iPhone Filmmaking - Gear & Accessories Starter Kit

iPhone Filmmaking – Gear & Accessories Starter Kit

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On this episode of The Piedmont Motion Picture Show, I’ve got another iPhone Filmmaking video for you, this time, we’re talking about the gear & accessories that you can us to put together a mobile filmmaking starter kit.

With these iPhone filmmaking gear & Accessories, you’ll have a great foundation of gear for making movies with your mobile phone.

This collection of iPhone gear & equipment is my own personal iPhone filmmaking setup, I thought I would show you guys to help give you an idea of some of the things you can buy to help take your iPhone footage to the next level.
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On this episode of the Piedmont motion picture show We're talking about the best iphone gear and accessories to add to your mobile filmmaking kit and that starts right now Hey guys Ryan camp with the Piedmont Motion Picture Company. Thank you so much for joining me today This channel is all about learning and growing as a filmmaker So if you find this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up Please subscribe if you haven't already and let's become better filmmakers together I know that many of you who watch this channel are mobile filmmaking enthusiasts So today we're going to take a look at everything You might need to put together a mobile filmmaking kit so you can start making awesome movies with your smartphone I'm still in the process of redoing my office here So pardon the mess still got some painting to do but things are coming along nicely Finally got my gear on place. My new desk should have a video launching pretty soon going over the renovation process I've been going through in regards to that But as you can see, I still have a little bit of work to do with the background here okay, so iPhone filmmaking accessories in gear I'd like to preface this video by first saying that you can absolutely shoot a Awesome film with just your iPhone and a tripod and everything. We turn out great But if you want to take your images to the next level I would suggest Investing in some or if not all of the year that I have in my mobile filmmaking kit Which I'm going to share with you guys today now, this isn't necessarily the best gear I try to go for things that are affordable for you guys if you're just starting out But this is the stuff that I started out using and it served me really well And it's stuff that I recommend and a lot of it. I still use on a daily basis today All right, guys Let's check out the gear the first thing you're going to need when putting together a smartphone filmmaking kit is of course a mobile phone I'm currently shooting with the iPhone 8 plus I'm usually a generation or two behind with my smartphone, but I'm happy with the quality. I'm getting with the iPhone 8 plus right now But upgrading to the newer models like the iPhone 10s certainly couldn't hurt Once you get a decent phone with a good camera You're going to need a tripod and a mount for your phone if you already own a tripod I would recommend just buying a phone mount so you can mount your phone to your current tripod. I'm Currently using the Cobra Tech tripod mount it has a nice stable base very durable It's easy to install It includes a Bluetooth remote and can in case it can switch from landscape to portrait mode with ease It has strong and adjustable knobs and spring clamps and it can fit any size phone with or without a case But if you're looking for a tripod and a mount altogether, I would recommend checking out the hitch phone tripod It has a universal smartphone adapter Bluetooth remote control and it's pretty stable and durable But the most important thing with a tripod like this is that it has a pan and tilt head with a lock So you can now some great motion shots Next up is lenses Moment makes an awesome array of lenses for your iPhone everything from wide lenses to macro to anamorphic and they can really help your footage stand out if You're going to add one of these lenses to your kit or others like it You're probably going to need to buy a specific case for your phone to help mount the lens. So keep that in mind There are a few companies who make phone lenses that will clip to your phone instead if you're looking to go that route But I've personally never used them if you're looking to get silky smooth shots with your mobile video out of all the gimbals that I've tried my favorite has to be The DJI Osmo it has active track for following your subjects a great stabilizer Time-lapse shooting cinematic zoom control it's easy to use and it's lightweight and portable If you're looking for a great mic that will work with your smartphone. Look no further than the rode videomicro This is a compact own camera microphone. That is a high quality cardioid condenser It's lightweight Includes a shock mount a furry windshield and it runs off your camera's plug-in power If you're going to try your hand at cinematic lighting natural lighting looks great and can be used to great effect But sometimes you're going to need a light kit to get the job done If you're looking for a great reliable and affordable light kit to get you started I would recommend the aperture a Moran 528 LED studio panel light kit. I love aperture lights And this is a really solid 3 light kit to get you started They're powerful dimmable, very portable and battery-powered if you need them so you can light it up anywhere you can't really beat the price for what you get in this light kit if You're looking to go a little bit cheaper. They also have a two light version of this kit as well If you're looking to take full control of your phone's camera, you'll need a video camera app to give you some professional level tools My app of choice is filmic pro. It has everything you need to fine-tune your images to get the best results I've created several tutorials showing you how to get the most out of filmic Pro so if you're interested in adding this app to your kit go watch those videos as soon as you're done here if You're looking for an awesome camera bag to keep all of your great new iPhone filmmaking accessories in I would recommend checking out Think-tank products these guys have an awesome bag for just about any Situation whether you're just looking for an awesome small shoulder bag to keep your phone rig and lenses in or you need a heavy-duty Camera bag that can hold your DSLR phone gear and lenses. They've got you covered Okay guys links to all of the products that you just saw are listed in the description below and these are affiliate links So if you click on them and you buy them you will be supporting this channel Just want to let you guys know that for a full transparency question of the day So today you've seen the gear that I use to shoot films with my iPhone if you can improve my kit What would you add to it? Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to support this channel You can start by giving this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful Consider subscribing if you haven't already and be sure to click the bell notification icon so you don't miss any of my new videos You can also check out our digital store for awesome filmmaking resources Just like our filmic Pro LUT pack that you can use with footage that you shoot on your iPhone before we go I like to give a special shout out to our patrons who support this channel every month Ethan B Karen C. Richard H and bin Kerry. Thank you guys so much for your continued support. I love you very much as always Thank you for joining me on this filmmaking journey. I am Ryan and I will see you on the next Piedmont motion picture show

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  1. What would you add to this kit? What is an essential mobile filmmaking accessory or piece of gear that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. Good bag! My bag also has a hand rig and some filters. If I’m shooting with the iPhone lens alone I use a Neewer clip on. It works well. However, with my Moment lenses I did buy the filter mount. Finding filters at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops has been helpful on my end. I got quite a few ND, UV, and CP 62mm filter by Hoya and Promaster that are probably from the early 90s or late 80s. But they were inexpensive and great quality.

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