Order and Disorder: What is Energy? (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science

Order and Disorder: What is Energy? (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science

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Professor Jim Al-Khalili discovers the intriguing story of how we discovered the rules that drive the universe. Energy is vital to us all, but what exactly is energy? In attempting to answer this question Jim investigates a strange set of laws that link together everything from engines to humans to stars. It turns out that energy, so critical to daily existence, actually helps us make sense of the entire universe.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the important concepts of energy and information.

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47 Replies to “Order and Disorder: What is Energy? (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science

  1. People presume that God was an experienced creator , but that is not meeting the facts of the Bible . When God realized the sin of mankind just about before the Flood, God said God was repenting and was aggrieved that God had ever made man on the Earth. So some things of God come by experience with God, not to presume that God foreknew all outcomes. God could know all probabilities, but in giving something of God Himself, the Nature of God to Adam , God surrendered the primacy of all knowing to the foregone conclusion of Himself alone as the only Creator of DEEDS. Men began to contribute to the conversation of God by whatever the Humanity had willed to do , they offered God , God offered them a response and so it went around and around. God is not the exclusive Judge of all affairs, God began in Solitary Fashion to do whatever God willed to do, but once the WOMAN AND HER CHILD appeared in Genesis 3:15 , the fact is , God "BOWED DOWN TO THE PEOPLE" and So God , whom you presumed must be worshiped, rather it was GOD who BOWED DOWN TO THE PEOPLE TO WORSHIP THEM, That is why God came as Jesus and died for the People, that they have an escape from Tribulation. God worships the People, in the same sense that a GOOD FATHER worships the Mother and the CHILD that comes by the Marriage Vows. Whatever the man wanted for himself, he had to give up and be the loser, for when the Woman and Her Child appeared, the Master of the House changed his role to be the SERVANT OF ALL. . 3=1

  2. Why is the second law interpreted so negatively as an increase in disorder? It could just as easily be stated as an increase in equality. The 'disorder' interpretation is a holdover from the days before we understood heat to be the kinetic energy of jiggling of atoms. That kinetic energy is always distributed from a concentrated hoard to the greatest number of atoms.

  3. so, is strong/weak force, electrical force, nuclear force and gravity all about energy? the foundation. How these forces maintain their energy? why don't atom bonds just loose energy like batteries?

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  5. You know there is a slight flaw in the formation that probably couldn't have conceived at the time. If you create a physical situation where you are able to sort of trick nature you can make something that sucks out heat and produces motion. I worked on it for a long time but the designs I made were always to simple. In something complex the question of taking heat for power was mitigated to those who could understand it. However, if it was as simple as I contrived then a wave of farmers could cause an ice age. We were not ready for such things in this world. Maybe soon we will be though.

  6. The Universe began by a Heat Wave from a Child's Breath , inflating the matter into the void , like placing yeast or leaven in the dough and watching it rise. So the first act of God was when God was a CHILD, and look how God has grown… The Primal Heat is poetically the same as "THE WRATH OF GOD". First moments of any intelligent behavior is hard to see, because the data does not provide the GRAIN of visible evidence to discern . But you see many images inflated too far , become nothing but random appearing dots on a canvas, you report nothing of any impression. But the same dots if converged and reduced to a focus where you suddenly can observe the GRAIN that reveals an intelligent behavior. then you know that the World began by the WRATH OF GOD .

  7. "Energy" is the name/label of phenomena perceived as the "act of doing work", and it's a sufficient definition for physical-mechanical systems.

    It's pretty much a waste of time (duration timing) explaining it in other words, when, unless and until the Observable sequences of self-defining cause-effect phenomena are correctly represented.., as coherent cohesion objectives in pulsed resonances of e-Pi-i interference positioning.., probability in potential possibilities imaging perspective.., the meaning remains subjective and associative instead of continuous creation connection in Principle, "wordless" learning by doing experience.

  8. Primal Heat is not caused by Light or Atomic behavior or any secondary motion , after the Big Bang. The Singularity was infinitely dense matter, a single material thing , and the behavior of a HEAT WAVE , made the dense matter blow up like a balloon, under duress by the wave pattern of Primal Heat entering the system, moving everything to take up the shape of a trumpet , which is basically imitating a Sine Wave Fluctuation , or HEAT moving in a very long singular wave , from the moment of the Big Bang to the Mid Way of the Expansion by the Hubble Constant, demonstrates that an UNCAUSED HEAT entered , acting just like a child would blow up a soap bubble, after dipping the ring into the soapy water, the pressure of the breath of the child forces out the expansion of a bubble world.
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  9. Universe is not created for life, it is created for consciousness, life is a limited happening of this process. Humans are conscious enough to question the existence but not conscious enough to understand it. Understand the forces behind this process. Not misusing the resources of this planet which is meant for life. Energy loses are just one side of the coin. Other side energy is gaining consciousness and life is part of this process. Understand that space is fundamental.


  10. Egress and regress, there will always be growth a decay, life and death. What you see of disorder I see as order. What is order? It's a matter of opinion. If you are just an organism why would your opinion matter unless you are in a fight for survival on this material plane; a limited existence. There are other dimensions. This documentary is bias. Your technology isn't advanced it is going backwards. Learn how to tan an animal hide, plant a garden forest of food, weave a basket, train a horse, milk a cow, love your neighbor better than yourself, work with nature not against it, if you work against nature, you are working against yourself and all of humanity.

  11. I would take this Video with a Pinch of Salt !!!
    Don't EVER Forget these same retards think we have been to Space & Back lol
    We have NEVER been any higher than 60 – 70 miles high , trust me i am an expert at detecting Bullshit , you only need Two brain cells.
    I will show you proof of their LIES , MUSK tells us he deployed his Satellites called Starlink at a height of around 150 miles High !!!
    Oh did he really ???????
    Well how come they are BELOW the Clouds , the highest clouds being around 12 miles high.
    Here is Evidence showing you the Bastard is Lying

  12. Energy is movement regardles of the source of movement, where it comes from or where it goes..where something is moveing then there is energy…that could be the suns rays, a plant growing, a boulder tumbeling down a mountain, blinking your eyes, an electrical current, a leaf falling from a tree, a fire burning, rain falling, a breeze blowing, waves on a lake, temperature swings, heating and cooling, inanimate objects contracting and expanding, absorbing heat and releasing heat, or the reverse obsorbing cold and releasing cold…which pretty much covers everything in the universe .. everything is energy as everything is moveing even if not observable to the naked eye.

  13. I really love these videos however the soundtrack in all the videos are a complete distraction.
    I wish that there was a way to mute this music .
    Have someone else edit the video the video editor must have more training. 😤

  14. I had learned this as negative energy verses positive energy so that creates opposites like male and female , oceans and deserts , black and white , peace ☮️ and wars , happiness and sadness , rich and poor , good and evil , ying and yang , honestly and corruption , land animals and ocean fish , beautiful calm sunny weather verses tsunamis 🌊 or hurricane , droughts and floods etc … I also learned that if the energy in your brain is negative , crimes and wars and hatred occur and weapons of mass destruction are created but If your mind functions with positive energy , you can reshape modules and create things such as the pyramids , the coliseum or airplanes ✈️, a rocking chair or a crib , clothing and foot wear etc … !!! I believe that the force that created the earth 🌍 is both positive and negative and so it created the sun to give light in the day time and the moon 🌙 for light for all the creatures who are nocturnal !!! We are all positive and negative energy therefore we are born neutral but as we grow into adulthood Positive verses Negative and we become either good or we become evil !!! Anyway I enjoy learning about these things and so I chose to watch your channel and your video is so awesome 😎 and fantastic that I will be watching it again and again !!! Thank you for sharing this great and valuable information !!! May you live a long healthy happy prosperous life !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️

  15. My understanding of the universe is that it is a self complete cycle that order to disorder is only half of the equation, and that there is also a mechanism that recreates disorder into order once again. It may be that human perception only notices entropy, but an objective and integral view will inevitably reveal a full circle, revealing the universe to be itself a perpetual engine of 100% efficiency. It cannot be otherwise.

  16. Hello, love you'r channel, Hopefully you can address my comments on the speed of Light.

    There is no argument about the speed that fluctuates between psychical mediums, But for example, we assume that the speed of light near Alpha Centauri is greater than the speed of light here on Earth. what I'm saying is we just assuming it, we don't know about that right, do we?

    The facts are that we cannot know what is going on everywhere in the universe, so we cannot determine that the speed of light (electromagnetic wave speed) is constant!

    We can assume different possibilities, (just like we assuming that it is constant), what if light is emitted from someplace near us.

    maybe it emitted from the center of the earth.

    and maybe is emitted from life. maybe there is million more possibility?

    maybe after you laugh for a few seconds you will maybe realize that this is not a completely unbelievable idea as it can dismiss some paradoxes in Quantum Physics.

    Thank You
    Love and Light

  17. Potential energy is the unlimited expanse of free electron fields within the universe, uninhibited by the friction of gravity. These expanding electron fields collide along their outer membranes to create thermodynamic fields of gravity, matter and spiral galaxies.

  18. Don't believe the 1st law of thermodynamics. Element 115 is 100% efficient when bombarded with radiation. Lazar has proved this with blue prints from back engineering extraterrestrial craft.

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