Most Dangerous Ways To School | BOLIVIA | Free Documentary

Most Dangerous Ways To School | BOLIVIA | Free Documentary

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Most Dangerous Ways To School – Bolivia
The Yungas Valley in Bolivia: a unique landscape, where the Andes Mountains meet the Amazon Rain Forest. In this remote section of one of the poorest countries in South America, children have a very long and incredible dangerous walk to school ahead of them. All for one goal: education – for a better life.

Seven-year-old Elmer wants to become an engineer and to build his own house, far away from the remote village. But his only way to school leads over a ravine more than 650 feet deep and about 1000 feet long: a kind of homemade zip-line. He has to entrust his live on a rusty iron pulley and a worn plastic bag.

On the other side of the valley, on the summit of the mountain range, is where the sisters Helen and Mariela live. Isolated, and in the heart of the jungle. Of all the children who attend the school, the sisters live furthest away. Fear, hunger, and exhaustion are their constant companions. For them, education the key to a new, better world. And that’s why they run great risks every day in pursuit of it.

All this is more than just a walk to school – It is a test in the vast jungle. Throughout this journey they all have only one goal in mind: to ultimately find a job in a city and lead a better life.


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50 Replies to “Most Dangerous Ways To School | BOLIVIA | Free Documentary

  1. I want to hug the 2 girls here big time.. I am so moved by the story and left me to tears… how hard life can be but seeing them..I shouldn't complain for mine… I hope one day to kiss and hug them.. is there a way i can give some money to them? Love you guys from the Philippines…

  2. "Mom, I am not going to school today. It is raining hard." "Okay, son. You will get cold."
    "Dad, I need decent trekking shoes, the ones we saw on display the other day, as my school is taking us on a trek. We will need to walk for 10-20 km a day, all the way from one to another one. It is going to tough, challenge for us. Good shoes would help me." (All this while knowing very well that we mostly would be trekking on these roads which would be metalled highway roads, rarely on such 'ROUGH patches'.)
    "Dad, I need a 'decent' pair of jeans. get me at least 2 levis. These look awesome. Most of the friends have it and they look coooool in those."
    Me, "Guys, who need studies! These are useless. Let us go and watch a movie rather than going to the stupid class."
    Damn it.
    Now, don't tell me these 'kids' do it twice every day, every time and for all those years!

  3. May we PRAY together for a philanthropic or nonprofit organization to build dorms for these kids to live near the school. So they don't have to travel through all those tough journeys. Or we can pray for YouTubers who are making so much money, to come together to donate for the prayers to happen. So be it. Thanks for sharing the video. Everyone have a beautiful life. So be it. My goodness, gracious.

  4. My son doesn't realize how lucky he is. Bless these kids and there safety, my son is 9 and these kids are doing dangerous things just to get to school with no parental help along the way. He doesn't have to worry about those things. Hope these children make it big.

  5. There has got to be a better way? I wish I can get these children many things they could use but much goes to waste here in the U.S.A. The little girls shoes? So sad for such a journey. I hope there is a charity organization that can connect with them to help them with many things possible. Just makes me think twice before I complain about how hard I think I have it?

  6. Am I the only one who is envious of these kids instead of pitying them? They live in a paradise that only billionaires can afford to live in in the first world, they have more survival skills than I will ever have, and they’re fearless. Unfortunately, someone has convinced them that they need to be part of the first world economy in order to have a “better life”. I wish I could warn them that all they’re going to get from a first world education is that there are 7,000 genders, men are bad, and having children is bad.

  7. I hate living on this planet. These little girls life is breaking my heart. Does anyone know how I can help them 😭 I wanna send are least something to them every month

  8. I really want to help the boy and the two sisters. I would like to donate. I do not have much, but i do have enough for shoes and school supplies. please please let me know how to get them supplies.

  9. a timely call for all of us who complained about petty issues. These 2 sisters walked 100's of miles weekly over treachery mountainous regions and deep jungles just to get to school. Those smiles upon reaching home after a day at school is priceless, so deservedly of them- against the backdrop of the beautiful deep jungles

  10. I know some of this HAS to be scripted, albeit VERY, VERY little of it(them stopping for a cane treat etc etc) but wow if I ever need to be humbled and gracious of the advantages I have in life I'm going to look at this doc all the way

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