The Berlin synagogue with the golden dome | DW Documentary

The Berlin synagogue with the golden dome | DW Documentary

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A film about the eventful history of the New Synagogue in Berlin. It was damaged in the pogrom night of 1938 and by bombing during the war. Now animations and photographs make it possible to experience the building’s former beauty.

When the New Synagogue was inaugurated in 1866, the Prussian Prime Minister, and later German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, was impressed by the building and its golden dome. The synagogue, which was quite deliberately modeled on the Spanish Alhambra, was a miracle of architecture and politics. The New Synagogue was a visible sign of tolerance and acceptance towards Jews and a symbol of the self-confidence of the Jewish community. Yet it was at the same time a provocation for anti-Semites, who finally shattered the hopes of ultimate acceptance in the pogrom of 9 November 1938, the Night of Broken Glass. It was not until the 1990s that the synagogue was rebuilt as the Centrum Judaicum, with its restored façade and a newly built dome – but still without its heart, the large main synagogue. Mysterious and little known tales still lurk behind the glassed-in ruins of the old building. The long-time director of the Centrum Judaicum, Hermann Simon, and Ruth Winkelmann, former pupil at the nearby girls’ school, tell us all about them.

The film also looks at a missing art collection, newly discovered inscriptions made by prisoners of the Nazis, a secret Bar Mitzvah under the eyes of the Nazis and the chutzpah of the East German Jews and far-sighted communist functionaries who prevented the synagogue’s complete demolition.


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19 Replies to “The Berlin synagogue with the golden dome | DW Documentary

  1. Unfortunately, now this type of inhuman cruelty, persecution, and genocide is happening to the Palestinians. When will the evil and dishonest intentions of the heart within violent men ever come to the realization that oppression does not bring about right or anything good.

  2. Destroying monuments to history does not erase them or the culture they represent or represented. Look today at how this attempted arson is remembered along with those who took part in it. If you accept such intolerance as just, eventually this intolerance, will find you.

  3. This Jew complaint against the West/Catholics for not doing enough is mighty unfair. We're seeing the same persecution against the Uighurs in western China today, and we're not hearing any complaints from the Jewish sectors about this persecution.

  4. "The Devil Next Door" on Netflix… phew!!! Horrific inhumanity towards fellow humans… Nazis were and still are demonic! To think one mad man cld cause SO much mayhem & chaos and influence so many idiots to not only follow him but SALUTE him…

  5. የሰው ልጅ እኩል ነው ማንም ከምንም አይበልጥም የህ ማለት ከማንም ነፃ ነ ከሃይማኖት ከጎሳ ከበሔር ከ ባርነት የፀዳ ነው እና መማር ካለበት መማር አለበት እርዳታ ካስፈለገው መረዳት አለብት ብየ አላምንም የሚጠቅመው ነገር በተግባር ማስረዳት ነው ያለብን በእራሱ ሳአት ሂወቱ መምርት ይችላል ብየ ነው የማምነው

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