Oedipus   Exploit In Love (24 Hour Film Entry)

Oedipus Exploit In Love (24 Hour Film Entry)

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Join three student filmmakers as they embark upon a quest to create a documentary about men’s exploit in love by filming a boy they’ve named Oedipus!

This was made in a day a 24 hour film competition. We were given ‘Oedipus’ as a character to use, the sentence “I can’t stop chewing” to say, ‘Dictionary’ as a prop, and ‘Mockumentary’ as a theme. Oedipus was also meant to be ‘disciplined’ but to be fair, it’s difficult to show discipline when people keep following you with a camera 😉

Note: We came up with the story in under an hour, changing it as we filmed and all the dialogue was improvised on each take (except for the “I can’t stop chewing” line).

Music is in the credits.

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