Mandalorian Documentary | 24,000 Years of Honor

Mandalorian Documentary | 24,000 Years of Honor

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Check out the documentary style video, I think my best video yet!
Complete Cloning History | Ancient Kaminoans, Clone Army, Reborn Emperor Palpatine :

The Complete History of the Mandalorians. 24,000 BBY through The Old Republic, The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian, and even Episode IX Rise of Skywalker.

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here is why you cannot exterminate us over 80 we're not huddled in one place we span the galaxy we need no Lords or leaders so you cannot destroy our command we can live without technology so we can fight with our bare hands we have no species or bloodline so we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us we're more than just a people or an army our ad we're a culture or an idea and you can't kill ideas but we can certainly kill you what's that many nerds this is essentially a documentary on the Mandalorians or as they're called in their own language the mandu odd a meaning the children of Mandalore like that quote mentions the Mandalorians aren't a species but a culture we'll get into their origins their history how they did start as a specific species but ended up being mostly humans notable mandawa day across history and their constant and important role as a third party wild card in galactic affairs our story starts around 24,000 years before the Battle of Yavin when the Tong species were entrenched in a war of elimination against the Zell the Zell are the human natives to Khorasan they've been fighting the tongue for centuries when a volcano erupted and leveled the humans capital the tongue saw a chance at victory launching intense raids over the next two years as Coruscant was plunged into total darkness the atmosphere full of volcanic ash the tongs terrifying raids would be immortalized in a poem that is still known throughout the galaxy called the wet affair de the warriors of shadow the tongs whole culture revolved around war with the society being loosely assembled warrior clans that all followed their chieftains it would give their children names like Atkin coughed and tore meaning persistent strength and justice while their gods reflected this warlike nature as well kadha raingear was a god who used conflicts to improve the world survival of the fittest both in your own behaviors your family but also in the world around you the idea that competition was a way to accelerate natural selection and thus war is applied on a massive scale eventually a galactic scale note that in this there is no concept of morality as we would conceive of it on earth with them surviving is equated with improving and that process is a good and of itself conquering in this culture has the equivalents of happiness or well-being in most earth cultures things that philosophically and religiously are usually considered to be goods in themselves we don't ask why someone would prefer to be happy likewise the tongue would have not understood why they had to explain why combat was preferable to peace and further to this point the opposing God in their duality is not a devil that corrupts or wants to spread misery the tongue God that needs to be resisted was irazu a sloth God who tempted those to live a life of stagnation and idleness if the Sith mantra reads peace is a lie you could think of these early Mandalorians as believing that peace is a sin this was enshrined in a body of text called the canons of honor which had within it the wrestling ra meaning the six actions as well as commentaries from wise tonk chieftains a notable quote reads I adhere to the race on RA the core of what it means to be Mandalorian the sacred law giving us direction and purpose education and armor self-defense our tribe our language our leader all helped us survive we must educate our children as Mandalorians obey the commands of Mandalore speak mandola and defend our clans here is where the Mandalorian armor was enshrined as something to keep holy and forever tied to being one of the men to a day symbolizing the keeping of these virtues the tongue armor had this metal helmet that was form-fitting upon the triangular heads and you can see how this early armor that accommodated the room for the eyes and their pointed jaws remained a look in the helmets even as it changed over tens of thousands of years but despite this warring culture the original human core Asante simply outnumbered the shadow warriors they were eventually able to push the tongue off their homeworld at this point there is a split where a peace-loving sect of priestly female tongue fled Khorasan for the unknown regions but the majority of them went to the planet rune in the outer rim this was the darkest moment in the history of Mandalorian culture literally due to the so called cloak of the Sith a thick layer of cosmic dust that shrouded this planet but also because they would stay here wallowing in obscurity and weakness for about 17,000 years the years 7,000 BBY would see the rise of taste so recommend allure or Mandalore the first the first to use the title sole ruler translated to Mandalore you'd become the chief of all chieftains and formed the Mandalorian Crusaders a force that spread out conquering world after world in the outer rim they eventually came across a planet in Sector o7 that had plenty of fresh water and farmable land but also an incredibly unique material called BES car this form of iron ore contained elements that could withstand multiple blows from lightsabers and yet was malleable enough to be crafted into armor it seemed the War God had blessed their return to conquering with this perfect world to become the capital of the Mandalore Empire and it was thus named Mandalore the only problem was the native population the mythos ores are enormous beasts that ruled this world creatures that would scare away most other settlers for instead seen by the Mandalorians as proof that this world was reserved for the ultimate warriors Mandalore the first and his Crusaders extincted the myth the sore and left their bones out in the open for all to see how large and numerous their foes were the creatures skull would become synonymous with the strength of the Mandalorians and would become one of the most well known and respected sigils across the galaxy for thousands of years to come over the next three thousand years they consolidated their new territory in the outer rim spreading out from Mandalore to capture nearby Ordo Gargan and Shogun while also developing Mandalore's Moon Concordia but during this time they were undergoing a sort of religious revolution over these thousands of years of fighting it came about that the Mandalore saw the old God CAD Harang gear as not a true and separate entity that needed to be worshipped with special rights developed for him this was in a way a form of idolatry worshipping a construct instead of the act of war itself it wasn't this God but the whole universe that was created and developed by the act of dominating the microscopic organism with a slight advantage over its competitors devours them the forming of planets is a process of absorbing your neighbouring space debris to make yourself larger the black hole devours light itself and yet still can be swallowed up by a larger black hole the powerful conquering is a law of the universe therefore the rituals to CAD Harang gear were a distraction from this unit presents the sort of will that is present everywhere and in all things and so they've realized that anyone who wages war itself was in tune with this divine plan that combat was the one and only true form of worship not to some old God but you personally were carrying out the divine will and thus in that moment you yourself are divine not only is this more sophisticated physics but it's a great way to rally up some more Crusaders but this mindset they would carry on fighting and taking over but interestingly this is where we also see a non tongue species brought into the mandalorian fold the first-ever non tonk mandos with a Mendelian Giants they were able to repel the Mandalorians but love the warrior culture so much that they adopted their culture we're now in the year 4000 BBY where the Crusaders were busy extinct ting the nobuta species but they did absorb many Escalona slaves but also destroyed the noble basilisk these were highly intelligent dragon like species and this conflict would be the first time that Mandalorians faced off against Jedi the order sent over some relief but even this combined force could not stand up to the Crusaders the basilisks poisoned their own world to deny it to the conquerors but some were taken as slaves while their machines the basilisk war droids were captured and to become a staple of the Crusader military from here they launched an attack into the deep core into the unstable and Pristina system they conquered a few worlds which got the attention of Jedi Knight turned sethe warlord who lequel troma Mandalore the indomitable challenged him to a duel where despite his ward roid and bhaskar armor he was defeated in swore allegiance to quel drama in his sister Exar Kun this marked the first Mandalorian sethe alliance this was during an event called the first Sith war also known as the great shadow crusade – the Mandalorian people which was fought in a single year 3,000 996 BBY this new alliance launched a daring raid on the Republic shipyards over forests here they attained as much as 300 starships with this flotilla they went directly to the Republic's capital attacking the home of the original Mandalorians Corus ons they poured into galactic city but were betrayed by their allies the craft which Ally mojito she also abandoned Keld Romo to the Jedi forces Mandalore the indomitable was able to escape and made it to Exar Kun on Yavin for explaining the situation the pair teamed up and personally rated the Senate building in rescued Romo the witch was dispatched by the trio and they decided to abandon Khorasan for now later attacks brought the best liske war toys up against the beast riders and drechsel's on onderon as they attempted to take the capital city of Isis under ons mooned axon has an orbit that places the two temporarily in each other's atmosphere which allowed the indomitable to flee when the Republic forces responded to invasion his mount was shot down and he plummeted into the thick jungle of this moon here a swarm of beasts devoured the indomitable he had led the Mandalorians for so long that his distinct helmet became a symbol of the soul ruler without a Mandalore many of the clans started to fracture but the helmet was discovered by a Tong weds lived through that battle he removed it and declared himself Mandalore the ultimate he realized that his people had been dragged into the witch's machinations and vowed to restore the Mandalorians to the great warrior status they once held on the planet Shogun which years earlier had shown the indomitable that the old gods were false now gave Mandalore the ultimate a vision of the Tong species going extinct at this time the Tong species made up the bulk of Mandalorians and it was them that kept hurling themselves at the Republic and a Jedi but he knew that the Mandalorian values were not bound to the Tong species and so we formed the Neo Crusaders he traveled the galaxy giving rousing speeches to those willing to embrace the martial principles humans were the most populous and widespread species in the galaxy and this is why the majority of these new Mandalorians were human but there were also tons of Road Ian's Twi'leks tagore Ian's and caressed IANS from this moment on the term Mandalorian really started to become untied to the Tong species now it was more about the culture about twenty years after the previous war now three thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight BBY a pureblood Sith species contacted Mandalore the ultimate and enticed him to search through ins for insight into the future this Seth was working for the mysterious at Emperor and used his powers in the force to instill visions of Mandalorians conquering the Republic inspired by promises of victory the neo Crusaders started to capture neutral territory and in 10 years they controlled a larger area than all of the Hutt clans the ultimate appointed a man named Casas FET to be the top military strategists and he promptly accelerated the capture of more worlds one affects contributions was the standardization of armor something that helped to create a more cohesive identity across the diverse species and ensured that the galaxy at large knew when they were dealing with a Mandalorian he also developed a dual-pronged economic assault in which these captured neutral worlds deprived the Republic of imports while the Mandalorians took the local population as slave labour and focused all of these planet's resources to the sole task of creating more weapons and ships for the eventual war with the Republic this caused an importing of refugees that caused internal strife and economic pressures compounding the weakness of losing these neutral world's senators said that the Republic would only intervene if directly attacked and all this time the ultimate had set up training grounds deep in the jungle of Jackson the place where his predecessor had been devoured these camps were one of the greatest embodiments of their culture training against the very creatures that had felled their leader lifting up the rank and file to a greater strength than the best among them from just a generation before in three thousand nine hundred and sixty-four they sprang up from the secret camp and took Onderon Banquo and Taurus in a shocking blitzkrieg two Jedi named Revan and Malak became aware of some of the Mandalorian atrocities some of which included the nuclear bombardments of entire worlds these two Jedi refused to stand by eventually leading Republic forces in pushing the Mandalorians back he came across the helmet of a Mandalorian woman who opposed FETs genocide and upon donning it he sweared that he would not rest into the Mandalorians had been completely defeated reven strategy works to pull most of the Mandalorian forces to malik or five here the Jedi leader had to draw on this world's immense Darkseid energy in order to defeat Mandalore the ultimate in a duel after this he activated the mass shadow generator which destroyed most of the Mandalorian fleets without their leader or a proper Navy they signed a peace treaty with the Republic Malik worried about a rise of the Mandalorians but revin said simply without the mask they are nothing a cold statement or he is acknowledging that he is destroying an entire culture simply by holding on to this mask depriving them of a leader will just lead to fracturing and infighting that will eventually erase the Mandalorian identity from history the Republic destroyed most of their military infrastructure and completely eliminated the iconic bacillus quartz this once proud people tried to keep up their traditions but were spread out across the galaxy and often resorted to taking up odd jobs as hired guns these informal groupings became known as the Mandalorian mercs with notable individuals like gore spend a catch even gladiatorial Fame on tourists and Geonosis and Candra Sordo becoming one of the most infamous mercs in the galaxy but as the force would have it he crossed paths with revin who now understood that the Mandalorians were being manipulated into war by the hidden Sith Emperor revin gave the helmet to Ordo and asked him to rebuild the Mandalorians into a proud people he took the name Mandalore the preserver he met with what may have been the final remaining tong in the galaxy this being was dying but explained that he was the rightful heir to Mandalore the indomitable that the ultimate had used to sit backing to take over he begged that Ordo take his armor and Riaan still some of the virtues from the canons of Honor order would be the first nan Tong Mandalore and he went back to their roots growing a new following of neo Crusaders on the outpost of zaxon these forces would go on to fight against the sith triumvirate helped the under on royal family and even provide aid to the Republic Mandalore the preserver personally aided the raid on darth nihilus flagship even providing the explosives that were used to blow it into space dust the next 300 years of Mandalorian history is a bit foggy but it is clear that Clan Ordo did not fully unify the Mandalorians in 3661 BBY the Sith Empire made a surprise return to the galaxy and looked for another Mandalorian puppet in the gladiator pits of Geonosis there was a crowd favourite it was the perfect combination of charismatic and dumb so Imperial intelligence agents had the fights and had plants in the crowd that started chanting Mandalore upon each of his victories this man seemed invincible and many of the diaspora were happy to call him their new leader the Sith revealed themselves as allies and convinced him that it was in Mandalore's interest to blockade the hiding way cutting off a major republic supply line as the Empire expanded in the outer rim andalorian cruisers were too powerful for a straight-up attack so the Republic had to rely on blockade breaking smugglers to rally up his supporters this puppet Mandalore announced the great hunt on Jackson to determine who would become his best warrior artists kept winning the trials and in line with the old true virtues challenged Mandalore to a duel and the gladiator pits on Geonosis this propped up leader was slaughtered an artist took the name Mandalore that vindicated his predecessor is only known in the history books as an insult Mandalore the lesser who is much more cautious of his sethe allies but knew that the money and weapons allowed him to consolidate power but again not all respected the centralized leader in splinter groups like Clan Murad in the terror brigade had launched attacks against both the Sith and the Republic the vindicated would be eliminated during the rise of the eternal Empire being killed by a swarm of sky troopers death by droid was seen as immensely dishonorable and this whole conflict created a strong anti droid sentiment that would stick in Mandalorian culture from here on out KOMO Fett could have chosen to take on the mantle but he didn't want the responsibility so instead the infamous Bounty Hunter shave Isla became Mandalore the Avenger previously she had been allied to Darth Malgus and assisted him in battles on Alderaan and even against the Jedi Temple itself now she would join the Outlander in the Alliance a combination of Sith and Republic forces that realized how Grievous a threat the organic hating gemini droids posed to the galaxy after this ancient eternal force was destroyed there was relative peace for the next thousand plus years that is until the new Sith wars spanning from 2000 BBY to 1,000 this conflict had the Mandalorians fighting against their once allies the Sith Empire the reasons behind this are still shrouded in mystery but everything points to the exchange of a lot of credits supporting a constant by Mandalorians of this era that there once righteous holy Crusades of violence in accordance with the laws of the universe had been forgotten now it was all just for treasure around this time is where we also get Mandalorian training master Chang raising a gendai named dirge he adopted this odd creature and raised it in the ways of the Mandalorians but eventually he abandoned the culture when he felt that they were merely hired guns the pair were taken in by a cyberneticist who enhanced their strength and longevity in exchange for protection from the current Mandalore during a raid on the lab all were killed but dirge was able to Massacre the attackers and devoted his life to killing Mandalorians Darth Bane would bring an end to the Sith Empire in the year 1000 be be Wai and apparently in order to ensure galactic peace the Republic turned on the Mandalorians in 738 BBY as the Warlord's were still not fully under the control of the Mandalore the Republic invaded Mandalore itself in fighting against rival clans allowed the Republic a total victory with weapons used by both the Republic and the Mandalorians creating an enormous Cataclysm an environmental disaster that turned much of this rich world into the barren white sand deserts that now cover its surface this is where we get the new Mandalorians a faction with very contentious origins many believe that they were propped up by the Republic to coax them into abandoning their culture the new Mandalorian said that the canons of honor only lead to death and ruin that strength could only come by working together by peacefully partaking in the Republic system what I find interesting is that many Jedi were said to be leading the assault and the dark saber may have been stolen by the Jedi Temple around 1,000 BBY the lore and the dark saber is not clear simply stating that it was stolen during the fall of the Old Republic it is said to be around a millennia before the Clone Wars which would have been when the Republic was heavily involved in the Sith Wars tari Vizsla descendant of Mandalore the Avenger shave isla was the only Mandalorian to become a Jedi he was able to temporarily unify his people and so the dark saber became the new sign of the sole ruler replacing the role of the helmet the total destruction of Mandalore is not a story the Republic would tell you but they and the Jedi we played a role it wasn't solely the result of a civil war amongst clans but whatever you think of that it worked and these were now a pacifist people devoting all of their energy to surviving in the domed cube cities their capital was sundori and the leaders came to take the names from other cultures like king queen and duchess no longer calling themselves the Mandalore those unable to give up the warrior code were sent to the moon Concordia and the site of armor wearing Mandalorians became incredibly rare on Mandalore these few called themselves the Akali or faithful and they did keep a leader that they called Mandalore with the last-named one being a genocide Oh maniac named Mandalore the destroyer he took over after his predecessor was killed by dirge still carrying out murderous raids against mandos in the year 100 BBY around 60 dby just 28 years before the Battle of Naboo the Mandalorian civil war erupted those calling themselves the true Mandalorians were living by what they called the super commando codex a sort of revised chivalry which stated that it is still noble and morally necessary to learn the martial arts but that these skills should not be used to conquer and the old survival of the fittest framework instead therefore protecting the rights of individuals but Torv isla hated this bastard child of the new pacifists and old martial ideas he formed a group called Death Watch in waged war on the super commandos Jaster morale was the leader of these true Mandalorians and eventually he and his forces were pushed off a Mandalore to the agricultural world of Concord dawn the local police force had a position called the journeyman protector and one of them allowed the true Mandalorian forces to hide out on his property and so they set up camp at the FET farm vizla found out that this man was hiding Morreale and brutally interrogated him in front of the man's son mama Fett sprung up out of hiding and unloaded her blaster rifle into Death Watch troops she was killed in the fighting and his father ordered the son to run into the fields this eight-year-old Jango Fett was picked up I'm a real who raised the boy as his own teaching him the new ways of the Mandalorians the fighting between these two factions would continue spanning nearly two decades and it also saw a 14 year jango fett hold his dying adopted father in his arms succumbing to wounds delivered by vigil Django was now considered the Mandalore and they started to score significant victories in 44 BBY but vizla and Death Watch turned to political corruption when they couldn't win on the Battlefront they contacted the governor of galas ran and concocted a story of war crimes committed by the true Mandalorian forces the Jedi Order gets involved and believed the claims that FETs forces were killing political activists including innocent women and children Count Dooku led a strike team to capture fat hoping to get to the bottom of these claims but the Mandalore refused to be brought in on false claims he knew that if he was removed for trial Death Watch would certainly regain their strength so fat and the true mandos opened fire the shootout resulted in eleven dead Jedi six of which were shot by Jango personally but all of his forces were cut down Fett was indeed captured and turned over to the corrupt Galadriel governor who in turn sold him into slavery but you don't get the reputation for being a galactic badass on your looks alone Jango was able to escape break into the governor's office and steal back his trophy armor and then track down and kill Vizsla seeing that both the local governments and even the Jedi Order could be so easily manipulated by evil and also being hardened by the war and life as a slave Jango Fett dedicated his life to being a bounty hunter and on his armor he would proudly bear his adopted father's sigil he never did forgive the Jedi Order but ironically who'd become allied to the Jedi that led that strike team that forever changed his life the Mandalorian Civil War was terrible for the individuals that directly experienced it but it was a relatively small conflict mostly only affecting Mandalore itself in a few of its neighboring worlds even the amount of those involved as a great minority of the population which helped the pacifist movement even more now as when Duchess Satine comes to power pushing a pacifist agenda even further about 20 years before the opening of the Clone Wars in 32 BBY the bounty hunting Jango was approached by Darth Tyranus to create a clone army it is unclear if this Fallen Jedi used the promise of order 66 to entice Jango whether or not he knew that his clones would be used to take down his enemies in the Jedi Order but either way the Kamino winds brought him in not just for genetic donation but also for hands-on training and even the designing of these troops armor this is why clone troopers have a similar tee visor appearance Fett personally trained the first batch of alpha class arc troopers instilling Mandalorian traditions and even ensuring that they memorized the song vodiane meaning brothers all an ancient chant sung in the mandola language and which mentions that they are the wrath of Khorasan gives it a nice dual meaning given how the clones were used by the Republic and that Khorasan is the original homeworld of the Tong species then Jango established the coy avatar a group of 100 sergeants seventy five of which were Mandalorians members like Cala Radha helped to infuse Mandalorian culture even further though Palpatine would take measures to phase out these Mandalorian trained clones with later batches not receiving this rich cultural tradition back on Mandalore Satine vowed to keep neutral during the Clone Wars but Death Watch sought out Dooku as an ally they attacked a republic cruiser and spread rumors on Confederate worlds that the new Mandalorians were actually supporting the Republic this is why obi-wan was dispatched to meet with Satine a woman that he came to love after being assigned to protect her in the final months of the Civil War remember that Mandalore's Moon Concordia was the exile place for all the old Mandalorians those trying to keep up the war loving traditions it was governed by Pre Vizsla who was secretly supporting the production of weapons jetpacks and full suits of armor all for the purposes of overthrowing the pacifists this sparked a really controversial move by the Republic who after learning that Death Watch now had such growth and backing sent a large peacekeeping force many Mandalorians opposed this seeing it as occupation and proof that the Republic still believe that the Mandalorians were too dangerous and unpredictable to rule themselves this brought more traitors out of the shadows like senator Marek who was thought to be one of the Duchess's most trusted allies his scheme would mark the start of several assassination attempts while Dooku started giving more and more support to Death Watch even offering to provide Mandalorian people with cis droids to protect them from the unwanted Republic clones and then it seemed like her deputy prime minister jerec turned on calling for more Republic aid and claiming that this new civil war was due to her weak leadership but this was in fact a hollow vid deep fake and though Jarek was assassinated his true message was revealed saying that the Mandalorians themselves could fight death watch without Republic aid but there was a partying nasty little move by the Republic seen as a tumultuous world Republic trade was banned from traveling through Mandalorian space this worked to grow a black market set up in part by the Duchess's closest ally Prime Minister almec a man who betrayed the Duchess simply because he didn't want to give up some of the imports that he loved this decadence is a long way from the Spartan living of the earlier mandos in this seat of corruption spread throughout the police force and even the new Mandalorian Secret Service olmec attempted to have Satine framed but it backfired and he ended up in prison by 20 BBY Death Watch had a falling out with Dooku seeing that he was just keeping up with the long tradition of sith that just used the Mandalorians and don't actually care about the fate of Mandalore lux bonteri hoped to use their aid to help him avenge his mother a piece wanting separatist leader that had been killed by Dooku Lux and ahsoka were met by Bo Catan and previz 'la but they were unwilling to stand by as Death Watch committed atrocities so the plan fell apart but they do escape here Death Watch found a new ally who hated both the Republic and the Sith led CIS Darth Maul had been growing a criminal empire known as the shadow collective by sending hordes of criminals to invade the capital they were able to make Death Watch appear like the heroes Pre Vizsla publicly confront Satine and has her arrested vizla would be the new prime minister of Mandalore but not for long Darth Maul knew his Mandalorian culture and if vizla was gonna assure back the old customs he could not be seen to turn down a challenge to a duel the fighting was intense but Maul would win the battle and proclaim himself the new Mandalore Bo Catan and the night-owls refused to submit and so had to fight against Death Watch just layers of civil wars here she was actually Satine sister and would come back to help obi-wan escape mauls capture but only after mall used Satine to deal one of the hardest losses that Kenobi would ever experience coldly killing the Duchess in front of just to make his oldest enemy suffer things were so out of control that city has personally visits Mandalore he cut down malls brother then defeats mall and takes him prisoner it should be pointed out that throughout this incredibly volatile time you can see that even the pacifists had Mandalorian artwork that was embracing their past as warriors with visions of the Crusaders and even vanquish Jedi before he was captured Maul had put Prime Minister Olmec in as his puppet leader and he would continue ruling while the sub rock was in prison that's the GM prime the Maul DeLoreans the super commando is still loyal to him freed Maul and they returned to Mandalore due to the encouraging of Bo Catan and obi wan's personal testimony the Republic agreed to siege Mandalore and take it out of the hands of a known Sith trained to crime warlord if they were worried about the planet before it doesn't get much worse than that ahsoka tano had left the Jedi Order at this point but she returned to lead a detachment of clone troopers during the siege she confronts Maul and gets in one of the best barbs in galactic history here's a snippet of the conversation Maul says it was so nice of your former masters to send you alone and spare me the exertion of a proper fight you're not even a real Jedi ahsoka says it'll be a fair fight then you're only half a Sith pretty great stuff tano was able to draw Maul into a racial trap but as his forces come to his aid she was left with the choice of finishing him off or saving Rex she chose her longtime clone Ally and everyone survives but as the siege carried on he was eventually driven off Mandalore in Bocca ton becomes the region of Mandalore this was probably the best shot in their history at a stable government with a balance of good military self-reliance embodied in a peace craving ruler but alas it wasn't in darth sidious playbook during the Imperial era she was deemed traitorous and replaced with Clan Saxon was willing to do the emperor's bidding but there were some other holdovers Fenn rau of the protectors opposed Death Watch and his skull squadron aided the GA are in various operations throughout the Clone Wars once rally even helped to save the life of a young Kanan Jara's after the war Palpatine allowed the protectors to consolidate power and Mandalore space but their main base being on a moon of kordon clan saxon converted itself into imperial super commandos and in the year two BBY they wiped out the protectors this ensured that his clan was the sole ruler of Mandalore and that Palpatine's favored when it switched to RAL one day also that year the spectres discovered that maul had been hiding the dark saber on Dathomir they recovered it and encouraged Sabine Wren to start training with it knowing the immense responsibility connected to this weapon she was reluctant but the now rebel aligned Fenn trail supported her she returned to her clan stronghold and tried to get her mother to join the rebellion but Saxon arrives there erupts an epic Mandalorian showdown that would make her ancestors proud with the dark saber in the hands of this sellout Mandalore Sabine was required to fight with Ezra's lightsaber she does win the day and Saxon dies but this of course now dragged Mandalore into another civil war with Imperial allied mandos versus those sent on joining the rebellion or remaining independent throne at this time was laying siege to at along and when Ezra is able to escape he got some of Sabine's allies to provide help this cannot be overstated but the rebellion may have died this day if it wasn't for the mando strike team destroying the interdictor I was preventing rebel ships from jumping to hyperspace without this opening thron would have certainly killed all that remained Sabine then tried to offer the dark saber to Boca tonk but she turned it down this pair along with other allied clans try to push the Empire off Mandalore but the Duchess was unveiled this prototype weapon was created by Sabine a years before when she was serving as an imperial weapon designer this insidious weapon draws dark energy to the best scar alloy in the men delorean armor allowing it to be used on the battlefield without hurting the stormtroopers and they're plastered armor knowing how inextricably tied armor is to Mandalorian culture and how the discovery of best scar was a sign that Mandalore was the Promised Land a material that was hoped to have kept them out of the timeless battles between the lightsaber wielding synth and Jedi was now named after the Duchess and used to vaporize Mandalorians on this promised land luckily they were able to destroy this weapon and seeing that her people were in serious need of a sole ruler bo Catan accepted the dark saber the new Mandalore all this time Django's unaltered clone boba fett was rising to take on his father's mantle becoming the top bounty hunter in the galaxy but instead of coming back to fight for Mandalorian independence he served the Empire as a hired gun after the fall of the Empire there was another badass who was known simply as the Mandalorian his background and values are still unknown but he is just another sign of the undying Mandalorian culture with things like the sigil of the mythos aura being seen in places like maz kanata's castle and perhaps even the Mandalorian himself helping to finish the fight against the emperor the final sip emperor the last in a long line of sith that have plagued the Mandalorians for millennia so that concludes the story of the Mandalorians in a separate video I'll cover behind the scenes facts because those are deep and interesting on their own and there's enough to make a full-length video also cover weapons ships tank and society in more detail later so be sure to keep an eye out for those videos if you want to connect with us on social media find ways that you can help support this channel without it costing you a thing or check out our patreon be sure to check out the links in the description special shout out to our supporters over on patreon but most important of all remember only two things are responsible for all the events in Star Wars history the force and the Mandalorians and so the force and the Mandalorians will be with you always

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  1. Let me know what you think about this longer style video! It took this whole week to produce, around 50 hours of work. The best way to get more of these is to like the video and share it with anyone who would love to learn all about Mandalorians . Sharing is what YouTube is most impressed by, but the likes and of course subscribing are great too. Awesome to see the love in the comments so far, if these videos work then I would love to do these for all sorts of topics.

  2. I gotta wonder: what’s the Mandos’ take on the Force? Do Force-wielders have any kind of special place or role in Mandalorian culture? Because there have to have been more than a few Mandalorians throughout history who were Force-sensitives.

  3. In The Clone Wars, Lucas wanted the fans to know Jango Fett wasn't a mandalorian. So is it that Jango was Mandalore but left the order and gave up the ability to be called a mandalorian?Of course Boba may have been taught in their ways, but was never a mandalorian himself.

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