The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

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The Amazing Johnathan Documentary begins as a seemingly ordinary profile following the final tour of a dying magician, but becomes an unexpected and increasingly bizarre journey as filmmaker Ben Berman struggles to separate truth from illusion. In select theaters and on Hulu August 16.

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33 Replies to “The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

  1. It was an alright doc. Not as great as the trailer implied though and the ending was kind of…meh. but kudos to him for pushing through with Jonathan. I would've walked away from the project. And I'll give him props for flipping the script. I dont think this was the docu he originally set out to make, or envisioned.

  2. If U want to see a true account of AJ and his relationship with long time friend Joel, watch the other doco. A much less dramatic but for that no less very watchable doco, my personal viewpoint is a preference for the alternative, this one is more clinical and not so much about AJ but more the ego of the filmmaker

  3. I don't think he's putting on an act if he's acting is a very good actor literally he was a very very good performer great magic great comedy super stage presence I wish him well

  4. I really feel for the guy who made this documentary. He had to deal with a prima donna who wanted everyone looking at him. Although, I can’t for the life of me understand why even one person wanted to do a story on this guy. He was never funny and doesn’t have an interesting story.

  5. Wow, I messaged him on FB and told him I liked the Doc "I really hated it" and he was one of my fav comedians and I hoped he lived 20 more years and if he would press LIKE on my band page which I gave a link It would make my day! . His wife messages me back and says "we do not have time to research and cross promote anything. We have other priorities!" wow

  6. I had to come here to see if this is real like is it a “mockumentary” or is it a real documentary trying to figure out if he’s lying? That alone is worth watching in my opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Greg Reichold

    Great documentary, very entertaining and interesting about a person is so famous and so sick, in more ways than one and did it on his own. I compare his genius to Benny Hill, The Three Stooges and Senior Wences. We saw Johnathon in Columbus a few years ago and I actually got called up on stage, what an honor to be so close to a living legend. Today's magicians should be calling and thanking Johnathon each day for leading the way. It was a memory that I will treasure forever. We have since seen him perform in Waukegan and Royal Oak, Thanks Johnathon, Catch his show whenever you can, it's AMAZING!!!

  8. (Possible Minor Spoilers) I watched this last night, and it was excellent. But you gotta know what you're getting into. It's not really about Johnathan per se, so much as it's about the process of making a documentary about Johnathan- a peculiar subject whose intentions aren't always clear. Which seems perfect for him, with his background as a comedian and illusionist. Really keeps you on your toes and questioning everything.

  9. So did Steve Byrne decide to not make any money on his documentary (I’m not sure of that, it’s what he’s saying) because he wanted to release his documentary first? If so would that be b/c he wanted it to show him in more of a “classier” light or better image because he’s close to him? Sincerely just wondering.

  10. I was surprised to find out there was one Amazing Jonathan doc, but two?? That's nuts! All I can say about all this is: 30 years later and The Amazing Jonathan is still blowing my mind!

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