LUMP SLUM - A Documentary Short Film (2019)

LUMP SLUM – A Documentary Short Film (2019)

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This documentary explores the lifestyle of Purva Patole, a businesswoman living in the slums.
This documentary was made as a part of our SEM-I Producing Class assignment. Hope you enjoy it!

Written and Directed by
Rhea Damani

Director of Photography-
Tejas Thakare

Chirag Popat and Pragya Tamta

Tejas Thakare

Public Relations Manager-
Pragya Tamta

Assistant Director-
Tejas Thakare

Tejas Thakare
Chirag Popat
Philip George
Yash Sachdeva

Narrated by
Anjum Rajabali
Purva Patole
Chirag Popat

Translated by
Tejas Thakare (Marathi)
Rhea Damani (Hindi)

‘Intro’ – The XX
‘Cosmos’- Hazy

SFX Recordist-
Rhea Damani
Tejas Thakare

Gimbal Operators-
Tejas Thakare
Philip George

Special Thanks to
Purva Patole & family
Anjum Rajabali
Rabiya Nazki
Whistling Woods International

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