I Don't Understand Science
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I Don't Understand Science

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I’m off to enjoy a glass of Whiskey and a Cigar.

hey boss I'm kind of bored feel like watching some television maybe we'll find something you can do a video on rush fear Stein here chances are with over 65 million views you probably saw Eddie see me disproving discredit evolution in three minutes even at that furor Stein guy you kicked his ass already oh no no no I don't want to do furor Stein again this guy is just far too frustrating to work with Josh fear Stein here look I do a lot of videos challenging men to change challenging them to step up not this loser again huh that's funny maybe there's something wrong the DVR Josh fear Stein here you know a lot of people have asked me how is it that you can believe in a god that you've never seen us first I'm here with a thought-provoking question for you it's a scientist like the universe wants you to do them again we understand what's going on it's like I can't escape them Rajveer stein here chances are with over 65 million views you probably saw already see me disproven discredit evolution in three minutes oh yeah I saw a video and then I kicked its ass and everybody remembers where they were when they saw that video I know where I was in my underwear in front of my computer well now they've challenged me to prove the existence of God philosophically in scientifically in the same amount of time so here we go dear mr. atheists allow me to get scientific on you for just one moment I'm skeptical but okay go ahead you see the very first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed which makes it eternal which makes it everlasting now we know that the universe that we live in is finite it has a beginning point on what one day have an end point yes the universe as we know it had a beginning point but that doesn't mean that the energy didn't exist before that beginning point what that beginning point is is the Big Bang but before the Big Bang all of the energy that makes up the universe today still existed except it was all in a singularity in a speck the size of a grain of salt or even smaller so the universe began when that speck of energy expanded out exponentially into what we now know as the universe and the Big Bang is still happening but that doesn't mean that there was nothing before that point and as for the universe having an ending point um not really I mean there will be a point where there'll be nothing but energy left and that energy will be spread across the universe in perfect entropy but as far as we know the universe will continue on for an infinite period of time after that point and so it is that at the very beginning point of the universe something had to give it its energy something had to transfer energy into it therefore that it would spring to life although I agree that it's likely that all the energy that makes up the universe had to have an origin that we couldn't possibly understand you're not exactly coming at this argument from a standpoint that actually makes any sense yes this energy had to come from somewhere but we don't know that it's something that did it it could have come from nothing and since we really don't have a strong understanding of what nothing is we can't even begin to understand where the origin of the unit versus energy came from and yet it is that you don't believe in a god correct what makes you think that a god is necessary in this if anything a god compounds this problem because what's the origin of this god where did the energy that makes up this God come from and yet that was some sort of energy source a power source that was able to transfer energy into trillions of stars and into billions of galaxies wait what what are you saying some sort of energy source transferred energy into stars no that's not exactly how it happened the energy that makes up the universe through the powers of electromagnetism gravity and other kinds of processes that attract atoms and energy to each other formed into spheres those spheres ignited and then they exploded and then created galaxies you're trying to imply that there's some sort of external force that created these processes but we see no evidence for that considering we're still seeing the formation of stars and galaxies today we have no reason to believe that that's happening from an outside source it looks like it's happening on its own think about how magnanimous and ginormous this this entity had to be and you don't believe that there's a god okay I'll take a second to imagine how magnanimous and enormous an entity would have to be in order to do this on his or her own but again what makes you think that that is necessary in the process if anything you're really just advertising that you have no idea how these processes work and instead of learning how these processes work you've decided to choose willful ignorance in place of knowledge and yet you can maybe say well maybe it was just a cosmic bang maybe it was just some sort of cosmic accident and yet when I look at science well science wouldn't exist if it were a cosmic accident because science has to operate upon laws and principles things that do not change and yet you cannot give something like a law unless there is order sure I mean that's fair but science is the study of the laws that the universe abides by and how those laws apply to the processes that we witness but the cosmic bang is what created these laws it's what dictates these processes all of the hours of gravity and electromagnetism and all sorts of different powers in the universe were all dictated in the formation of said universe and if a multiverse existed and other universes formed in similar ways through Big Bang's there's no reason to assume that all the other universes would have the same set of laws because they would have all formed slightly differently there would have been different reactions of matter and antimatter in fact there might even be antimatter heavy universes their laws would be completely different from ours plus space itself is a thing you know it's not just a vacuum it's it's like fluidic and space itself could form differently in other universes there's no reason to believe that if the universe formed slightly differently that space as we know it would be exactly the same everything that we know could be completely different and you know a fun little a thought experiment here if there's a little bit more hydrogen or a little bit less hydrogen in the original formation in the universe believe it or not the earth itself would not even exist through the processes of causation there might be a completely different universe altogether it might have the same laws but who knows we'd have to do it to see for ourselves and here's the thing the universe doesn't have an outside there is only what is inside the universe so before the Big Bang when everything was cramped into that little speck there was no outside of that speck there was only inside of that speck I know it's really hard to wrap your mind around that idea especially considering all of the artists renditions of the Big Bang's show it from an outside perspective but that would have been impossible because there was no outside in which to perspect space-time everything was inside of that speck and did not begin to exist until that speck expanded through the Big Bang so there has to be an order and not chaos but you cannot get order unless order was created from the very beginning unless it was something that had order that was able to speak into the very atmosphere in existence of the universe that we live in yes order formed in the very beginning but it was not created by a mind or a being we have no reason to believe that well if you cannot after hearing that believe that there is a God then you are illogical because you cannot look at it from a logical standpoint and say that this was all some accidents so I challenge you today well I challenge you today to not only believe in a God but who experienced the one that I'm talking about and that is a relationship with Jesus Christ I tried starting a relationship with Jesus he took me out for a steak dinner then afterwards he said he thought of me as more of a friend and then he never called me again this is the University of common sense with your host this got right here professor Josh Fierstein I'm noticing a theme of you overhyping your credentials and I'm gonna go ahead and break down today's lesson atheism and other things that just don't make sense here we go I don't know how failing to believe something that has no evidence is nonsensical but all right you know I'm sitting here in my 2001 Toyota minivan when all of a sudden I start looking around wondering where it came from I mean maybe this was the result of some cosmic accident like atheism believes that I was that maybe this is this Toyota minivan is somehow evolved over millions and millions of years all right we've got another misleading conflation argument here atheism has no tenants atheism does not believe in evolution atheism does not believe the universe was created by accidents ithi ism is just a failure to believe in a God of any kind granted many if not most atheists believe in the tenants of biological evolution so I'll let that slide for now but I'm not gonna let that stand in the future and so I start looking and studying and I realize that well this steering wheel is perfectly placed in front of the driver and now I have all of my knobs for washing the windshield and here is the ability to shift the transmission and then look I mean I've got ability to shift gears turn the car on I've got AC radio Vince clock everything is perfectly placed and then I started thinking maybe it was designed that way Oh Josh you stupid stupid fool of course it was designed how about we have a conversation about the horse that used to be the old form of transportation I'd like to see you make a decent argument for how the horse was designed of course cars were designed we know people design them I know of people that design cars we know there are no natural processes in which cars can be formed cars are not natural can we can we have a conversation about natural things this is not a fair comparison at all then I started thinking about me yeah I guess things weren't about you for a minute I mean think about it if you look at the eyes perfectly placed on the face right on each side of the nose the mouth right here the ears here ready to hear I mean if you start thinking about the human body even human sexuality the way that everything fits together what did you think that it was designed intelligently no what makes you think any of that is perfect first of all your eyes are not perfectly placed on your face I can think of a million reasons to have eyes on the side of my head instead of the front why is it significant that they're on both sides of the nose why isn't my nose on my chest where it's closer to things that I can smell what do you mean the ears are on the sides ready to hear wouldn't you rather have one ear on the front of your head one in the back so you can hear things in 360 and if the human body is designed it is designed very poorly especially with human sexuality why would God put a playground next to a sewage waste dump that doesn't make any sense it causes a lot of problems a lot of diseases a lot of issues and what about my food pipe and my air pipe are the same goddamn pipe that causes a lot of problems I choked at least twice a year not seriously but people choked to death because they're trying to breathe and eat at the same time why would a God design things that way a God wouldn't this is why we know that the human body is not designed it is filled with ridiculous flaws why is my right leg slightly shorter than my left there's no reason for that there's no benefit to that that's not a perfect design look at you you're morbidly obese and this isn't an insult this is just an fact this is not good for you why would a God design your body so that if you ate too much food you would start to die by your own bodyweight you're clearly unhealthy I mean it's kind of funny that we have scientists that are looking for intelligent life on other planets but don't even believe in an intelligent creator okay that doesn't even begin to make sense 90% of science is observation and in observation we do not observe a God existing among us or above us in any way a God is not presented itself to science and yet intelligent life has you not so much but I'm a pretty good example of intelligent life and since it's reasonable to assume that because we evolved it's likely that life has evolved elsewhere in the universe as well and the problem is if you don't believe in an intelligent creator how can you claim to be intelligent I'm sorry what's that and the problem is if you don't believe in an intelligent creator how can you claim to be intelligent what does that even mean what can you give me a case for why intelligence cannot exist without a creator so far you failed to make a decent argument for why a creator is necessary for the universe let alone for intelligence if you're just a mere accident if you're just some mere mutation how can you even claim that you have intelligence like this watch I have intelligence wow that was pretty easy I mean I have a brain and my brain clearly works in a way that displays intelligence I mean I was I was gonna get into it more but really that's all I need to say you know I'm trying really hard to get in your head and understand what angle you're approaching this from but I'm having a lot of trouble sympathizing with you because I don't understand your logic I don't understand your reasoning here see what I like to do is explain how I came to believe what I believe I like to do a break down piece by piece of how I came to my conclusions you're just presenting premises like intelligence can't exist without God and you're dumb for believing otherwise and then you just roll with that without explaining how that makes any sense at all well I'm sorry Josh arguments and debates do not work that way you have to explain how you came to your conclusion you can't just introduce a premise and not back it up why is intelligence impossible without an intelligent creator so how is it that I can even listen to have your theories or hypothesis or any of that junk if you aren't even smart enough to wait a minute if I'm not even smart enough to what I have a really strong feeling here that either you're crazy or whatever line of reasoning you're using is so alien to me that I can possibly imagine it on my own seriously Josh what the fuck are you talking about and to claim that you weren't intelligently designed only means you're stupid by your own definition what do you mean what is my definition that's another thing that you don't present here you're like you're trying to use my reasoning against me but you're not even telling me what my reasoning is my definition of intelligence is something that can think and react on its own independent of outside influence you will notice that my definition of intelligence actually excludes a creator because a creator would make it not intelligent it would make it an artificial intelligence if my intelligence was created by something other than my own natural processes that go on inside of my brain that would make me a biological computer not an intelligent being hey BOTS dude just do just do one more I don't I don't really feel like do just do one more yes seriously I don't have it one more please fine fuck okay one more Josh first on here look do me a favor stop listening to Christians okay I hope you all enjoyed my video please like comment share and subscribe you can follow me on Twitter like me on Facebook and if you absolutely love me you can support me on patreon anybody who supports me with twenty dollars or more for video gets a free t-shirt from reason its products and as always stay skeptical thanks for watching

21 Replies to “I Don't Understand Science

  1. Hey Skeptic, are you left handed? If so, I am also left-handed and have less development on my right side. Makes me wonder if this imbalance is present in a larger number of people, including people who are right-handed.

  2. I hate this red hat guy sooo… Much! He is so busy trying to defend his hypocrisy that every time he runs into a religious conundrum he starts to insult the audience. I find him highly disrespectful and despicable.

  3. I sure have my doubts on whether or not a god exists, but I sure have high doubts that if it does that it must be like one or any of the god depictions we have in any of our mythos or religions.
    I mean, those things were written by people thousands of years ago when survival became easy enough for them to ponder just where they came from and how everything came into existence.
    The fact most people at the time didn't have proper education in the form of reading or writing, plus having languages we to some extend can't translate perfectly or describing events we can't fully proof actually happened, really makes me doubt the claims in any holy book that I know of, given the people also didn't have the same kind of grasp on science as we have today.
    It doesn't help when counting in that maybe even back then, these beliefs and what not were abused, maybe over exaggerated due to being incorrectly passed on or to drive home an agenda, etc., which could have happened for all we know. Maybe Jesus simply wasn't the son of god and a virgin, but just a very peaceful dude like Gandhi was, but people exaggerated when telling others about Jesus to have more people on their side.

  4. Good points Skeptic ! And why makes eyes and body so fragile so that just a little bullet can kill someone. Even a car and airplanes have backup systems ! Or regrow limbs like reptiles ?  How about like Jellyfish, that can live FOREVER, regenerate to being young. Where would science be if the smartest people could live forever ? Perfect my a…..

  5. NOOOOO ! A point of INFINITE MASS would have INFINITE GRAVITY and be IMPOSSIBLE to expand or explode ! And even if it did, they gravity (that didn't exist before supposedly) would pull everything back together to 1 mass. Just the fact that the laws didn't exist before the Bang ???????? Seriously ? And all this dark matter BS, when they ignore electrostatic and magnetic forces since "they aren't important" despite being 10 x 38th power larger ! But yes, this guy is CRAZY ! But that doesn't mean there aren't a few problems with science.

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