MARILYN MONROE | Fascination | Full Documentary
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MARILYN MONROE | Fascination | Full Documentary

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A look into the life and times of mid-20th Century starlet Marilyn Monroe.
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36 Replies to “MARILYN MONROE | Fascination | Full Documentary

  1. It’s quite possible the pills coupled with the alcohol was causing a hormone imbalance which is often associated as the cause of uterine bleeding. Poor thing.

  2. underdogs of all kind are really the true champions of overcoming pain,abuse,betrayal,and deception. I am very luckyto have overcamemy shit. Marilyn was and will always be a victorious soldier. and I love the fact that she was the "Master of her own Rebellion"!

  3. She was too attached to the "incredible beauty she has" because everybody told her this all the time,at least after she became a star. That comes with the opposite, always, the fear of losing that beauty, the fear that one moment could she lose that and could be captured on camera…plus the abruption of not feeling "important" when she was little and the full power of compliments when she was a star causes some "virtual reality" symptoms.

  4. She was so sweet 💛💜 so kind , caring and even tho her childhood was bad she remained happy and tried to make others happy 💛💜 she had mental health issues and no one understood that! Its so sad she had to face it all alone 💔

  5. That old story that Kaye Gable blamed Marilyn for Clark's death has more lives than a cat. It's completely untrue. Gable caused his own death by doing many of the strenuous horse scenes himself in the 110° degree temperatures, knowing he had serious heart issues. Kaye hoped to stop some of these lies by inviting Marilyn to the christening of John Clark Gable, but somehow even 50 plus years later, this same old yarn is still being being spun. This type of journalism was the cause of many of Marilyn's most difficult moments.

  6. Marilyn Monroe was cursed from the very start and is it a curse to be beautiful! She was orphaned abandoned abused loved and hated at the same time and she wanted children so badly and she wanted a life but people took advantage of her and there will never be another Marilyn Manroe ever and she was the object of beauty & and her mother suffered from mental Illness
    and I think someone killed her and I think she was going to expose the Kennedys and she was always cast as a dumb blonde
    and she was a lost soul and tortured soul! I wonder if she is in heaven or hell!

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