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  1. Aww gee the nice spitfire being bragged about again……
    Isn’t it always amazing how these Allies always seem the need to say four to five years before Hitler came to Office…… they had to build military weapons and equipment before war began.
    As if they were intending to go to war in Europe regardless

    They all seem to prepare everything for War and nothing but war E

  2. Reporting from "Hell Fire Corner" = Dover Kent UK. Great upload. Graced with the Spitfire Merlin hummm in the sky = April – Oct. Diving over the docks, Dover Castle or South Foreland Lighthouse, Stabled at Headcorn Airfield. I could never be bored of that HUM or to see "Her lovely form" in my local sky aerobatics too . Regretfully it's OCT and I am going to have to wait until next MAY 20 before I am graced by that lovely Hummin in my local skies again, Spitfire – Castle Brom the home of J / Shaguar, Well that's what my elder sister calls them! I have to agree. Regards Alan +

  3. Douglas Barder was a fantastic pilot. But who wouldn't be, flying with metal legs? Those metal legs? He lost his legs in a flying accident pre war. An accident that didn't need to happen except for the fact he wanted to fly and fly better than any one else. The accident happened due to an error on his part and he lost his legs.
    By accounts on other forums where interviews with ground staff and other pilots are taken into consideration. he was a bully and a twat. he hated ground crew and had them working all night to fix a problem that wasn't there; thought rankers shouldn't or rather were not worthy to fly; hated every one above him and hated more those below him in rank; and, When a POW he refused to let his batman go home. A medical Orderly he deemed to be his lackey and would remain there as a prisoner and his lackey. So the Orderly stayed as a prisoner even though a prisoner exchange was happening. He would often goad the German guards to the point where all prisoners were punished. He didn't give a toss about them. Forced his way on to escapes where he couldn't manage the tunnels or climb over roofs without bringing the whole plan into danger and getting every one caught. Hero yes. But, a First class twat in the highest degree.
    have a read of this if you don't believe my POW story

  4. Great documentary. Amazing to have RST and DB talking through flying and fighting. Bader went to my old school, along with Gibson VC and Aurthur Banks GC. Stained glass window at the back of the chapel given to school by the Royal Air Force/MoD for the schools contribution in the air. Got a fly past of Lancaster, Spit and Hurricane for the 50th anniversary. Flew Chipmunks in the CCF. Very lucky.

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