KANYE WEST (2018 Documentary)
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KANYE WEST (2018 Documentary)

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Kanye West has released his new albums Ye and Kids See Ghosts, this documentary takes you from the birth to the current day in the life of Kanye.

Kanye West made his name in music with his debut album The College Dropout hailed as a classic, he went on to dominate the music charts for over ten years. The death of his mother effected him greatly but his marriage to Kim Kardashian and the birth of his children seemed to give him much needed love and stability. Kanye however has divided fans with his support for Donald Trump and fallings out with long time friend Jay Z, people are questioning now more than ever… Where is Kanye’s mind at and who is he really? this documentary from True Geordie’s ‘True Life Stories’ series tries to answer that.






31 Replies to “KANYE WEST (2018 Documentary)

  1. i can tell you don't really know anything at all about what makes a good song by the absolutely fucking outrageous shit you said about famous and no more parties in LA. this wasnt a documentary, this was a collection of bad opinions. Sorry bout it.

  2. This dude knows so little about kanye.
    >old kanye
    He has barely changed at all. Hes the same loudmouth christian passionate and sensitive artist.
    "God made me lose the award"
    >hes so egotistical
    Uhh no. That's mad humble because hes saying he was fated to lose in order to change and improve.
    People that think when kanye is being a leader that hes being a selfish person are so low iq.

  3. Bruhhh. The Documentary was wicked but No More Parties In LA was the best track on TLOP. Kendrick killed it and Kanye arguably had a better verse. How can you say that shit didn't work. That was the best we've heard of Ye in a long time in terms of rapping up to that point.

  4. I loved this documentary. Very informative. However, I don’t understand why he wants a dumbed down, hit making Kanye. Kanye only had hits because of him breaking new ground. To want someone who pushes for revolution consistently to go back and make billboard friendly records only for fame doesn’t make sense. That wouldn’t allow that person to be who they are. We already have that. His name as Drake. We don’t need more Drake. Kanye west is always ahead of the curve. The college dropout 15 years ago, was different, unique, sticky, and overall, catchy. It hadn’t been done before. Back in 2004, many rejected his songs and style. No one was saying it would go down in history as one of the best hip hop albums ever made but here we are. It’s easy to look back now and say it’s a track list full of bangers but that took adjustment and patience from fans in that time. It’s the same concept with his new material. YEEZUS is finally starting to receive more credit than it did when it was released. Life of Pablo required 3 years to fully be accepted as a fantastic record. I understand the point that sometimes artists take themselves too seriously and should sometimes take a step back and make something “user friendly” but thats not what pushes music forward. It stigmatizes it. Not all artists are set out to do what Kanye west has done. Not every artist is a bad artist because they don’t do what Kanye does. It’s his role that he has chosen for himself and we shouldn’t expect him to be a Drake just as I don’t want drake to be anyone else other than Drake.

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