My 5 FAVORITE LENSES for Filmmaking/Photography

My 5 FAVORITE LENSES for Filmmaking/Photography

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What are the best lenses for filmmaking with your mirrorless Sony cameras? I tested several and finally sticked with this Combos to shoot video and photos.

In this video we gonna talk about my favorite crop and full frame lenses from low budget to the more expensive lenses so maybe it’s easier for you to decide what to take with you on your next trip!

► Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC DN (crop):
► Sony 10-18mm f4 OSS (crop):
► Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 (crop) :
► Sony GM 24-70 2.8 (full frame):
► Samyang 85mm t1.5 Cine Lens (full frame):

Remember that you can also use full frame lenses on your crop camera but it multiplies your focal length by x1.5, so for example you will get a 127,5mm on the a6300 when using the 85mm full frame lens on it!


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All the gear shown in this video I bought by myself.

so most of the medic lot today I just came back from all road trip with sunset I was on the road for seven days now only me and her and we went down to the Austrian the German austere water and yeah we spent a couple of nice days and we slept in our roof jammed and it just captured some footage along the way because I want to do a short highlight video all these days so and then yesterday I saw in the Q&A on my Instagram so I saw that about 90% of your questions were about lenses and which lens to get and which lens to buy so I thought ok let's do short video of my favorite lenses which I'm using right now for filmmaking and photography so we will talk about some crop lenses we would talk about some full-frame lenses and also I'm going to show you my favorite combo right now which I used all the time on the trip so let's go oh yes ok so let's start with some crop lenses first lens I highly recommend to everyone who's starting our filmmaking on aps-c sony camera is the Sigma 30mm 1.4 I think everyone knows this lens I shut almost half of my videos only with this lens it gives you great bouquet has 1.4 aperture it's a super crisp and the price is definitely okay it's about 380 I think yeah so this lens is perfect for getting a bit more close-up shots like I think it's quite an all-round lens to use for so many situations and yeah I love it it's my favorite lens I started with this lens two years ago on this channel the only downside of this lens is manual focusing it it just doesn't work it's terrible if you're looking for lens which you can use on or maybe you just want to use manual focusing then you should definitely consider the 35 mil 1.9 by Sony it also has a great depth of field but it's better at focusing in general yeah so let's go on what else do you need for filmmaking especially when it comes to travel filmmaking or whatever kind of filmmaking I think you need a wide-angle lens and what I can recommend and what I'm using right now is the 10 to 18 f/4 right here so it's definitely not the cheapest lens it's about $700 but I think it's it's worth the money because it's sharp it has a perfect focal range for wide-angle shots filmmaking and photography only downside f/4 but that's Sony and yeah I don't know I think they want to make it compact like this if you would put in 2.8 into this one this could be so small so yeah but if you're shooting on a day it's perfect and it does a great job so I'm using this often for white landscape shots where I want to put all the scenery into the image and now we come into my new favorite combo which I used all the time on this trip and that's the Sigma arch 18 to 35 1.8 this lens is just insane I mean everyone knows that the Sigma R series is one of the sharpest lenses out there and together with AMC 11 you can just use it on your amount camera because usually it's for Kevin but with MC 11 it adapts your Imam and what I didn't expect is that the autofocus is so fast in video one at least in video one for photos it takes about one second to fight the spot but in video mode it's so insane at least on a 6,500 I just used this with AF all the time so on this trip we were outside we it was raining we had fog we had so bad weather conditions and this lens just nailed the focus all the time No what changed because I heard that the old firmware didn't work well and also on a 6000 or a 6300 it's not the best but on a 6500 I only could say that it's perfect it's all I need it's not the lightest lens but I can live with that because it's definitely the sharpest lens I ever use on an aps-c camera and another thing I really like about this is you can use it for some macro shots also because I just tested it to film a subject which was about two centimeters away from the lens and it works perfectly so this is the new combo I love the most right now and all the scenes you will see and the Austria video are you gonna shut with this I only took the wide-angle lens for two shots and the rest is all with this baby here and also for photography this is awesome I just took this with me to like pipe ipeec and put it down on the tripod with a 6500 connected to the really shitty PlayMemories camera from sony and i took this shot of me if you get the budget to spend about $700 for the lance and another 250 on the adapter it's definitely worth it so that's it with the crop lenses now let's go over to the full-frame lenses but if you're filming on a crop camera you should definitely stay tuned because the other lenses I'm gonna show you right now will also work on your sony a6300 the only thing is that they get closer yeah let's go so this was also most asked question which camera I'm using more the a7s2 or the a 6500 and I can only say I'm using the a sixty-five hundred eighty percent of the time because the focus is simply much better I hate the auto focus of the a7s2 and that makes running gun filming really hard so but it's a great camera and you definitely get that full on your footage and also on images I also take a lot of photos with this one even if it's only 12 megapixels it's the quality is insane I cannot recommend to buy the a7s2 this year because I think Sony really released nice 7s 3 or a 7r3 soon so better go for the a 6500 or another crop camera and invest in some good lenses instead of body anyway okay so here's the combo I'm using most quit my a7 – it's the 24 to 70 GM 2.8 so I have to say that's a big lens and it also has a big price I bought it in Andorra because it was 300 bucks off even so I paid about 2,100 euro which is almost the same in dollar so I can't say anything bad about this lens the quality's insane you get a nice bouquet because you're on a full frame with 2.8 it's like I don't know like 2.0 on crop yeah you got a zoom range but I don't like this that it comes out yeah because things can just go in here when you're shooting outdoors but overall the quality is just insane so if you want to spend the box just go for it it's I think that's the only lens you need when you're in full frame and you doing landscape photography or so even portraits work fine with this one because that 70 mil you would get quite nice bouquet at 2.8 so yeah it's heavy it has the AF & MF button here like all the G master lenses yeah you can also lock it so it doesn't come out great lens but way too heavy to hike I took it with me on a hiking that dawn that's just annoying to have this on your waist it's real heavy gee master series you can't do anything wrong with this even the 85 1.4 I just ran for wedding insane Lance but now let's come to the last one so that's the some young t1 point 585 mil this Lance I also got in Andorra because it was so cheap it was about three hundred dollars and the quality of this is really really good the only downside if you call it downside its manual so no AF it's originally made for cinematography so you have this brushless change in aperture and if you turn on your focus peaking on your sony camera this is definitely way easier to work with than I thought so there's another version of this 121.4 which my friend Stephan is using for wedding shots and portraits all the time and he's so happy with this lens I think something is doing a great job for this price so and I'm excited to see the AF lenses soon because I want to get my hands on one so that's it with my lenses that's all I'm using right now I hope it's now with easier for you to grab the glass you neat and if you have any questions just let me know in the comments if you want to support me you can purchase your lenses through my amazon link I cannot give you the exact links to the lenses because Amazon us just kicked me off its affiliate program but somehow the link still works I don't know how this can be possible you won't pay more and you can support me too that way yeah also make sure to follow me on Instagram where I'm doing a lot of photography right now and somehow I'm more into photography right now and filmmaking and maybe this will change but right now I love to get some cool photos yeah so I just don't have to edit the Austria I shut about 200 gigabytes so this will take a while so see you soon and if you have any questions or maybe you've got some other lenses you highly recommend to others just start to discuss on the Korean Sam so after dog training let's go

36 Replies to “My 5 FAVORITE LENSES for Filmmaking/Photography

  1. Hey Christian I started doing video 2 years ago cause of your channel. Using an a6300 and 16mm Sigma DCDN. Camera is starting to lock up and now I’m looking at options. I do a lot of music videos for bands and considering the a7sii cause of lowlight. All my lenses are crop so looking at new a6400 as well. Thoughts between the 2 in 2019?

  2. Hey Christian- regarding the Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC DN- I read on a review it wasn't good for video because it has no stabilizer. Did you experience these issues? I'm looking for a lens I can set up and shoot myself to get qualitative cinematic imagery for my music videos. I need something versatile. Would you still recommend this? Thanks 🙂

  3. So it’s November 2019!! I’ve been shooting with a Nikon D7500 & the kit lenses that come with it. Looking for my first Lens and I feel like that Sigma Art 18-35 will be it!!! That video of you following the puppy around is absolutely MindBlowing 🤯

    I can’t begin to explain how Thankful I am of this video! It answered so many questions!

  4. Hi Good day.

    Sorry for a long post in someones else channel… I am messed up with too much info online, so seeking help from youtube film maker…

    I have bought Sony a7iii body, but totally confused with a video lens to choose (at present due to budget has to go for only 1 lens – any lens <$1000, better if less best)

    Purpose of Usage is making Self Content (not for a client):

    50% Videos Shoot (Youtube Videos & Short Indie Films but good cinematic quality)

    30% Vlogging Videos (Still with a tripod in a room not travel handheld, buying an external monitor to lookup)

    20% Still Photoshoot (For Thumbnails & Social Media Graphics)

    #1 Most pref. i might need autofocus lens so the non-professional helper can use it to make my videos if let's say i am anchoring/acting in the video.

    #2 Might use with DJI gimble in future, so not too long/heavy lens

    #3 Confused with 50 mm vs 35 mm (as most videos will be indoor/rooms, so i think 35 better ?) any disadvantage of 35 over 50 ??? for the full-frame body

    #4 With sony a7iii eye/face tracing autofocus, do we still opt for fixed cine lenses / prime still lenses? Is focus breathing and light change a big issue in making videos?

    #5 What to choose Samyang cine 1.5 vs Sigma Art vs Sony G vs Other options? Keeping in mind <$1000 range

    A suggestion will be wonderful and life-saving…

    God Bless…


    PS: Have recently used a7s2 with Samyang Cine lens 1.5 – the output with proper led lights was decent/good, not out of the world… and sometimes face out of focus

    (its a manual lens, too much time-consuming retakes, espc. if its time to time movement-based / kids game/walking type)

    you know many time actors face/body move forward and backward while talking…. bokeh was okayish, as in rooms you really don't have much distance behind…

  5. Habe mir die A6300 mit dem 16-50mm Kit gekauft. Welches zusätzliche Objektiv würdest du/ihr mir für Travel Videos empfehlen (eher Städte als landscapes), wenn du/ihr nur eins empfehlen könnt?

  6. "Remember that you can also use full frame lenses on your crop camera but it multiplies your focal length by x1.5, so for example you will get a 127,5mm on the a6300 when using the 85mm full frame lens on it!" – man, every lens should be multiplied to crop magnification, doesn't matter this lens for crop or full frame. even Sigma 30mm 1.4 for crop give you the view of 45mm lens. And about manual focusing, all video lenses should be with manual focus. even pro cine lenses are manual.

  7. Thanks for another great video Christian. I use the Sony a3600 and currently just have the kit lens 16-50 3.5-6.6 (no gimbal…yet). Looking to buy one more lens. Between the two lenses we want to vlog, do some portraits, landscapes, film rides, a few interviews, some low light stuff. What lens would you recommend? We've been borrowing a sigma 16 1.4 and love the sharpness and the clear image zoom to zoom into more like the sigma 30 1.4 but worry that faces might still be a bit warped from the stretching which appears with a 16mm lens. Do you know if that still occurs when you zoom in with clear image zoom? If not we will just get the 16mm and have the added benefit of more wide shots than the 30. Also does warp stabilisation (or something im after effects) do a good enough good of sorting out the lack of stabilisation built in the sigma if we're walking and talking into camera? Or should we just go for the Sony 35 1.8 which has stabilisation but is less sharp and longer focal length? Thank you! Really appreciate it. George

  8. Hey Christian, great video mate thanks for the information. 🙂 A bit lost here though, so basically for a small feature film production I've got 700 quid to spend on lenses, the camera is a sony a58, the film is mostly shot in a pov style but it will be mixed with various other shots, I'm not fond of the fish eye look but lense wise I'm really unsure what to purchase, could you recommend me 3 lenses for different styles please?:) I was looking at the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM Sony Alpha but saw another vid saying it was overly smooth and might not be the best buy.

  9. Out of all of these lenses, which would be the best wide angle zoom lens that has a bit of vintage and would be great for travel videography and photography? I'm looking into getting a new lens to practice with over the summer 🙂

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