Sex for Grades: undercover inside Nigerian and Ghanaian universities - BBC Africa Eye documentary

Sex for Grades: undercover inside Nigerian and Ghanaian universities – BBC Africa Eye documentary

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Universities in Nigeria and Ghana have been plagued by stories of sexual harassment by lecturers and professors for decades. Allegations include a wide array of abuses, from blackmailing students for sex in exchange for marks and admission to lewd comments and grooming.

After gathering dozens of testimonies, BBC Africa Eye sent undercover journalists posing as students inside the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the University of Ghana to capture footage of the sexual harassment.

Reporter Kiki Mordi, who knows first-hand how devastating sexual harassment can be, reveals what happens behind the closed doors of some of West Africa’s most prestigious universities.

Further information and support for anyone affected by sexual assault can be found through the BBC Action Line:

How have you been impacted by our investigation into sex for grades? If you would like to share your experience with BBC Africa Eye, contact us here:


46 Replies to “Sex for Grades: undercover inside Nigerian and Ghanaian universities – BBC Africa Eye documentary

  1. Those that claim to be "leaders" of churches need to be hanged. I have known women raped by "spiritual leaders" and "elders". There is no where for them to turn for help, and the shame they experience is unprecedented. Violations of another human being for their own sexual gratification is from the devil himself. They will burn in hell for eternity. The damage they do on innocent women leaves emotional and physical scars for life. Its not just in Nigeria, its happening all over the world.

  2. Every time I see the BBC all I see is greed who allowed Jimmy Saville and too many more abuse children in hospitals. Using charities to do so. They still abuse today tv license not on my watch. Why do they do these docus do they get off on it, Do they want to create their ratings. BBC is like an occult and allowed children to be abused. FCK YOU BBC this docu wont help any girl they just use them for ratings. The BBC have more power and money to end this but they won't do shit FCK YOU BBC trying to use these stories to make you look good FF off

  3. The males attacking our sisters are behaving like the defence attorneys for the predators. Is sex for grades happening in the universities, is it true or not true. If the message is not true, then attack the Messengers. If the message is true protect your; daughters, sisters, cousins, aunties, mothers, grandmothers and your girlfriend. Selah.

  4. Kiki/BBC, I am interested in starting a local trauma counselling program for students that are sexual abused. I have reached out thru the contact form where I have shared my contact details. Please connect!

  5. Disgusting !!! How the laws and head of Ghana university can not do anything about that.These are evidence.I am proud of African women and supporting them. The professor should feel ashame not women

  6. Sad thing is, this seems to happen alot in the west too, except they tend to think it's funny and obligatory experience for young women in university.

    Absolutely sickening. I'm glad these ladies are fighting back.♡

  7. Don't you find it bizaar how the BBC is so easy on reveiling names and faces of sexual predators out of the UK even non convicted but within the UK good luck having those names

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