"NEW BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARY" Nov 2019 BIGFOOT ODYSSEY episode 12 - Sisters Of The Moon (amazing audio)

"NEW BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARY" Nov 2019 BIGFOOT ODYSSEY episode 12 – Sisters Of The Moon (amazing audio)

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These ladies lay the course of Bigfoot research together, with each member lending their own style and proficiency to the aggregate. Their high standard for evidence and fearless nature help make Sisters Of The Moon represent the highness of the example for any researcher.

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Thank you to all that have the courage to put your story out there, it’s the most important contribution you can make to the Bigfoot community.


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Sasquatch Bigfoot grassman in the South they call it skunk ape woodbooger or rougarou and across the globe Yeti yaoi and yerin to name a few more than 30 Native American tribes have a name for the beast psalm is endearing as big brother or it's ominous as boss of the mountain they've been depicted on the walls of caves for centuries to date there are over 11,000 reported sightings of these creatures in North America alone there is an abundance of physical empirical and anecdotal evidence supporting the existence of these seemingly human primates yet it is still considered a myth our focus is not to research or try to prove Bigfoot exists but to document the findings and experiences of Bigfoot researchers and everyday people like ourselves joined by my wife and co-host Linda we will travel the country interviewing taking expedition and visiting the location where their Bigfoot Odyssey began pritu you there means observations and interactions with the man-like beast known as Bigfoot I'm Kerry Arnold and this is Bigfoot Odyssey on this episode of Bigfoot Odyssey we're in East Texas with sisters of the name this group of ladies lay the course of Bigfoot research together though their individual experiences helped influence their interest in the subjects their Bigfoot Odyssey is one of solidarity with each member lending their own style and proficiency to the aggregate an open mind a skeptical eye and a high standard for evidence put sisters of the moon ahead above in Bigfoot research hope y'all enjoy the show we got to the Tintin's Bigfoot conference we were supposed to meet the sisters there we were a little bit early they were just setting up you may recognize few faces there's Lyle Blackburn cliff barackman as much as I didn't like Finding Bigfoot I have to respect cliff and his contributions to the subject sisters of the moon are truly dedicated with their research they put in as much of work out of the woods they do in them you know these ladies are live professionals and they sent up a conference like this one to sell Bigfoot novelties and memorabilia so they can afford equipment to conduct their research you know some very generous people have stepped up and donated some of the equipment they use in the field we community anybody who makes those kind of sacrifices for a lesson reputable some chains but still is comprised of conscientious magnates like sisters of the moon what about when you were little before you were a teenager even any any idea that Sasquatch was real that they existed or any experience at all back then we didn't know what sasquatch was Bigfoot you know patty of course had been filmed but I was a baby when that happened and we lived out in the country and we got three channels no internet so you know things were a lot different back then but I knew what the foul monster was because I grew up about 40 miles from their head family that live there played in the woods with my cousin's there so we all knew about the foul monster but our parents told us oh that's just that's not real you know and especially after the movie came out and it said based on true events we were still told that's not real honey they just said that to make it more exciting and interesting but it's still there you know in the back of your head especially when you're a kid monsters were scary but they were cool too I think the moment that we realized that of course I wasn't sure still what this was but it was Christmas getting ready for Christmas hanging Christmas lights I was 14 and my mama was sick so she was in the front room of our house and bad me and my daddy were on the front porch and we had started on this end hanging blue Christmas lights and I so blue because they're not as bright as your white Christmas lights and we didn't have the front porch light on because we wanted to see how it looked when we were hanging it didn't have the carport lot oh and our security lot was in the back of our house and like I said we were in the country so there there wasn't other lights around and we were hanging the lights and from our left not right up bonus but further down you know off in the distance we heard this when I described it back then when it happened I was like it was a roar moan growl scream this you know all at one time and that of course doesn't do it justice at all and my eyes I know got bigger saucers and I said what was that daddy and he just kind of looked I don't know what that was don't you go home in the house and get my gun and I was like no not without you you come in and I start to talk fast cuz I wasn't like getting the house for house I said you come in with me come on he goes no go get my gun and I was like daddy please and then we heard it again but it was close to up to it and same exact sound and so I was really scared then and I had already I was starting to cry I was like please daddy coming in and he was like go get my gun and I said daddy please I'm not going in without you and then we heard it a third time and this time it sounded like it was right there and our carport which was just from there do they hurt you no is because we had a little front porch and before I could say daddy let's go he was pushing me in the door which really scared the crap out of me because he was a Vietnam vet a Korean War vet and a world war two vet and I'd never seen my daddy scared at all yeah and so I was petrified because I knew my daddy was worried and I was bawling I had already started bawling and he pushes me in the front door which basically was the little entrance way and then I ended up in Mama's bed and she's like what's going on when she saw me bawling and daddy just went straight through the house and he went got John and I'm in there telling her there's a monster outside and I'm wrong she's you know she's sitting up in bed now and here comes daddy back out the front door with his gun so I'm following we had like a long shotgun style house you know I'm going from room to room in the house looking out the windows trying to follow and make sure this monster thing at my daddy and he went all the way around the house and then he came back in the house and he was like this old same thing you know and all he had was his gun and a flashlight and he said uh Coco you ain't overly which was my mama's sister and she had lived there forever I mean forever and we'd only lived there probably by then about four years and so he said go in there call you ain't overly tell her what you heard and ask her if she has any clue what that could be so I'm here now on the phones roaring moaning growling – my ain't overly and she's like Oh hon don't worry that's probably miss clay she look these Bulls across the street you know we live down a dirt road and there was a big open pasture and this little old lady lived all by herself and she had Bulls cows chickens let's say she had a goat – but I met my but neighbor on the other side but uh anyway so that kind of calmed us down a little bit well miss clay she just happened to be a lady that would come down every day and give my mama shots you know for pain and stuff to help manage that and so the next day she did she came down and I've been in the background back of the house and daddy calls her I mean calls me and he said David come in here and he said miss clay she'll T you know you sure gave us to scare the last night she was just I could see her she was just sitting there in the rocking chair before you mean mr. ball he said daddy do that do that saying when we heard so there I go again you know roaring and growling for Miss clay still T and she's just a rocking and he said but we you know we called overly and she just he's just you know Easterners and said that was probably one of your Bulls over there she goes oh mister Bob I wish you hadn't told me that he was like no it's all right don't worry we'll know next time and she was no no I don't have any of my Bulls none of my animals are over there and she said they're all in B camp which was seven miles away I can't remember now if she said that they were up there being bred or or what it was but they were all up there for some reason but she is as a matter of fact something's been killing my chickens and so that left me with the notion that we did have something really kind of scary in our woods I always just kind of assumed that it was something to do with the foul monster we were down the river you know we lived not far from the soul forever I was always right there with my daddy I was his right-hand man so to speak and I remember one day and looking back now especially doing what we do you know and looking for what we look for I think that's pretty strange that this happened but he had killed possum and he it was real late at night and I was always right there with him to help him and he was going to he usually would bury it or whatever I don't remember how he got rid of it but he had taken that possum and put it in our garbage can and he put the lid on the garbage can and then put this big rock which was probably about this big on top of that garbage can because he didn't want any and coming up there and messing with it there in the night before he could get rid of it the next day and so you know I was there with him he put that big rock up there so the next morning he comes out and we're gonna go get rid of this Paulson so he moves that rock takes the rock off opens the lid up and there's no possum in there and we just never could figure out where that possum went you know unless there was some Hillbillies out in the woods and they needed something for dinner I don't know but that possum was not there but that lid was on it and that rock was on it and that garbage can of course was still standing up so looking back on that that makes me think hmm that's mighty interesting well I was too worried about vampires and werewolves I didn't know anything about no Bigfoot you know I'm always interested in scary stuff that always just be I always give me an adrenaline rush you know something comes scary on TV a lot of times mama make me go to bed and not beg or mama please let me watch it and go no you're not watching it saying you're gonna end up in the Bellamy and your dad and I'm but most of the times she'd give in let me watch it but when I really started getting intrigued with it like most people I'm not gonna say everybody I can't speak for everyone but The Legend of Boggy Creek that's probably I don't know 10 11 years old I remember um seeing the movie and being petrified I mean that movie just it just it was horrible cause it was supposed to be real I knew a werewolf wasn't supposed to be real or a vampire ones be supposed to be real they still scared the hell out of me but I still knew deep down they weren't supposed to this but oh that was cool with that but I also and I've told this before on uh other interviews that I remember seeing that it was an Arkansas where this happened and I remember going and looking at the United States map as a little girl and putting my finger on it and then putting it on Georgia oh my oh Jesus I'm cold there ain't no way this thing's gonna come all the way across the country just to get this one little girl so I was okay with it but it still scared me but what really sparked my interest was my son was a teenager still living at home and we lived in a little townie remote town called Odum Georgia nothing more than a caution light I mean that's how small the city was and anywhere you had a home out there there was wood somewhere around you and he had he had let my two puppies outside as you can tell I'm a dog lover and we had dogs back then too and he had little mouse died for me and was sitting out on the patio on a swing and I started to go out the door to join him and when I did it he was about to break his neck trying to get back in the house he was about 15 16 years old and my puppies that thought they were mighty dogs were about to break their necks trying to get in with him and he said mama don't go out there don't go out there and I said what's wrong son he said mom there's something behind the shop over there and he said they just let out this horrible roar I said are you sure said no mom go get up Scott I said Scott ain't gonna get up he says mom I'm telling you go get Scott up so um I go back there and sure as the world get up he just rolls over he goes back to sleep so I said get on in here to be okay we settled down he goes to bed and a couple days later I have the internet and I'm on the internet playing around and my son's walking by the little office area where I had the computer up and I said come in here a minute so I'm let's see if we can figure out what you heard so I was pulling up different sounds like Bobcats they can make a horrible sound Coopers even though we have Panthers in Georgia but the DNR say that there's not any there but there is there is yeah and we have Fox I mean any kind of sound that I knew was in our South Georgia woods i ported that many listened to it and everything I pulled up he is going no mama that's not what I heard that's nothing near what I heard well I was pulling up house and it came brought up one that said Bigfoot house and I said okay let's pull this up clicked on it and as soon as I played it he went that was it and I looked at him I said are you kidding me no mom played again I played it again he says that was it mom that's when I frickin hard I want do you know what you just heard he said no what was it I said you ain't gonna believe it when I tell you he said what did he say what I said I said it was a Bigfoot howl hey why are you kidding me oh well that sparked the interest and that's when I contacted my sister who was living about 10 miles up the road from me at that time and so we we started getting really interested in and and then from then on that when I go outside I could I was paying stuff attention I think that's what so many people do when they're outside and they're just sitting around and they hear stuff they're not paying any attention to what they might be really really hearing they're just brushing it off as something out I was young and you know of course I've always been an outdoor person love to be outside I had five cousins they're all boys that were older than me and then I had my sisters were older than me so I was always kind of a tomboy so I was always with them fishing or they'd go hunting you know we go sit out trot lines or whatever I was always right there with him and I enjoyed that so we were in the woods all the time and I just always loved it you know it was always just it's rock you know I guess you say I feel my piece but my cousin my oldest boy cousin who lives very close to bow not very far at all um he was parking with his girlfriend in the cemetery and he said he kept noticing something like kind of like it was peeking behind this shed there was a big shed there or I guess they kept there like lawn equipment and stuff you know and he said he noticed something kept peeking around and he said they were talking and she was like do you see that you know they just kept looking and he was telling the family this story in the only telling me and I was in junior high and he was in high school and so he said you know I kept looking and I thought something's out there there's somebody here looking at us and so he turned his lights on I think he said in his car you know and he said it stood up and when it stood up he said it was like a head taller than the and he was like oh my god he said I knew exactly what it was well it terrified him terrified him he lived in the woods hunting fishing you know he was just grew up you know country boy in the woods from Arkansas he he just would not go I mean he literally thought he was just terrified and so that really set with me you know and I was just like wow you know because I believed everything he said you know your veltz was kind of giving him a hard time and laughing and whatever but I was like and to this day he's like I can't believe that you go in the woods like that he said I don't do it I never he said I could doing that he said that terrified me because he said you know when it stood up and it was taller than the shed he said and he had his lights only he said I knew exactly what it was so that really I would say is what got me interested in it made me go I was just I wasn't obsessed with it but I just wanted to know more you know I wanted to go I wanted to see and of course I didn't know anybody who did anything or knew anything about that other than what the movie was about you know and I read what I could about that and so as I got older I just was always interested and I would always just read anything look up anything I could on the internet anything about it they just intrigued me and so I always just did of course you know when you do this people give you a really hard time and you know you got to be kind of thick skinned and not okay you know it doesn't bother me because people are like you know you're an intelligent person what in the world makes you think that that is out there and I'm like what makes you think it's not I said how do you know they it is a proven fact that they find and at least 20 new species of animals a year I mean you know I watched so much Animal Planet National Geographic explore all that and they did they find an average of 20 new species a year and I'm thinking why are people is it so hard for people to think there's something out there we don't see I was a teenager in 1969 so when I heard about paddy I was really interested in that but I wasn't worried about it because the Pacific Northwest and I wasn't worried about it coming to see me or bother me so I was real interested in it but I didn't hear a whole lot about it at that time and then I got old enough to date went to the drive-in to see The Legend of Boggy Creek and just scared me to death and then it was on my mind a lot more because that was fortune so well I would watch anything I could find them TV if it came on TV and I spelled out to them and watch it because I said first it didn't but I really didn't have anything happened to me until 2001 when I was in Georgia and my sister and I were living in the same town and she called me telling me about how she was hearing stuff behind her house so that's when we started trying to look up stuff on the internet and find out about house and listening in the house and kind of reading the encounters that people were having and then I left Georgia I went back to Texas in 2005 and bought my home in Lamar County and it's in a rural neighborhood but the people aren't close together and my neighbor South came up and visited me was telling me how was the nice place to live and everything and didn't have anything to be scared of people didn't bother yes oh well I'm not worried about people I said I don't wanna be put to come up he said well you might see one so that put the thought in my mind that they could be in that area I said and then nothing really happened too much and close I know they're in April and that's kind of the end of the season when things happen around my house it would be from like October to April and then summertime things happen but not as often but in October on Halloween night I had a big huge I call it a Mexican fireplace some people call it a chimney that you put on your patio and I got up November first I went out there and this huge fireplace has just been pushed over and broken into a million pieces and I just thought it was so odd because he forgive when nobody comes up to my house there was no wind it was a nice calm night these storms or anything and it would take him off a lot of wind to push this thing over anyway and then I started I had horses that I bring up to the barn to feed and when I go out to the barn I started finding a little small 6-inch flute cream it's just the most perfect little footprint it's like a small child but there were no small children there was much more to it my house none of my neighbors had any sponsor so I'd get excited about that and I'd call my sister and tell her how I thought things were going on and and we just started having a whole lot of stuff happening we have two gates on our north side of our house of what they're to 10 foot gate and one hangs off at each pole but we chained them together in the middle well one morning I woke up and my horses were in my front yard and I just how the heck did that happen so I went around and looked and that gate had been pushed up off of one post and pulled back 20 feet and laid on the ground by the other post they just picked it up off the post and laid it down I had a house around my house we're gonna just oh the kind you'd hit on TV like oh but then I also hear like a cooing like something just be outside my windows well I finally so much stuff started happening that I contacted a larger organization and they sent someone else to talk to me and I told them about what was happening and she confirmed what I thought was going on that there was Bigfoot activity here I had an experience when I was hunting with three men spoke to my family I walked up on something one time it was we were squirrel hunting and we're coming back to the truck and we had to walk through this bog so it had a little fog on one side a little pond on the other and my grandfather said let's see if he ducks light so we immediately walked around there and I think I went to the father sitting in the pond and got up under some brush and I wasn't there very long and then I heard a step and then another step and another step and I immediately thought giant reptilian or something I wasn't turning around I was very I had a fourteen shotgun on my lap and I knew that was useless the thought came into my mind to don't live and you'll be okay so I went with it because there was nothing else that I had planned and then the steps weren't freaky enough and then I have this voice in my head that was freaking me out and then my ears started ringing real loud got louder and louder and louder Chavez just incapacitated and then they just led up and I heard one of the guys moving around and we got to the truck and asked did anybody walk behind me I said no and that's what started me on this up for years I couldn't figure out what it was I grew up down in those woods and I couldn't it was like a triangle trying to stick it in a round hole you know because what cows were down there until I got to college and I met a girl that was worked at the Nature Center Bieber's being during the summer and I told her the story using everybody's safe who's scary wonder what it was but she said I sounds like a Bigfoot to me and I said what and that was my first clue in and it worked what walked behind me I still don't know but you know Bigfoot works January of 2017 the all of us had planned to have an expedition so to speak it was an outing in southeast Oklahoma to a place we'd never been before we there were three of us when we first got there it was me and Patti and Kerri and we were looking for a place to camp we don't like standing campsites and there was some primitive camping areas there but we wanted to stay in the woods you know we didn't want to be near anybody which there wasn't anybody out there anyway because it was the end of January and below that night I know it was 16 degrees so we were in carries truck and I was in the backseat and we were looking for a good place to camp and we had pulled in this one area I was backing up and you know to head out to a different little spot and I'm looking over my shoulder to make sure that she didn't back into anything and I saw rib cage you know the bones coming up and I said hold on a second I said there's there's a rib cage back there I said it actually looks like more than just a rib cage but what caught my attention even more of us there was more than one though I believe I saw three at first and then I said y'all let's get out look at this for a second and Patti gets out and I get out and then Kari follows and we go up there and I believe there was probably five or six just in that front general area and our first instinct thoughts was that it was punctures but when we looked over you know just glancing around there was something another one and then we could see more bones and more and so we've walked around and went back behind this huge bush I remember there was a tree down over a trail and so we had to walk around that away and we could see bones on the other side of that tree and so we just started following this trail and the more it went back the more bones we kept seeing here's some images of some of the bones they found and I believe she said they found 29 and I mean that's just the ones that they found the interesting thing to me is it's not poachers poachers are not going to leave that much pockets behind they might leave behind some hide maybe you know legs who have something like that but look at this that is a femur that's broken and it's not a snap break it looks like a twist break that's definitely not something a hunter is gonna do and they were some would be scattered some were intact where it was the spinal column the hip bones neck you know heads still attached and when we got back way off the road it opened up and it was it was more heavily wooded than this but tons of pine trees and it opened up to probably 3 acres that we could see and there were bones everywhere I mean you couldn't walk for me to you which is maybe you know five foot at the most without there being a boat though we were out that day and just kind of going up and down some of the roads and that's when um Debbie says look look I see some bones or something kind of over here we said okay so I jump out and we're looking and this is all you know just a a road and there's just woods everywhere and we start looking and we as we go farther into it we just see there's all bones here and we go a little way there more bones and we go around this corner where this huge tree was down and it opens up into this like a you know I guess a peninsula or whatever but there's water all the way around it but it's like a big huge hill and it's probably two or three acres I would guess you know and we just all start walking and of course there's leaves everywhere but we counted 29 deer of all different I would say um degrees of you know where they had started you know like they'd some you could tell he'd been there were just clean bones some still had a little bit of hair on them you know some still had a little gristle and and some of the connective tissue and so they were in different stages but they were Oh over an area just like it was a heel like this and it was just they were everywhere everybody look don't we were like and we kept thinking you know maybe it is poachers maybe poachers are cleaning deer but I I knew because I was married to a hunter and I thought they don't leave all this they would never leave all this because you know all this has got the meat on it and I said that's what they want I said that wouldn't just kill the deer and leave him I'll lay in here so we just kept looking and looking and then we'd see some of them you know we'd pick them up and their net was broken but they were attached but then that was broken or this back famer was broken we noticed all along there even though there was tons of leaves because it was a pretty heavy wooded area there were these what I call fine so I don't know any other word to say is that they were like five pounds and they were like you know places that you could kind of like get down in and it's like if you were down in them and you were laying down you'd never see them if you walk and we saw several of those and it just always so odd to us and we thought this is really weird you know this is just it's just very unusual so back up on that ridge line towards more towards the center of the peninsula you could see that every so often there would be these holes not really a hole but I don't even know how to describe it but it it was deep down to and it was longer than we were if we were to lay in it you know flat which we did it was longer and so if something was on the ground you know or walking you wouldn't see whatever was laying in that hole hold it out area but there were eight of those and we just noted how it was really interesting that where they were located and this is just a theory but the deer could be coming up you know to that ridge line and then something coming up out of those holes and you know Bombardier surprising them but that was interesting and walking around you know own up from that there was these two little sapling top trees they were bigger than saplings but not much and they had been crossed over and bent over and they were crossed once one was a cedar I remember that the other one I don't recall and it was January so there wasn't a whole lot of leaves on the trees Cedars Joe had of course some but there were two snaps on each of the trees and it was interesting because they weren't broken completely through they were just snapped both both sets and I I call them in a lot of that but a Henry had said you know this this would make a good blonde she said I'm not saying it's a blonde but it's big good one we laughed there we went into camp we you know found a place set up camp and it was probably about five minutes you know from there if you got in the vehicle and drove around now if you walk straight on a cross it'd probably be about ten minute walk to where we were camping that night and so we had two tents me and Patti were in one tent and Carrie was set up we were kind of like l-shape you know like this so Carrie was set up to our side and had our fire out in front of us Patti's got these huge chimes that hang down have the big tubes on them we had hung them on the side of a pine tree on the other side of the fire and then further on out it was the wood line and we always like hanging golf sticks or we'd make them into the globe necklaces we like hanging those out far off where we can't see you know because it's so dark but we put them up way high and that way if something walks in front of them it's gonna black it out and we know that something tall cuz I'm the tallest one and I'm always I have a stool and I'll get up on the stool and I'll hang them on the you know what I can reach and we put them on tiny branches so raccoons can't crawl out there and mess with them and stuff but so we had hung out 14 of those glow necklaces that night Patti's cooler was in front right of my tent and I was dead to the world that night I went to sleep Patti she hears everything it was very very cold we'd set all that stuff up and we sat by the fire and I think we probably went to bed about I wanna clock something like that and it was freezing and I was zipped up in this my friends one-piece hunting suit they let me borrow and I mean you know I was like okay you know this is a little colder than I thought because it really wasn't supposed to get to about 30 28 or 30 so um we go to bed and I have my one little sleeping bag that I thought was gonna keep me nice some more well I get in that sleeping bag and zip myself up and Debbie's over here and Debbie's probably under 10 blankets and we have our little mr. buddy and you know we all get ready for the night and we decide to go to bed so we still have a nice big fire we always kept a big fire and our our chairs were like this it's kind of around the fire you know so and right in front of our tent Debbie had a like a I guess you call it fake grass like turf to keep the dirt from getting in your tent so that was right in front of us and then I had set my ice chest right here at the front of tent but we'd like to pile the food in the car because of bears we knew not you know because of bear so I just had drinks in there that's all I had so I had that sitting by the the Friends of the tent so we go to bed well I wake up and I'm frozen because the mr. buddy you know which makes that sound had gone off and I thought oh my god and I literally couldn't feel my feet I couldn't feel my hands my face was so cold and I was sitting there just contemplating I thought okay I thought this mr. buddy things lasted longer than I thought we got about two hours out of that and I thought okay I had brought more but there in Debbie's car and I thought oh my god I'll have to wake her up I'm like everybody up so I sit and I'm thinking okay I guess I'm gonna have to do it and then I hear something in the trash and I thought oh there's raccoons out there you know because you could tell something was kind of just kind of going through the trash moving stuff around and um I listened for a minute and I thought I bet that raccoons well then I hear a definite if you've ever taken a coke can and you squeeze it and it goes that kind of metal tense and I thought hmm the fractions would be able to squeeze a coke can and make that noise so I just listened and I was just basically sitting there being really really quiet because I didn't want to move and make noise I just wanted to listen and there was no wind whatsoever because the chimes were not ringing they were dead still and it was very very quiet and so I just listened you know for a little bit and I hear something walking and I mean it sounded definitely like something on two feet walking and it actually bumped one of the chairs and I heard the chair come up scoot a little bit and I thought okay this is not wrecking I could see the fire and I could see a shadow a big shadow but I couldn't tell what it was you know because it was dark everywhere else and it was just the fire so I'm sitting there listening and I hear it go by a chair and I hear it come up scoot the chair just a little bit myself so then I hear it walk and it walks right up to that term and a turf you know is that grass plastic grass thing it makes a look you can hear it on the turn and I'm laying there thinking oh my god oh my god whatever it is it's coming to the tent and I'm thinking it's right here in front of me and I remembered the ice-chest was there and I thought oh my god it thinks there's food in that ice chest that whatever it is whether it be a bear or whatever it is but it was a tall it was a big figure but I could not make out what it was because it was so dark I could just see the shadow of the fire behind it and I'm over here trying like this very quietly to get Debbie and I'm like and I'm not and I cannot reach her I'm like a hand too and I'm like some sitting there thinking oh my god and I'm thinking you are out here for this why are you so terrified well this man first time and and you know I thought to myself okay just got to be quiet and listen well it walks up right over that ice chest and it just stands there and the only thing I can say is that the four deep breaths that I heard the only thing I could compare it to is we used to have horses and we kept them at this big ranch and they had Buffalo and when you would get up next to those Buffalo they had that deep kind of a guttural you know almost a wet sound breath I just like that and I heard that very slow four times as it stood right there and I'm sitting there thinking whatever it is if it's coming to eat me I can't feel my feet I can't feel my I'm just all I am is a head sticking out of a little pathway and I thought if I move to look at see what it is it's gonna be it's gonna hear that know that I'm not asleep you know and Debbie was asleep everybody else was asleep I could hear him breathing everybody was asleep I was the only one away and I'm laying there thinking oh my god I can't reach her and it's right here and I could hear it breathe that deep guttural breath and I thought oh that is something big it's not squirrel it's not a raccoon honey it's it's something huge and it just stood there it didn't it didn't open the chair the ice chest which I thought maybe it would but it just stood right over and I think it was thinking there was food in there but it didn't want to make noise so then it walks back and walks back to the trash can again and I hear it go back in the trash can again and I hear it's hitting those coke cans like me and I thought so weird so I just let him lay there because literally my heart was pounding I could feel my heart beating in my hands it was pounding so hard because it's like okay this is what you're out here for but yet the adrenaline rush you're terrified but you're excited at the same time you know I out sticks Lena but you're just so excited and I was laying there thinking okay you're just you just listen and see what it does well I made there probably another good hour until I never heard another sound I wanted to be very sure that I could get up well I didn't hear anything so all of a sudden I'm fixing to get up I'm gonna go wake everybody up and I hear – over the lake because there's a lake right down you know the bottom of that big hill or whatever cliff we were on you know it's down the lake was down that way I hear too long melancholy house over the lake and they were like I mean they were so melancholy and sad sounding and there were longhouse and I thought it's almost like it was saying you need to come home and so I thought oh my god those are they're not it wasn't we know coyotes you know we know ah but this was a definite it sounded female to me is all I can say so I jumped up and I said kid up debut guy started pounding on it get up get up get up and I was just like you will not believe what always happened so then we wake everybody out but the next night is what was really interesting we had all gone to bed again and this time we had rigged up a little piece of jute between our tent and carries in case we needed to make each other up is something like that happened again and I was awake that time because from what she had told us that she had experienced and heard and I was like there's no way I'm gonna go sleep tonight so I was bound and determined to stay awake and I did and that not carry it also pulled her truck at an angle back behind our tents and she had this big chrome bumper on the front and nice wheels so the fire in front of us was reflecting through you know the little crack where our tents were set up it was reflecting through their own to her bumper which was reflecting that fire back on the back side of our tents if that makes sense and so later on that night Henry was also there Henry had come in and she was sleeping in her vehicle to the right of my tent I had searched hearing stuff and I wanted to make sure it wasn't Kerry and so I hollered not hollered but I I said Kerry it she scared her and she was up and she's like I hadn't Isis that you she said yeah but something's here and I said okay and I don't know why I answered okay but I did and so we're listening and we're seeing shadows on the backsides of our tents and so I sit up on the side of my you know bed and I'm watching and Patty's awake of course and I'm sitting there using hand signals pointing to the back of the tent to let her know there's something over here but at the same time we started hearing stuff on this side of our tent more to the front and so I'm also pointing this way and it was just so much so much movement I thought I'm gonna try to look out and that was a huge step for me because that's my biggest fear is looking out and seeing something looking back at me and so I slowly got up hoping my knees weren't gonna pop as I was standing up so they wouldn't hear that all the time in my head praying you know saying Debbie you can do this look out it's gonna be okay just look out you can do this so I looked out of the tent and I looked to the right and Henry's vehicle is over there look to the left I could see the right-hand side of Carey's tent flap coming down when an ounce of wind fire was still going but it was low and that was directly in front of me and I could see the tree the pine tree that the chimes were hanging on because there was enough fire to see that and of course that was reflecting in the chimes but I couldn't see anything past that pine tree it was just pitch black I didn't even notice the glow necklaces really down below those chimes we had a wooden pallet leaning against the tree for firewood if we needed it but we also had a whole row of firewood to the left of that anyway I just looked up and all of a sudden those chimes you know they were hanging perfectly still straight down but it looked as though something all of a sudden just whacked on hit him and they came straight up and what was so weird is when they came straight up normally when something's hit with that force they'll swing back like this until they slow down and come to a stop or whatever but when they swung up for one thing the tubes stayed perfectly horizontal with the ball and everything that's in the center and they swung up they didn't fall down around the sides like they normally would they didn't swing backwards with force like they normally would they hit something that stopped on and you could hear that thud but then they went right back up again right back down we could hear that thud right back up down they did it five times and not once that those tubes fall down around them they all stayed perfectly horizontal with them like something was holding them and just moving them up there wasn't anything holding them not that I could see did they ring out or was it like them you know it made noise you can hear it it would go up and it did it five times you can hear that thud five times it stopped for like a second or two and then it started up again it did three sets of five swings and I'm standing there cuz I can't figure out what I'm seeing the way it was happening paddy could see my eyes and I look at her and I'm doing you know my fingers like this trying to tell her this was weird and everybody could hear it Carey could hear it of course you know we didn't know for sure but that she was awake at this time but we found out the next morning too that Henry was in her Jeep and had those headphones on and she was like what the heck just the way that it sounded and the way I was seeing it it was it was so weird because I couldn't explain how those chimes were staying in all too when they were horizontal in the air and I couldn't explain what was stopping it back behind it and so that next morning we all come out and the first thing we do is go through these times I'm over there trying to recreate it I'm trying every possible way to recreate what I saw and the way it was stopping and I couldn't do it I know Henry come out of her vehicle she was like what was up with those jobs last night it was just so weird that was the first night of my real experience and I can't say that it was it was a sasquatch but I can say that whatever it was it walked on two feet and it definitely had that deep guttural growl but one thing that we thought was so funny was we had I'd brought chili and we had chili for supper and we thrown all the Bowls in the trash so when we looked at the trash the trash was not torn apart like you know bears usually will destroy everything trash was in this big barrel and it was completely together but all the chili bells have been licked clean and there was a pile of beans kind of backed ways right when we'd hung the chimes there was a pile of beans about this big off all the beans from the chili had been spit out and we saw I guess if it is him he doesn't like beans in his chili but we found out the next morning to that Henry was in her Jeep and had those headphones on and she was like what the heck we also discovered a footprint out closer to the edge of the woods where the globe necklaces had been so they cast the footprint and then we went to get the globe necklaces which we had 14 that had been put out but not before but we could only find nine four five of them were missing we looked all over couldn't find them anywhere when we went back three weeks after that those bones were almost all go so we went over to the blind and or what we're calling the blind stepped up there and now remember there were no bones anywhere I mean just very few but around that blind there weren't any bones and when we stepped up there it goes up a hill there were some bones laid right there by that blind and I that shocked me and I look to Kerry and I said come here cuz we had taken pictures we had pictures showing that there were no bones there and here it was two hours later with DWI and all of a sudden there's there's bones laying there I did listen I had put a recorder on that blind actually and the next day when we went back to get the recorder was the day we were leaving when we walked out to get the recorder it was just carrying on now when DW was there and I was showing him the blind we were talking about the blind I pointed out how I said notice how it just has two snaps on each tree they're not broken into I thought that was really interesting you know they were almost identical as far as the snaps and all for not being broken so the next day when we go to get that recorder all four of those snaps were now broken into it's a really interesting area we've been back several times had a few other things have been out there lots of vocals found feathers on top of one Hill that led basically made it look like it was a perfect row the feathers the down of the feathers had been wrapped around the branches which I know that when they're sitting on branches that can happen sometimes but what was really interesting about this to make us think it was more than that is that they were in a perfect row that led to what looked like a trail but yes we were camped in him in a park did have a lot of hiking trails there you know there's elderly people that come and exercise those kids I think that run from high school and people come and eat lunch it's real busy it's there's a lot of people in there we were we've a camp trapped by a creek and there were three or four other campsites taken and I was the second to the last and then the last one this guy had was in a wheelchair and he was down there talked to me but we'd kept his fire going all night but when all of a sudden we hear this animal in distress called right on the creek it was three different sounds it was a quack in a bark I can't remember what the person was but they were all one it was all one call so I went over there and was looking of course it was here we are bigfooting in him it's a diversion and we fall for it or I did in it when I was over there looking I saw the shadows of his fire and I turned and looked and there was two I'll just tell you what they appeared to me mama big sister and there was a little brother and then Big Daddy came in I guess he did the call and and Jim said yeah put that stuff back and that big one just turned and looked at Jim and then just turned his back on him and that was the whole new feeling for me I had never seen I had seen I think I had seen them chocolate covered them before but they they squatted down that was like Big Daddy mama big sister with their backs to us the fire was on the other side so I had these pristine silhouettes to look at and the little one would come and he would sit like at the head of the table and I had a profile of him I think he'd been coming around the night before – because he gonna see something flash by they were I think they were sending him in and then he was getting able to come in whenever he found something the little one would be there and just be perfectly still while the others look or eight or whatever and then he'd be gone again they did not care that we saw them a bit so I had this bright idea I was gonna you hear all this wild game cameras don't catch and any pictures and the IR light and last I announced that I was gonna do my little research right there – Jim with my extra IR light on my night vision and I turned that I flipped that switch on and I was watching I hit Big Daddy right in the middle of the back with it and I saw him squatted and then I saw him coming to an abrupt stop from a turn in the hair on his arms just sticking straight up and he was locked in on me and I thought to myself I wish I knew him a little better before I got him killed [Laughter] that pretty much did it for the IR light for me so I handed it to Jim he was in the wheelchair so it wasn't that wasn't the reason but he said there's one on the trail and all four by four you know and we turned it off and then they went back to hillford his stuff then they went across the street to the woman and the two kids and the dog that had barked all day long and we were pilfering hers and Jim said let's go there I need to check my electronics when we got up there in his air mattresses pulled out a little bit but he said everything was put back in his his name plastic containers with the lids and he said all my pop-tarts are going and when we had walked up there just in I think it was mama she was right in the treeline and we got closer she stepped back into the trees like she didn't want to catch what we had or I'm not saying that's what it was it just so you can understand kind of how she did that but Big Daddy was over there and I could see some all right another eye shine so they were pilfering across the street so I heard it then I heard his zipper back down at mine and I didn't want a man or beast going through my stuff so let's let's go back down there so we went back down there and there was some chairs turned over and stuff and they came back to gyms and they got on the ground and they were crawling and I was watching them watch me watch them crawl up there I could see five eye shine so I knew there was three of them there and they got so close and then they just stopped I'm sad I think they were just trying to wait to see if they could scare us off we went to bed but they crawled up there through the briars and stuff I didn't know I watched it for a while man I heard one would knock on down the creek in that so I'm backing out I saw him hit the water or heard I'm hit the water and then the dogs start barking on down run down the creek so I don't know if that one would not meant come here or he definitely meant leave there that was that was my sighting of a lifetime so far well I was on the internet looking up for groups in North East Texas that I could talk to and you know try to learn something what I might could do to learn about these creatures but I was also a little afraid of doing too much because I do have neighbors and I think won't a whole lot going on at my house that would cause harm to anybody which sometimes it can be kind of scary knowing that you're laying in your bed and you're in your home I'm not influenced I'm at home in my own bed and there's Bigfoot pounding around out in the yards so I thought I'd meet up with these groups that's where I met Henry and Kathy and of course Sandy's my baby sisters so we had been interested in together for a long long time and we met up at the lake actually we went up there on expedition that we ended up filming like a sizzle reel so our official first name was I was in a Bigfoot movie that flopped and then Henry being like huge Stevie Nicks band through sisters in the moon out there and we liked it so we just started calling myself sisters in the moon and we started out that January when we got together but we really didn't for my group until after that first time in January and sandy came out in April and she and I in Henry went camping and then that summer Henry and I and a friend of ours went camping over at Val and we really didn't have an expedition planned until the next January in seventeen but I ended up missing that one and didn't get to go for two weeks late and then we just click so good we just feels the same about so many things and that we like to be able together we felt comfortable together in the woods and that's destroy we're not do we just like this girl's being out there we felt like that was drawing attention to us only being females that we possibly have a little bit more action than a bunch of guys out there we just go out girls and we have some crazy stuff happened to us we're gone girls girls begins though we don't flash them yet I try to keep mine covered up I just don't want people's or any a creature or a person see me walk around I mean I'm not ashamed of my then don't get me wrong I'm again live okay but uh I don't flash it being in the woods because I don't know something to be feel threatened by me sandy and I came to the Bigfoot conference last year in 2018 and we can't in a spot that Debbie had picked out she went down there and said this looks like a good location why don't y'all camp down there so sandy and myself and our niece came with her and we went down there and set up and went to the and we got back this is on Friday night we got back Polly around 11:00 11:30 and we built a fire in its brain and had been raining all day long is this missile whether to be sitting out but we were happy we were a big button so my niece is sitting there and I said hey I've got this big talk on my phone you want to your Bigfoot talk she said yeah let me hear it so I sit down I play this gibberish and just as soon as I quit playing it I played it again and the very instance I stopped playing this chippers from behind us in the woods we hear boom boom boom and we start feeling energy that's only where know how to spell it just like an energy coming up behind us hearing it and feeling it coming up behind us it gets to the 10th something goes to each side of the tent shakes the trees on it then just pours the water all over us the sandy and are sitting there talking and go that gibberish they understood because we think it's saying get out of here stop what you're doing and get out of here I think whatever it was wasn't necessarily happy with no I didn't think it I think they were really kind of teed off they had got told to leave because they made a lot of noise leaving but we never could see them because the woods are so thick there but we could hear them and you could see movement often to the sides but you couldn't see any creature once you started telling me all the activity she had one on her home and parish takes this area and went up there and paid her some visits and when not we was out there one of the visits on her patio and she loved to go out there and sing karaoke she did it for entertainment for him or something I guess but we was out there singing the songs that she said she would get out there and play for my um from time to time and then we quit doing all that and she said you know sandy I'm never brave enough to go out here into a a wooden op like they do on that show you know she says come out here at the end of the arc with me and let's do a wood knock and she did a wood knock and I was like you know and really I didn't know what they expect I really wasn't making fun of her but it wasn't expecting at all what actually happened well from a distance a safe distance I felt immediately boom boom boom something right back I went Barbara Krabs you here's that mess and she says yeah yeah and just I'm gonna do it again and she did it again boom boom boom and I said okay well this time it it felt like it wasn't far past her yard I don't know if there was others out there I didn't know we were still in the learning stages you know steal him I'll always be in the learning stages but anyways it felt like it was right there and I said you know what says I think it's really time to go inside now and then I thought why not that's got to be my husband and her husband out there playing a joke on us cuz they know we're out there doing junk you know neither one of them was a believer but I could look through her window and there they said on the couch that's whenever I knew for real that not that I didn't believe my sister but it was positive proof to me that she really truly has some stuff going on around there when you were pulling you back fully convinced Henry and I had been camping with some friends and the day we were leaving there we decided to ride around some of the area and we came upon this place that was along a creek we saw that there was a dead deer down in that Creek but what caught our attention is on the other side of the creek there were tree breaks and it was a straight row of tree breaks and they were all pointing in the same direction so as Henry put it it was really busy back in there there was a lot of stuff going on that caught our attention and so we decided to go check it out and we went across the creek to the other side we followed that row back as far and they weren't just boom boom boom but you could see one tree break and then on down there you can see another tree break and so on so we followed all of the tree breaks and we came up to an area where it was awesome I was standing in the center of a giant circle of tree breaks I took my video my phone rather and videoed went around and just filmed the entire circle and the tree breaks were almost all the same height some would you know be like this but for the most part they were right there and those in that circle they were pretty high up I mean I would say a good nine-foot high since the tree breaks were all pointing in the same direction and at this spot we didn't see any more in the line that we had been following we decided to go off in the direction that those breaks were pointing in and so when we got over into this area there were there was this asterisk it was it was a beautiful asterik it was actually between two trees there was a look looked to be another tree that had been there but it was just a sapling but it was broken off probably three four feet high you could tell that it was it purposely been made and so we kept going back through there there were arches that were woven you know if something had had to have hands to manipulate this there were some that had like three arches and they would be woven around each other when they went back down and pinned down there was I remember there was this one huge pine tree and back behind it was a smaller tree the about this big in diameter and it was on the backside of that pine tree but he had been pulled around and made this huge huge arch pulled around to the front of the pine tree and then over here there was another pine tree so they took this smaller tree and pulled it back behind that pine tree and then that same little smaller tree made a a Y shape they had taken the left hand side of the Y and he crossed it over the other and went around the front of another tree and then took the front hand part and pulled it back behind the tree wrapped it around criss-crossed and then did the same thing on the falling tree you that was manipulated obviously and so it was just awesome lots of stuff like that where you could see manipulation was it was it a pretty remote area a lot of people went through there it was remote it was a huge area we were out there walking for probably four hours maybe even five hours we never saw anybody when we ride around out there because we go back often to that whole area because of what ended up happening when we decided to go camp back out there so we go often and in this area where all the structures and stuff were we've never seen anybody out there in that in that area and there were there was another one where it was a big X and in the top part of the X there's an arch that goes through it and had been made and I've got a picture of Henry just looking at it like what was even more interesting though is in that same area and we kept following the more we walked the more things we'd see but there were these two huge trees they looked kind of like they like they had been some of the bark had been pulled off of them I don't know if they were Cypress or what no leaves you know but they were so long I would say a good 40 50 feet long and they had been uprooted we looked all around that area we couldn't find any holes that those trees had come out of and the roots on them were huge and hard they were on their sides and the roots were stuffed in the ground you know and the top hand one was real sharp and it was like that long I really thought this was impressive you can see where that stuff down in the ground and they didn't fall there they were dragged in there and put up in the wild that tree now how heavy is that is that the Boy Scouts our hunters yeah I don't think so we decided to go back out there and we were going to stay for four days three nights and so Kerry and I were able we we were able to get off earlier and so we met out there we had to follow a pin Henry dropped a pin for us on Google Maps and we got out and started setting up camp immediately because it was it was the middle of September and it was already 7:45 ish the one only eight o'clock probably so we knew it'd be getting dark soon I did not set out recorders I just was worried about getting it set up before dark I didn't put any recorders out which I'm kicking myself still to this day for that but we had gotten the tent up for the most part and we're putting on the rain fly and stuff and over to the right there's lots of trees not real thick but there was lots of branches down shrubs you know undergrowth and stuff and then on further back it goes up a slight incline on further back is the tree line where it really gets thick and so in that area where there's a lot of undergrowth we started hearing what sounded like moans to us kind of like low moans or low deep growls but at that point I remember thinking I even asked Carrie I'm like are those moans and you know we we don't acknowledge what we hear we don't look out or a point you know we just talk to each other and keep doing what we're doing we want to act like we're campers you know and just be nonchalant about everything and that like maybe we're not even hearing it and but I did ask her I said are those moans and she said it sounds like it we've never heard moans before that time and so that was a little stress you know but then after a few minutes of hearing a few of those moans it started to where the moans would turn into an animal sound at one point it would moan and then turn into the cow which there were no cows out there it would moan and turn into what sounded like a sick chicken it moaned and turned into a whimpering dog and then I do remember that it moaned and turned into a bear sound and it sounded like a bear those others you could tell something was a little off the whimper and dog was pretty good but there was no dog out there but when it turned into a bear sound I know that that area does have black bear and so that was a little creepy and I didn't want to take any chances and plus it was it was a little scary and so I told Kerry I said I don't like the thought that that could possibly be a bear we didn't have bear spray and I said so why don't we get the recorders out we had finished with a tent I said let's get the recorders out leave them out and go into town which was a 40 minute drive and see we can get some bear spray and I said maybe by the time we get back Henry will be here and so we did that I got the record out left it out it was 8:30 I think when we left because I always say what time it is on the recorder the left got back to camp and set set up our chairs around the fire and when we set down around the fire we had I had a gun and my cup holder and I had the recorder in my other hand and I remember saying that it was I think 10:30 at this time so Kerry and I are now sitting in front of the fire facing that tree line and our tent is over here to the left almost as soon as we sat down we hear this big call and it's coming from somewhere over in that tree line but further on back it wasn't right opponents but it was loud and it was awesome and then not long after that we started hearing what sounded to me it sounded like a power saw but it was coming from that tree line and we know that there weren't any electricity out there but just it was baffling because I'd never heard that before in the middle of the woods what sounded like a power saw but it was so loud but when you would hear that sound it's like this power saw it went into a hook and it was a perfect foot but that was in front of us and as soon as that ended from behind us kind of over our left shoulder was an identical sound I mean it sounded like it could have been the same creature doing it and I remember saying this is so freakin awesome or freakin unbelievable or something like that I was so amped up by this point because never in our life had we had any of this stuff like this happen not to this extremity you know and so it went on through the night while we were still sitting out there that there were house and calls and whoops and we could hear Tripp twig breaking and snapping you know out in that wood line you get up you know we'd get up move we tried not to jump up and down because it was so awesome but we tried to just stay calm and stoke the fire add wood to the fire wait on Henry we were texting her my mine weren't going through but we were both texting her saying where are you this is some awesome stuff happening here but just all sorts of sounds we were hearing and finally we decided to go to bed and because I had not set the recorders out like I normally do I had had on both I had two recorders at that time I had them both with me and I was using my best recorder while I was sitting there in recording all this but I told Kerry I said I'm not going to hang these recorders up so I just set one on each end of our tent there were two trees that made like a v-shape so I set my recorder in the center of those trees and on the right hand side there was a mound of grass like a almost like mondo grass I laid the other recorder up on that and so they were both just sitting there and since it was the middle of September you know there were tons of crickets and the crickets were pretty loud off and on most of the night and so you could hear that but we went in started getting ready for bed and while I was messing with my cot getting it all ready I heard what sounded like a human call and I just looked at Kerry and I said Henry's here I thought it was Henry that she had finally gotten there and so I unzipped my window which was right there over my car and I look out I can see my campfire and it was lit up enough but there was no Henry mmm Henry's vehicle wasn't there nothing so I zip up my window again and I look at Kerry and I step back a little bit because I said that wasn't Henry I and and then there was another cop that one was right in front of me but to the right as I just told her that wasn't Henry within just a few seconds there was another coffee but this time it was more to the left same exact cough though it was like a oh no I put my hand up there but it's like you know when you call two syllables and so I said did you hear that did you hear that that cough and she shook her head no and I went he's right over here and of course I'm not talking real loud because now I'm wondering who was that because it sounded like a human cost to me and so I step over towards the center we still had the little security not security but not like that hangs in the center of the tent it was a real dim light we still had that on and I stepped to the middle of the tent because now um getting a little unnerved because I'm thinking that was a human sounding call and I'm thinking is this a redneck Bubba that's come up you know but there had been no car sounds you know and so I told Harry I was fixing to tell her you know Kerry that was a human sounding call and about that time it coughs again but now it's more towards the back corner of our tent and she heard that one and you could he could hear movement by this time and he'd gotten closer to the tent and they coughed again it worked its way originally I mean all the way around the tent coughed a total of eight times and by this time I was really worried that it was humans out there that's why I carry a gun for humans and big hogs big cats and I that just worries me and so I was worried about that so we're standing in the middle of the tent and then we hear something like being thrown at the tent which ok now we're back to Bigfoot activity you know in our minds but we're confused because we've got what we think are human cost so we sat down in the middle of the tent and we're talking and I'm asking her I'm like do you think it could be humans and she said well if it is they walked a long ways in and so about that time we hear something on the back hand side of the tent and it sounds like it's either dragging its fingers or a branch or something across the top of the tent and this is a huge tent we could stand up in it and especially in the center part but I can stand up in that tent it's a nice tent we've got something now dragging something across the top of the tent and I remember you know we were watching it when we turned this way and we're watching it go this way she had a little closet area that jutted out from the back and you know you could use it as a little storage closet for whatever but we put our potty in there you know and we had flaps on the front so our party was sitting in that area and that party had you know we'd used it and whatever was dragging his fingers or whatever hesitated over that potty area and you could hear it just it wasn't making a lot of noise but you could tell that it was doing something to the tent and so we're looking up towards that area trying to see what we can see and at that same time something else another one is on the right-hand front corner where my cart was it just hits the hell out of that cot and we're both this way so when that happened I think we probably you know made a little Oh like and looked over there and the whole side of that tent was just in a wave you know because it was just it had hit it hard so now we know that there's – whatever this is there's two of them at least and so I told Kerry I said I got to know if this is humans because we've had all this Bigfoot activity you know beforehand with the whoops and the calls and growls and all that but now all of a sudden we've got something that sounds like costs and those costs each time were identical identical and so I said let's get our key fobs and you know how you can hit your key fob and it'll light up your headlights and honk the horn I said let's get our key fobs in one hand put our guns in the other because if this was humans I wanted guns because if it was humans they were jacking this and I said let's stand in that doorway side by side and wait until we hear some movement that sounds like it's from the front and when we do let's hit the key fobs and go out at the same time and see if we can catch it whatever it is in the headlights so we stood there and waited and finally heard something that sounded like it was in front of our tent and we swung that door open he came out of there like Charlie's Angels you know with the guns and the horn had gone off and there was absolutely nothing that we could see straight out there just a few minutes went back into the tent and it was quiet you know for a good five maybe 10 minutes after that Kerry had laid back down I had decided to lay back down so I'm thinking okay lay there I'm still worked up cuz I don't know what that was that we've been hearing so it wasn't two minutes after I laid down my mind's racing hearing sounds again you could hear calls way off you know a little woods but you could hear twigs breaking movement right outside our tent again so I get up again I get in the middle Carrie's on her side on the tent and I asked her I said do you hear that and she said no I didn't hear that and she was this is my good ear and I said what you have a Battier just something I kind of needed to no of course I'm not what you have a Battier but uh I said wolf sit up you know so as soon as she starts to sit up before she could even halfway get up something pushes her caught from the outside and that caught moves probably that far we're sitting there the activity starts back up again pretty much like it had been beforehand no more coughs but there's tons of movement twigs breaking we can hear calls every so often way out in the front and I'm telling her you know I'm like I still I still want to know if this was humans that's doing this you know that's doing all of these these coughs and that's messing with our tent so we decided to go out a second time the same way but this time we're gonna start the vehicle because then the main lights come on and they stay on and we do it again we wait until we hear something and then we barrel out that door the same way the lights are on nothing there and so we we go back in the tent weight calms down lay down this time she rolls over on her left hand side and I'm still in the middle I was sitting there was a big root that came up through the middle and so I was trying to find a comfortable place because I didn't decided I'm just gonna sit here all night because I mean by this time it was probably 2:00 in the morning and she had rolled over but she was hearing so much outside that she rode back over towards me and she's pointing to her ear you know saying I'm hearing stuff basically and I nodded and the whoops and house and different sounds that we're hearing she ended up getting in the middle of the tent again with me we're sitting there and while we're talking we got to the point to where we weren't talking like this but we were talking in a low voice because it didn't matter there was still so much going on they didn't care if we were talking and while we're sitting there I happened to look over to that right-hand corner where it had previously been hit and it hits it again and this time I see what looked like a hand now I couldn't make out like fingers but it was the size of a big hand it came in probably with that probably by 8 inches and the X on my cot you know the legs that's the area it is it pushed you at home so it was probably about 6 inches 8 inches off the ground where it was hitting so it was way down low and it did the same way did the whole side of the tent up and down in waves we've been texting Henry by this point where are you you need to hurry up we've got tons of stuff going on there's at least two out there we've got all this going on we just had that tent hit the second time I laid down I got my pillow laid down there on the ground she got back up we'd get back down get back up get back down I just laid down and by this point it was I think three o'clock so I get back up and I lay down on my cot and I'm laying there just a few minutes and then I start hearing you know those twigs breaking again and everything and I looked at my phone just to see what time it was because I couldn't believe how this was just continuous you know whole night and it was 3:20 and so I'm laying there and I listen for another probably 20 25 30 minutes and it was just so much movement snapping stuff going on outside but then coming from a long ways off what seemed to me to be along that ridge line where the tree the tree lines were I mean was this voice and it was just gibberish you know I couldn't make out what it was saying but you could tell it was saying something and it was really short and it was just like blah blah blah blah and then in a totally different voice coming from that same area was an answer real short to just rubber bundle up and just it was the strangest thing I've ever heard you know it was literally gibberish to me but then closer in towards us in my head you know it was in between me the tent and where the two voices had just come from was this third deeper more Stern sounding gibberish and it was I envisioned it was standing there pointing his finger saying you get you get your butts back home and leave these women alone and it was there was a pause in between whatever it was saying you know it's my blah blah blah blah blah little koala just within seconds of that third voice starting I thought oh my god is to carry a weight because she was on her side facing the you know the outside part of the tent so I had come up a one-foot and stepped and just hit her you know just to make sure she was hearing this and she rolled over and and I do like that you know and she nods her head so um thank God because at first I'm like am I dreaming this part that I just that had just heard it was just crazy and so she was hearing it too and within just a couple three seconds probably of that third voice stopping you could hear wood snapping and then it was splintering and it just came crashing to the ground it was so loud and you could literally feel it you know in the tent when it hit the ground it was just unbelievable you know we sat there and we talked and kind of went over some of the stuff that we had heard we were just it was amazing experience and we you know finally laid back down in the bed she stayed in the bed but I laid back down in the bed and I lay there just thinking about it all and finally and just fell asleep I don't know what time it was I I got there late when after up all this was going on and it was 3:30 4:00 in the morning and when you drive in you have to go past River Camp and then turn back in so my headlights never hit their tent or anything but I I killed it and I was just had my window down I just wanted to listen for a while and up on the up on the ridge you could see in the top of the ridge I saw something it looked like a leg going behind a tree and that was kind of cool and all of a sudden a tree fell so I thought I just I'll just sit right here then see y'all in the morning but when I opened my eyes it was daylight and so I looked out the window and there was Henry fondling she was out there and messing around her vehicle and I told Carrie I said that's Henry and we both just went out and I said where have you been you don't know what you've missed and then I was telling her what all it happened and I got to the part right after that third gibberish how a tree had crashed and she said I did hear a tree crash and so we ended up going into town that next day three of us while Barbara came in at ten o'clock that morning was setting up her tent me Carrie and Henry went into town to get some splitters because we were really gonna rig up the equipment because those that night there was just sitting there on each side of the tent you know my two recorders so we wanted to make sure we had everything set up right that second night and that evening I made sure to put my recorders out at 7:45 ish before it started getting dark zip-tied one off to the left behind my tent a good distance and it was probably six foot seven foot up in the tree however high can reach up the zip tying it to a tree said what time it was and everything then walked off a good 60 75 feet away more to the front of the tree straight up from camp and was zip tied my other recorder and Henry and Barbara had been hanging out glow necklaces again in the ridgeline but I didn't see them but I heard again what sounded like a call from that person the night before and I thought it's just Barbara I thought maybe she's just you know joking or whatever or she just coughed and I said on my recorder you can hear it say there's miss Barbara but she didn't say anything and so I said Barbara and I'm still trying to get the thing rigged up she didn't answer and so I said Barbara and I turn around look towards camp and she steps out from behind the side of the tent she says what and I said you just called and she said no I said did anything y'all just call and they all said no and so I say okay wait a minute and I hide telling it into camp because I had just heard what I thought was a call but playing it back on my computer it took a while because my computer was horrible and it just would quit working half the time so it took a long time for me to listen to it and get it on the computer and snips of it and everything but listening to that Koff from the second night when I was hanging at recorders it freaked me out because when it played back it doesn't sound like a call a two-syllable call it literally you can hear it say in almost like a whisper something says hey Debbie and it breaks my name into two distinct syllables and when I heard that I got goosebumps you know I'm sitting on my couch listen to this and that creeped me out and it takes a lot to creep me out but that creeped me out I played it over and over and over listening to it and it just clearly says hey Debbie and I sent it to you know a bunch of all the girls I said what are you here here and they all said oh my god well your hey Debbie sent it to you know Martin nubile Larry for a same thing it just was so weird but then that got me wondering okay I thought that was a two-syllable call when I heard it so then not before when I heard what I thought were eight two-syllable coughs was it saying Debbie I don't know now this was in January I think Debbie and them had had their all-nighter I believe in September of 17 I'll believe that's when it was somewhere in that foul region well this past January January of 19 we all had the opportunity to meet up and that's where they decided we were going out I'll go and I was excited you know I've heard all about the all-nighter and couldn't wait to get out there and let's go camping so we um we set up her tents and they everything and it was cold oh my god the wind was blowing it was probably thirty degrees and it was windy really windy and we were by the lake at that a big lake and the wind was blowing off that Lake on top of all of that so you talked about it was cold but it was also after even all that it had started raining pretty heavy that night Barbara's Barbara it's in front of her tent she had her little canopy set up and she also had another tart so me and Debbie were kind of sitting under the tarp and she was sitting under the tent and Debbie and me started hearing some moans right across from her Barbara's over her she couldn't hear him because of the way she was angled but me and Debbie was hearing them and me and Debbie always have a way of looking at each other just giving each other the eye the nod yes I heard it too you know that's what we're saying and and I remember Debbie because we don't think they can understand our languages saying that's the kind of moans I was hearing that night there was some lights behind the tent where Barbara was they had strung some little Christmas lights and they had gone out we thought maybe something had actually possibly turned those lights out but we found found that later on they were battery operated on the timer while we were standing back there behind that tent we heard what we call the truck motor growls you know it sounded like a truck engine shifting gears and then shipped back up shifting gears but it's like the truck was just sitting there wasn't going nowhere and she said oh my god sandy that's what I heard last time but carry back back there in the back in September of 17 a little while she says you hear it don't you oh yeah I've got definitely hear it absolutely well it probably did it I'm saying about four times or so and we finally just turned around went back and set up under those tarps it started raining someone again and probably set up till about 12:30 ish maybe one o'clock and we all decided to call it a night and because Debbie had the under a feeling that she had that one night with Kerry she decided that she was going to sleep in the the tent with me and Barbara that night Barbara was on one end of the tent I was on the other well I turned over and was facing the actual tent and I did not know it at the time but Debbie had turned in the same direction that I had turned in so she was facing that tent while – well the little dim little Christmas lights were flickering in the back a ways a little bit but they let off just enough light to where you could see something out there if it was to walk by you and I probably been laying there five ten minutes and sure enough an upright figure walked right by my side and I was like you know so what you see I've seen I want to say from what I could tell it was at least five or six foot tall pop possibly but I mean the tent ends so if the tent had been taller it could have been taller I don't really know but that's what I could tell it looked like it was possibly five or six foot song and I immediately rolled over and looked over it that Debbie and she was looking at me and I'm not I can't remember if it was her that lived it or if it was me but one of us said did you see that and we both nodded in agreement we had both seen the exact same thing well as soon as I did that and we come to the understanding we would have both seen it I had it like I said it had been raining so we had propped up a chair up next to that side of this hint that I was on and as I was looking at Debbie and we had made confirmation that we've both seen something walk by that tent it actually bumped into the chair and it went on past the chair obviously and and we were just kind of laying there you know amazed that we were had seen something and now hearing something and whatever it was had squatted down on that side of the tent right in the perfect spot where you couldn't see it well Barbara had those plastic containers like you put stuff being like from Walmart one over there and one on the other side well it was interested in the one on this side it sounded just like it was trying to grab that tub and pull it it sounded like plastic being drugged on rocks but it couldn't quite get it to what how it wanted to at the angle and then you hear it like pop up let go you try again scrape scrape scrape scrape or pluck you maybe it did it several times well me and Debbie both at that point had gotten on our stomachs and we had pressed our nose up against the tent while trying to look through that whole tent wall and we couldn't see anything and Debbie kind of looked at me and nodded and she did her little roll me as we call it mission impossible its kind of rolled across a tent and while there scooted over to Barbara and kind of went up like a little squirrel or something you know but Barbara had her whole body covered and I neither one of us seen what duration her head was in so Debbie had to guess and uncover one part of her just to see if Barbara had heard it too and she uncovered Barbara's head and I was looking over there and Barbara was not in agreement she was hearing the same thing that Debbie and I was well that brave little thing we were pretty sure it was a sasquatch but I mean we never actually laid eyes on it it just it just was so interested in that that tub it just kept pulling it raping it it just couldn't quite get a grip in it if it had went out where we could see it it could have snatched that thing away easy but it was having to reach around something to try to get a hold of it and that wasn't able to grab it just right and had that been a a raccoon or or something like that or even a bear they don't give a rip they'll stand there and look at you whether trying to do stuff this was trying to stay here and it was low it was trying to stay here well Barbara and Debbie had even gotten up at some point and unzipped the front of her tent area through the door trying to even look out and it was still kept himself very hid from us it was staying in that one corner in that blind spot where we cannot see it and it would it it kept doing it and kept messing with the tub and you know my sister she can be very blunt even with Sasquatch possibly she got sick of it messing with that tub and she said get the hell out of here and I mean she's doing a very poor and me and Debbie just kind of liked each other and surprised like oh my god this thing gonna get pissed at us what's it gonna do now you know and it actually stopped it listened to Barbara for a minute but that was shortly at ten minutes later it was right at it again still trying to get in that tub and Barbara had said she had even heard after that fact she had heard it trying to mess in the back of her truck she had wood and a tarp over and she could hear the tarp being messed with and I I don't know I guess it was trying to hunt something food or something but yeah it it stayed busy off and on up and Tom would say 2:30 3 o'clock in the morning and then it finally got bored and let us get some sleep I saw one running I couldn't see his face but I saw one running it was probably and I had pulled up to park at a trailhead about 12:30 at night we were going to go on a night hike just two of us and as I was parking my lights went thisaway there was a creek bed down there I I didn't know it was there at the time cuz it was dark and it was just on the other side of the creek bed when it was running and I would say probably 50 feet at the most I could I could see it really good it was just side you know running from left to right my headlights as I was pulling in hit it and they were going from right to left and so my headlights hit it it was running this way I I was like I just saw something I'm putting it in reverse to try to back my car up to angle it cuz it was running that way and I wanted to try to follow of my lights because my life is what lit it up and I didn't know it at the time I didn't know where it went it was gone but it had obviously ran down into that creek bed tonight was there and just disappeared so it I said when I saw it I said its whitish but it also had dirt mud something right here on its back shoulder look dirty and it's hair when it was running and it was running fast his hair looked to be about that long blowing you know back behind his head but it looked whitish to me and when I told some friends the next morning were that we'd been camping with further on down away from there they said that that area is known to have a great Bigfoot that's been seeing quite a bunch quite a lot so maybe it was gray and my headlights so Brian made it look like but I did find a footprint when I went back the next morning to the area it rained I mean coming flood all not long after that so the creek bed was flowing I couldn't find any tracks down in there but I went back to the left which was the direction it came from and I went up until there was a bit and found a print it was 15 and a half inches long and five and a half inches wide that's a good it was a good one I went on Facebook and made a private page and it was called I was in a Bigfoot movie that flopped and then we started going out more and more and then all of a sudden I just I'm a Stevie Nicks fan and I just I just named it sisters of the moon and here we go you had a Amato horse this is amazing what what would it be I would say it word we're just adventurous you know we really are serious about what we do but we just really I don't I guess to find the treat that would be our motto we really want to find and really want to know is it really you know is there something out there you know cuz we don't think we're crazy we know what we've seen and work we're very factual you know we're not like you know like these people that post pictures and they had to put circles on everything like don't you see it and we're like no we pretty much we don't see it but we try to truly look at things and look at it from I always try to look at it from a scientific like okay you know if we find a footprint okay let's measure it with ours I mean we try to really investigate things because we really do want to find the truth and we have such a camaraderie you know I don't know if I could say one saying I just say that we really we just mesh you know and we all just compliment each other and so we all are not scared you know of course we have we get scared at some things but we're really pretty adventurous for women and our motto is we're females we're not threatening we set out funny things interesting things you know we sell out the glow sticks the mirrors the chimes play the music we want them to be interested in us you know we want them to come to us we don't really have to go that much out to them because we have our activity they're coming to see what we're doing that's what we kind of that's sort of a little bit of an edge I guess that we think we have because we're just females you know acting like we're camping and they're interested in that well you're obviously a cohesive group yeah we we've noticed that one word to describe your role your part who are you who are you key well nurse I guess the nurse the scientific person that wants to know the scientific you know the facts about it you know that's what I dig into because I'm having a background of being a nurse you know and and I'm always interested in like when we found those deer I'm like look at the different stages of decay you know and look at the fact that the neck the deer is all the skeletons all together but the neck is broke the famers broke you know I just like to look at it from kind of a little more of a I guess scientific background involved out your own style and your own little personality if if sisters of the moon we're a bunch of characters which one would you be well what's your what's your niche and the sisters character I would just kind of be like the mama hand okay mama my mama hand I look out after my girls the best I can one word describe cohesive sisters of the man one word one word love we love each other and we love what we do we love looking for a big certain we love looking for Bigfoot together what would you say would be your your role in the group if you had what would it be who would you be to the group I I said that I'm the executive director of appointing executive directors that way I don't have to do much I had to say ballsy because they'll they'll go anywhere you want to go big they don't care you know they'll go in there with you and that's cool because we've gone through some raunchy raunchy places with benjin and we've done all right I'd have to say I'm sorry I can't think of another word but we got a pair they just sit a little higher I guess if anybody if everyone had their own character which one would Jersey to the sisters I'd say I'd be a protector protect you yeah I'd have their back I'm not gonna be one to sit around and do a whole lot of chit-chatting but I'm very observant and I think I'd be one that's thought something coming up to the back pretty quickly and I've seen them in harm's way I'd be the one trying to to get them going first now you know what the situation could actually take place for real and I'd not be trying to knock them out of the way to get in front of them but I really think that I've always been that kind of way I've always been a person that tries to protect other people even in my jobs I've worked always somebody was being done wrong or mistreated I was always that type of person stand up for them that's what I would be I think that's what I would want to be anyway now one word to describe trust we trust every we trust each other's judgment judgment we trust each other and what comes out of our mouths the truth trust that's a very valuable thing to have an accrued you have a motto a saying well we have a logo that's on our shirts squating squatchers with a pair of knockers okay one word – the straps the roof sisters we are we're United in so many ways we feel like we are sisters we trust each other you know like sisters should at least I know some don't but we do we we trust each other we love each other we have each other's backs we respect each other we're of the same mindset and a lot of ways but especially when it comes to Bigfoot we know that when one says something it happened and that it's the truth we love what we do when we get out in the woods together when we're camping together it's it's perfect well said ladies well what a great trip to East Texas sisters the moon I mean what can you say about these ladies I mean you guys just watched it will learn incredible great and it was pretty look at a long trip but it wasn't it wasn't necessarily short you know we kind of met in the middle I was in West Texas when there was a home in Mississippi and we kind of met in the middle there at the conference and a lot of people there oh my gosh we met so many people yeah it was really good we are not just the researchers but people that had came up to the convention from a long way off and then of course on our way out miss Kim that was probably the that's – she had seen me twice but I saw her and she didn't say anything I don't think she recognized me but she recognized Linda was as soon as she saw Linda serious but always bright me so meaning yeah it was yeah Phil reverse thrust yeah thanks for coming down and meekness miss nedra and Larry Smith just they drove up like 10 hours to come down there to the conference it was all there was something you know I was really more excited about meeting more researchers for us to do shows with and I was actually I was kind of surprised at how many people had already you know seen our stuff and kind of knew who we were a lot of the bigger researchers the only one that didn't know who it was was cliff barackman and what he said he didn't but uh you know I talked to him for probably 20 30 minutes and you know la Blackburn King Gerard mr. Michael Mayer was very it takes a big head yeah takes a big foot rangerous yeah yeah Mary Boleyn and Michael a lot of people gosh it was two moons and remember he's I mean Texas Chad there was such and Wayne Foster yeah I mean just it was oh I got got Keith Crabtree's autographed yeah legend while you creep that was kind of cool yeah he was told he was the only one I was really star struck by I guess what's he on seeing him sitting there and he sort of sat in the corner he didn't really yeah he didn't get out there everything everybody sort of came to heal stuff it was nice it was really nice and they get of course getting out in the woods with the dolls was alright my favorite I don't think we're gonna be doing a whole lot of Bigfoot conferences we may do more I don't know my thing it was just it would just happen to be filming with them while they were doing the conference and this kind of all worked out I don't thing work for conference goers we don't really have the time between working the shoot in the field it was nice to meet but yeah I had a great time had some good drone footage that didn't record I got 27 seconds of drone footage but I do have some for the for the outro that's the same relative area so you'll get to see that anyway and a lot of promos yeah got a lot of good promos from people so and some bloopers do some bloopers in this one I know we didn't put any in the last one and though we we had a couple that would probably kill to put in but no no I think I was I was in a hurry to get it done and get it out of it oh we had it was a lot of theme in this time I mean between the convention the wood sense I mean it's just a little 9 hours and 13 minutes of raw footage but I cut down into this two hour and whatever this is but yeah I had a good time the sisters are great and we're trying to talk them into giving YouTube channel because they have a lot of evidence you know just the stuff that they sent us that went along with the stories they told it's not all they have they've got a ton of stuff yeah why we gotta give them to do something on YouTube you got to do something on YouTube ladies well I'm just sitting around I'm like at the campfire I love listening to their stories now Henry at first she's not wasn't very open and topics and then she started talking that she has got a lot of good stories to him David I mean they just the girls sort of mesh they they're all different in their own ways but they just they mesh together they make the group it in sisterhood is sisters of the moon is a good name form because that's even though there's two sisters in it sandy and Barbara are sisters they all come together as sisters and that's just our song Hunter said they sound like heaven he loves the name because he did all that and you got to be a moderate sister of the baby boy he whined about it a bit he did he finally mind enough he got chard I said I cannot do math I as a sister oh no you can yeah holiday season we're not really sure what's coming up next I was gonna go down to Florida and and do our episode 13 that's kind of a pre episode to the to the expedition but I'm not gonna have time I know I thought I was gonna be home for two weeks but I'm only gonna be home for a week new job and so I'm gonna have time to do that and it might be home for a few days after Christmas I don't know so look for episode 13 beginning of the year sometime in January and and we were gonna do that with women the moments are meant for family time anyway excited enjoy your time with your family and your children because you you know holidays only come away elbows to your side yes well but it I'm sure you better stop it cuz I can pick a weatherstaff's oh well stick around we got some good promos and of course some good bloopers but for Debbie patty sandy Henry and Barbara my beautiful wife Belinda I'm Carrie Arnold hope to see you on the next Bigfoot Austin good night y'all hey y'all this is Texas cat and cocky-locky don't forget to 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Larry porch from sawdust beasts thanks for watching Bigfoot Odyssey get you a French Dip and make sure you like share and subscribe and don't forget to hit that Bell for the notifications and buckle up yeah so I know it won't be on this is for watching in the middle close enough let me stand up this ain't the series ready on this episode of big photography we're an East Texas with sisters of the moon this group of ladies on this episode of Bigfoot Odyssey we're in East Texas with sisters of the moon this group of ladies lay the course of Bigfoot research together though individual experiences helped influence their individual interest individual interest us literacy to shoot us little fauna slitted sheet on this episode of big modality we're in East Texas with sisters of the moon this group of ladies Linda on this episode of big fat Odyssey we're in East Texas with sisters of the moon this beautiful ladies lay the course of Bigfoot research together though their individual experiences helped influence their interest in the subject this could take a while this group the ladies lay the course of Bigfoot research together shut up I'm ready I just woke up though their individual experiences helped influence their with each member lending their own style and proficiency to the aggregate a high standard with each member lending their own style and proficiency to the aggregate my mind is open just it opens so much my brain with an open mind we got some bloopers now now we now you can behave yourself this is going in bloopers where are you with your wash though their individual experiences helped influence their knees in on this episode of hang up this episode of hang on we're gonna have a channel fella hang on you need to stop with an open mind skeptical high and a high standard for evidence I said with I didn't mean to an open mind a skeptical eye and a high standard for evidence but sisters of the moon why can't I say sisters sounds like you want to say sitters stop that it's usually me that sprays up how long what's up Slade I'll do I'll tell you what I'll do this ladies ladies ladies ladies Landa put the corncob under the before they go anywhere something yours about to sing of it you don't get this day I'm scared that was a woman you okay that's a deer why well they still bite too it's a flat here come on second there's things there in the night would make a grown man die and fries so many things it's also clear something just ain't right when it's too hard to ignore you gotta open that door it takes a time to try and find the truth see see but the TV's out there way and it's up you you

24 Replies to “"NEW BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARY" Nov 2019 BIGFOOT ODYSSEY episode 12 – Sisters Of The Moon (amazing audio)

  1. OMGOSH! Love the Sisters of the Moon! How brave are they to do what they do! I'm pretty brave (city brave) but there's no way I'd be with them out in the middle of nowhere in a tent with those Bigfoot's running around and hitting my tent! PLEASE get a YouTube channel ladies so we can watch all that you do. Although, if they did let other women go out with them, I would put on my big-girl panties and be brave with them! LOL……Excellent show, thank you both for what you do!

  2. Simply the best documentary on Bigfoot I've seen!! Their hubby's don't believe them is pretty normal until they go camping w them. They are the bravest women alive to be out in the back country far braver than I am. Keep on doing what you're doing ladies. They are not animals they are intelligent beings that know humans are no good at heart for the most part and will harm them. They mean no harm just want to be left alone and some are good natured and some are aggressive when encountered

  3. Debbiies retelling of the events had me hanging on every word, spine tingling accounts of some very extraordinary encounters. Awesome, no other word for it. Loving your channel guys and looking forward to your big expedition you have planned.

  4. Look, folks that go to the woods and assume everything they see is caused by bigfoot are not researchers they are just wanting a hobby. Damn, people use at least a bit of science please!

  5. Thumbs-Up. I live up here in Minnesota in the East Central area of the state and I have had a few really unexplained things happen to me while out in the back woods and one time right next to our home which is in the country I saw a real UFO moving along the railroad tracks which run north and south and they’re about 2 to 300 feet from our home but anyway this UFO was moving very slowly above the tracks maybe 30 feel above the tracks heading north, this was about the size of a single car garage but oval shaped with lights around its sides and it made absolutely no sound as it moved along and another person 4 miles south of me in Harris MN. Had seen it too and they reported it to Law Enforcement because it was posted in the weekly paper the following week in the Police report section. But me and my lady friend who seen it to jumped in my truck and drove out our driveway and up onto the tracks to watch it better but it had just disappeared and we even drove up and down hwy 61 but never seen it again, it’s like it just disappeared. I still think Bigfoot and UFO’s are connected in some way.

  6. Wow Kerri you married a winner!…. Linda says you can do whatever you’d like in the outtakes. In all seriousness thank y’all for ANOTHER GREAT episode! Great Job guys!

  7. Wow I've been on a hunt in East TX yrs ago with a group from the old Paltalk. I personally saw more than one and we heard numerous screams and calls. Lots of tree markers etc. It was a scary trip but saw loads of evidence. Would love to be able to get out in the woods again but disabled now and have lots of trouble walking.
    These ladies are gutsy. Loved the program

  8. Thanks so much for this episode, Kerry and Linda. It was nice to see people with common interests enjoying each other's company. I know when I had my antiques business, I used to get a kick out of talking to other dealers at the auctions and estate sales. Maybe someday I'll be able to go to a Bigfoot event also – Diane.

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