Rosario Dawson & filmmakers on documentary "The Need to Grow"

Rosario Dawson & filmmakers on documentary "The Need to Grow"

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The new documentary The Need to Grow points out the alarming loss of farmable land due to industrial agriculture and the mass use of pesticides.The film is streaming for free until October 15 at

Executive producer and narrator Rosario Dawson and directors Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick attended the premiere in Los Angeles. spoke with them on the red carpet about the challenges and solutions facing the world’s food supply.

if we stand our course we can look at a worldwide catastrophe industrial agriculture is first and foremost a war against the earth because it is a war against all species since you're bringing more chemicals into food production and all they're doing is killing you can share with everybody set up parties watch it and share the wealth because honestly knowledge is power you can grow 100% organic nutrient dense food at warp speed basically your stuff will grow anything there is a secret here that we've got to unlock what we've tried to do here is accelerate the regeneration of soil well I've done some testing and behind your back okay so you're doing in four to five days what nature would take in about 400 years 400 years you'll see when you watch this movie the challenge is that these incredible very different people who are coming up with very different and really interesting solutions that are completely accessible for all of us to participate in how much that critical work could be completely disappeared from us because it's not that's not what that's not what's normally getting put out there in a narrative that's not what's normally the challenge that people are having and even being able to explore and and utilize this technology themselves we just heard a rumor that we might lose our farm 4:30 a.m. telephone rings I knew it could not be good news looking at the amount of heat that needed to be generated I'm a little suspicious because what you've done is really spectacular I'm so glad to be part of this and just letting people know that hey there's some really great news out there and really awesome people you want to know about we're gonna inspire you to do great things on this issue not just scare you and immobilize you like so often the narrative does to say that we care about the future of this planet to say that we care about the survival of our species and to not take action is simply no longer an option anybody can watch right now eats crow calm totally creamy color Pete October 15th – please share this message this is our gift – I think a time in human history when we need to be looking at solutions and many people are overwhelmed and feeling scared about the future but the solutions exist so we're happy to be a part of sharing that story and we hope that you get to join us watch it and share with friends they need to grow calm check it out

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