give it a try as I'm currently working on a lot of tricky crocheting projects and wanted something to listen to as I worked.
    I found myself imagining the scenes as described by the author, and thought how they would make a terrific history mini-series for TV – especially my favourite – the Newgate jail-break (Jack Sheppard).
    I'm enthralled and really looking forward to listening to volumes 2 and 3, along with other audiobooks you have posted.
    As a genealogist, I'll be coming back to these volumes to make a note of names and dates too.
    Fantastic upload, thank you for posting such amazing works.

  7. ……its taken me almost 3 months !! ~… to get to the 13 th? dasdardly deed doer ,of nefarious nastiness and debauched dispicable delinquency [<— see wot i did there ;7) ] … and half -hung mischievousness aside ,evenings spent in almost slumber ; almost tasting the acrid stench of Londons doss houses full of humanitys dross and the upcommance of Justice meeted out with tyburnesque tribulations a distinct possibility , duels fought and 2nds sought , all of BeeElZeeBuBs busyness ,laying the way for foggy nights of an exceptional ripper far in the future , ALL subliminaly indelibly inprinted upon my slumber , melvin Bragg ? and the devilish dulcet tones lift me into the arms of Morpheus . …fair cop guvnor n all .TY , excellent uploads . Bragg also does a BBC radio v , history and the last days of series , well worth the time also in audio book .

  8. makes a definite change from non fiction and is played through my miserable times of supposed sleep , it's simple documentary style is relaxing and the content not over the top. many thanks, I now have a long list of your books to listen to and will no doubt learn of humans and their actions. Thank you! !

  9. Again, very interesting. It took me nearly 2 weeks to listen through this first part. I will listen to other parts as well. Thanks for sharing.

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