Princess Nokia - DESTINY (Documentary)

Princess Nokia – DESTINY (Documentary)

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Princess Nokia is unafraid. During the 16-minute film directed by Orian Barki and produced by The FADER, the self-proclaimed New York aficionado commands the sidewalks of the Lower East Side and East Harlem. There’s footage of intimate recording sessions, shots of some of her most beloved local spots, and vulnerable stoop conversations that all show the city’s important connection to her work.

In the doc, Nokia shares the story of her life before she became an MC and it’s clear that her honest rap persona is an extension of her truest self. Nokia doesn’t shy away from talking about the hard times in her life and she reflects on her story with a certain tenderness, very much aware of what she survived.

In one of the final scenes of the film, Nokia stands before an excited crowd at her 1992 project release concert and looks towards her future and her past: “I had a lot of fun fucking making that record I’ll be honest with you, because I got to rap again. A lot of people used to ask me ‘Why don’t you rap? Or why didn’t you continue rapping?’ And I wasn’t ready.” After a short pause she continued, “I’m ready now.”

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Cast: Destiny Frasqueri, Anastasia Rojas, John Ortiz, Deborah Frasqueri, Rafealina Sanchez, Samuel Burgess, Patrick “Wiki” Morales
Director and Editor: Orian Barki
Producers: Robert Semmer, Naomi Zeichner, Joseph Patel
Executive Producers: Andy Cohn, Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Anthony Holland
Production Coordinator: Madison LaClair
Cinematography: Orian Barki
Additional Cinematography: Asia Gorbacheva, Mayan Toledano, Sam Balaban
Color: Stephen Picano
Sound Mix: Eugene Wasserman
Graphics: Dan G. Windsor
Special Thanks: Merien Bennani, Taeer Maymon

Oh we're not doing any cold when so they find out that the prisoners [Applause] Hey Oh it's like a chair this below tell me it's my face [Applause] her mother passed away she's really my sister her mother passed away and then we raised her and then my mom passed away so we became even closer because we were kind of all we had we both know some I Drive early and that's what we only had each other I think a lot of the album has to do with like being raised by you you know being like a really unapologetic kind of like really talked feminist but then we went to foster care not really search because I first-timer there was a succubus I used to get beat and I would go to school what marks on my face but because she worked with the school they wouldn't say nothing and kids all day used to ask me what happened you know you got your mother beat sue and I would say no I remember was picture day she beat the shit on me I had a black eye and she made her sister for makeup on me I 10 11 years old I had to get to makeup on that morning you know well by 50 years old I realized that it's not okay to abuse child that something is being taken from me and I didn't want to silent about it no more and I told myself the next time she touch me or has even rude to me I'm not going to having no milk and this is someone I used to be so scared of I used to live in fear every day I realized I had three dollars in my pocket so phone with 75% battery fucking ran out the house I never got one back I never went back to 6p so I caught that chap doubt in my life boom went to the Elias boom my sister was still there she needed to be there for a little bit more I had my dad who lived in the Lower East Side and I went to go with them and that was it and then that was really the start of Princess Nokia I'm back I'm back I'm back don't know how to add what I got is when she left I give it up you hold back stop with the slack I'd go and stack my stare I'm back I'm back I'm back the 250 I could go anywhere I want even if they check my bags I'm hiding wheat from the cops I was in a 6-3 light shit member for more 50 plus the proxy at the lid and then I think I'm gonna do that back like in that repeats I think oh you know what I think it's good till you play it back honestly I wouldn't it's only I wanna record here because the chemistry I have with this mic she my baby face I ain't boy they still fucking ropes I'm a fucking slob but I'm like a good slob this other shit I fuckin commend him though because as much as he fuckin lives in a mess that man's a genius so there's a sacrifice all today soon 50 I could go anywhere I want even if they check my bag I'm hiding me from the cops I'm six-three much shit 1:06 before I was a motto opposite trucks you know con artists that we knew from the street you just don't have one thing that you do you don't just have one job we have a couple of jobs you have many things to sustain yourself first of all I wasn't even a real musician when I made Bajaj I was just trying to experiment making music stupidly and blessing ly enough it caught attention immediately I was like what the fuck am I gonna do all these record labels want to sign me I saw my shit I can't make him record right now I'm like not the place to make a record I've never made a record before so then I was there for being put all this pressure on me to make a record and to fit into this mold of whatever I was gonna be selling to my demographic it was like a fucking nightmare I've really liked it because it really took away a lot from me at the time we work with an A&R they're expecting something from you there it was expecting me to come out with a gem and I couldn't do it it really made me insecure and self-conscious I think two years down the line after that I was like okay I'm not signing with any labels and I don't want to use anybody so I just want to do good by myself [Applause] [Applause] I think very innocently I didn't realize that the word AIDS was a lot more serious than I thought so when I was like 10 11 then I find I found out because people always told me that she was sick and people didn't tell me what how she died when people told me I went to school when people asked me what happen to my mother and I would say that she died no I remember actually I was in school and someone made it a joke and I said that's not funny my mom died of AIDS and someone said oh I'm so sorry and I was just like yeah don't fuck around if I put my mind and my mother's my like was life a lot and I think how hard my mother had it being such a young kid and being kind of plagued with this social stigma that was very new at the time thinking of this like you know man-made disease I think like how innocently my mother was a victim of that you know it's kind of like it's kind of futuristic and and post-apocalyptic in a way I've already got about my frenemy I'm gonna be a party oh my god it's guestlist with an admittance of +1 only good boy and then at the end o video it's not up here and it's gonna be like hey guys we need love the party just wanted to leave you off with even though I'm dead I'm still the most fabulous bitch in the room New York's over with I'm so over New York no I'm not over me were quite cool how could I be I still live in the Bronx I live in a place where hip-hop was born my parents are b-boys and b-girls you know they grew up breakdancing and experiencing hip-hop for the first time so I get to still experience a very authentic life in New York and I still get to I get to fall in love with it a lot all over again and that's what I did this summer for making the record I just used to go to all my old neighborhoods and I'll go right for five hours right and I could see the cool damn I being a fuckup getting picked last in gym I can't even do a layup I skipped all my classes and still managed to pass the more reading comics and Forbidden Planet I go home to replace the fantasy outside my own patties for the eats Casablancas for the meats that your princess for the prey like to how she's got a Philly cheese instead round the corner to only the right day I named five places five eateries you know surface of five blocks it you saw them when the first Avenue alone I took about there's a very famous Italian you know wiseguy Buster on and I say rails on the corner have you ever been inside it's a guy who the table eats puzzle as he cries and I pictured this old Italian gangster eating Fussell and I kind of really liked these cinematic New York characters and Synanon stories and that really is the core of my work I love you I'm proud of you this is amazing Wow let's look for love for everything you guys having a good time we're all here for 1992 right I had a lot of I had a lot of fun fuckin making that record I'll be honest with you because I got to rap again and a lot of people used to ask me like why don't you wrap or why didn't you why didn't you continue wrapping and I wasn't ready I'm ready now [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause]

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  1. She is everything I aspire to be.. ❤️ I love her energy and that confidence, I love how passionate she is and how she’s so prideful in everything she does from her music to speaking on feminism

  2. this bitch's destiny is asking me for 25 cents while i walk down the street. I will tell her know just like every other lazy skank. What a sad excuse for a person.

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