Reese Witherspoon Gives Advice To Young Filmmakers

Reese Witherspoon Gives Advice To Young Filmmakers

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For the second year, AT&T and Hello Sunshine teamed up to launch the Filmmaker Lab in partnership with Fresh Films. The 8-day program brought together aspiring filmmakers and amazing female leaders from all corners of the entertainment industry to help the next generation of talent develop behind-the-camera skills. Check out the documentary based on the interviews filmed by the students to discover how a concept goes from script to screen!

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Hello Sunshine is dedicated to female authorship across all storytelling platforms, including film, television, books, social videos, and audio. The media company is founded by Academy and Emmy Award-winning actress, producer, and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon.

We’re excited to connect women (and men) to narratives told from a distinctively female perspective. We want the growing Hello Sunshine community of creators and audience members to feel seen and heard. Whether our audience identifies with a character from our book pick or with the heroine (or villain) from our TV shows, or strikes up a conversation sparked by our videos, Hello Sunshine’s mission is to show women as the flawed and often complicated heroes of their own stories. Hello Sunshine – the story starts with you.

the ATT hello sunshine FileMaker lab brings together aspiring young female filmmakers and amazing female leaders from all corners of the entertainment industry to share their journey join us to discover how a concept goes from script to screen and the many people that play a role in this incredible process what I'm most excited for during this week is to be behind the camera then interview some awesome women in the film industry and find out what their experience has been and the great things that they've been doing you know as women come together it's like we have a goal in like when we get that goal accomplished it's empowering my name is Reese Witherspoon I'm a founder here at hello sunshine Kathleen McCaffrey SVP drama programming HBO which is a part of Warner Media I'm Cody Lane Oliver producer director of the series of black love my name is Chantel Nong I'm a vice president in Warner Brothers film production I am just kender I am the production designer of little fires everywhere which is the head of the art department I'm Lee Lewis with Paulo I'm a costume designer I'm Amelia all warden I'm an editor I'm off Nikon with Warner Brothers feature post-production and I'm senior vice president I'm Pamela furred president of global brands and experiences and I work for Warner Brothers a division of Warner media my first job ever was waitress at Pizza Hut but my first job in the industry was actually working as a scenic which means you paint sets for on and off Broadway shows and that I got because I went to school for set design at a university car called Carnegie Mellon and when I came out here I was lucky enough that Carnegie has a big alumni group and I got my first job drafting sets for like commercials because of Carnegie I happen to get lucky enough to have a day where I interviewed for three different jobs and I got three different job offers and I said to each job if you will get me into the art directors Union I will take your job two of them said no one of them said yes and then at the end of working a season with them they got me into the Union and I was able to start set designing I really started not knowing anything about film and internships were a great way to expand my experience I ended up going to the Peter start producing program at USC that was really a way to get a network I don't have or didn't have any relationships to the industry and it's an industry that does rely a lot on networking as far as how to get jobs and as somebody who didn't have those relationships so I essentially bought a network cuz I actually don't think you need to go to graduate school to do what I do but it actually ended up being great because through them I got my internship at William Morris which led me to my job at William Morris arrived here from England I didn't know us so I made friends and I just networked and I actually went around to all the production companies and introduced myself and I finally got a job as a production assistant and then I moved up to be a production coordinator but I just kept looking at the costume department and felt I really want to get into the costume department I was given the opportunity by a woman who said yeah I think you'd be great at that and she helped me get my days in the Union so that's a huge step for me I started taking acting classes when I was like 10 and I started working then in little commercials in Nashville then when I was 14 years old a movie came to Nashville looking for a 14 year old southern verbal so I was perfect but I think that was a big moment for me and I learned so much on that first movie and it really meant a lot to me that people took the time to explain how the boom works and how the cameras worked and the more you you learn about every side of your business I always say like it's great to be an actor and it's wonderful it was really important that I learn how movies are made how movies make money where do they have profits where do they have loss how do you market a movie how do you prepare for a movie how do you edit a movie so as soon as I got those opportunities I I took internships during my summers and I just learned all about that process I didn't get into film school and I went to a liberal arts college and so I decided to create my own major so I combined visual arts communications film theory and a study abroad in London doing film production to create my own major to sort of get what I wanted out of it I moved to LA after college and I participated in an internship with American cinema editors which is a program that teaches people who are pepp just newly graduated from college how to be assistant editors and the editors I was sort of like my own films fool a big wake up call as to exactly how to get into the industry in the I would say my first you know typical industry job was probably working at Fox Searchlight because I worked over almost few years it was amazing I'm assuming development or feature films but when my husband and I met and sort of talking about the idea for black love our docu-series it just made sense for me to direct it so we could move things along and it was kind of my baby and then look up I'm using my broadcast journalism degree I'm using my film degree I'm using my business minor and everything that I had learned up to that point every job that I had every person that I met all of that networking all of that energy was not in vain because now it's paying off so what people don't know when they think about hardway is you don't have to sit in front of the camera to be part of Hollywood that there are viable businesses that make up the the entertainment world that are beyond the creation of content and so consumer products as an example is one of the things that most studios hold valuable because it allows the consumer to be engaged 365 days a year a film can't do that it creates the moment but then it needs something else to help elongate the moment and so my job is then to take that creation and then make sure that people take it home with them beyond going to a movie or watching it on television but they actually wear t-shirts they sleep in the pajamas they have toys or collectibles that they experience and so I am the tale of the dog that makes a lot of money our department oversees all the ongoing drama series that you see on Sunday night and on Monday nights on HBO so what we do is we basically each executive oversees a number of shows and so we do everything from read and give notes on the scripts to give notes on cuts to hiring cast hired helping to hire crew and just overseeing the whole process we're sort of like the caseworker for each show that we cover the other part of the job is discovering new talent so that comes from there are two ways to do that one we take a lot of general meetings which means agents send us scripts we take a read and then we meet with the writer that's my favorite part of the job I think there's a you know it's incredible to find new voices and just sit in a room and have a one-on-one conversation with somebody who you think is really talented so that's one piece and the other pieces we hear a lot of pitches people come in with their ideas they meet with the team we hear them out we talk about what could be in the season and then we decide whether or not we're gonna pick it up to develop or buy it to develop it or not well my day-to-day role here at hello sunshine is reading a lot of books we read alive we read scripts once we decide what books we want to turn into movies then we have to hire screenwriters so we'll go through ideas of 10 to 20 different screenwriters and say which one would be right for this material then we have to go to all the studios and try and sell the project after we sell the project I should say when we sell the project we get to cast it we could just decide which director is right for it and then we go into pre-production which is prepping the sets the locations finding the whole cast and then we go to production and then post-production is a lot of editing and watching different cuts and saying should we add music here or should we cut away from that shot there so it's a lot of watching or reading and then discussing watching reading discussing so what being a production designer means is that I am in hand with the director of photography in charge of the look of the show and so I managed a bunch of departments starting from my own which is the art department and then construction which builds the sets set deck which fills the sets with everything like the chairs and the paintings and those bits props which is anything anybody touches for example the main character that were working with now when I started putting together I wanted to have this really tight controlled color palette and I sort of pictured within that color palette a couple pops I talked with our costume designer and was like here's what I'm thinking and she's like I was thinking that pop of color would be her signature color so we know we're all working together and so we're trying to make sure our visions are cohesive within a show but at the moment I'm working on little fires everywhere with hello sunshine so I loved working with the writers directly and talking to them and the director – so you interpret what they've written you know they write something like a woman walks down the street well what kind of woman is she what are her shoes why is she going where has she been no how old is she look does her hair look like so what's the things like that my day-to-day is basically every day I get the footage that they shot the day before and I watch everything and I assemble quick versions of the scenes to try and make sure we have everything established the the emotional tone and pacing of the scene and my my job continues through that where I slowly assemble an entire episode of television and then once it's all together the director and I work together it's entirely collaborative the whole way down if you have a good attitude about things and you just have a hunger to learn and be passionate things will work out be strong and head out into the world and embrace it and love it I think it's really important to get an education because you know at the end of the day in school I remember a lot of people would not love group projects as much as other projects and the reality is is life as a group project and to learn how to communicate and deal with different types of people and different personalities then you'll be far more prepared and ahead of the curve once you start working in the industry and I use a lot of those skills every single day of my life just be open-minded because you don't know what's coming I would probably just tell myself to dream big we met many women leaders and diverse roles with so many skills and passions they found their own paths and we hope this inspires you to find yours it's just so much experience in one week and I'm really grateful that I get to be part of it it was fun to actually put all the skills that we learned into action and meet all the amazing women I'm feeling really empowered and inspired to continue thriving and learning from all these amazing women and not give up on my dreams [Applause]

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