The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)

The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)

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An independent documentary exploring both the beauty and betrayal of Tulum, Mexico – and what can be done to change it.

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Businesses, organizations, and people seen or mentioned in the film:

Red Tulum Sostenible

Woolis Green Industries

Farm to Table Tulum

No Mas Plastik

Tulum Recycles


Radio Tulum

Oceanic Global

Habitas Tulum

Alejandro Duran

42 Replies to “The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)

  1. people just to many people!! when you base life on growth and greed the result is were we are today ,ultra rich and super poor and a devastated ecosystem ,and the illusion there is somewhere out there better for us ,f*#king wake up ,one world one chance !!

  2. Love this post & what you are doing. I visited Tulum 4 yrs ago & fell in love with the place. Hired a local man to take my family & I to the bioreserve. He told us 100 local families have gotten together & bought a large parcel of land so they can build their own houses before developers take it all. Good for them. I too am sad about how developers come in & take over everything & ruin the place. I had hoped return but am not sure I will.

  3. It's within our human psyche to want freedom & peace. American's flock here to escape the insanity of their own "land" … hijacked by the military, bankers and corrupt government entities that have kept us as slaves for generations.

  4. Thats not quite true about solar photovoltiac. I suspect that pic is of the aftermath of a hurricane, because no one would let panels go to waste like that. Probably after cleaning them up most would work. Also I think they make panels these days that are more efficient per sq in or resources used and may not have those chemicals in them. Why would you need lead? use lead-free solder and aluminum. I think the worst problem with them is the space to mount them. Buildings are ok, but you cant just install them over the top of a forest.

  5. Ok, I get it, and I really do believe that this lady truly does care and that her heart is in the right place and that yes we all truly must absolutely must do far, far more to protect and help heal or environment on this earth.
    That being said I like many folks are so, so tired of being lied to by governmental agencies, large corporations and extreme environmentalist groups who have all lied to us and deliberately mislead us all hard-working ordinary people who work hard and struggle daily to just to be able to provide for our families.

    Governmental agencies have told us that water is safe to drink when we have later found it to be polluted with all kinds of chemicals. Companies have assured us that their products are completely safe only for us to find out that you will probably develop cancer and die a horrible death from using them. I cannot to even begin to list how many times the environmental groups have lied and mislead us with all kinds of their fear-based stories which apparently as they say are based on, " scientific Proof" such as all the glaciers will be completely gone by 2013, we will be entering another ice age and on and on and on and yet absolutely not a single one of these stories has actually occurred.

    One minute the environmentalists are saying that we must turn completely to solar for power and then the next they are saying, "wait, hold the fort" and these folks wonder why the majority of people this earth are asking….. " who is that we can actually believe and trust?"

    News flash folks…… " Brown, black, white, yellow or red" we all live on the same earth and it is going to take all of us coming together to bring about truly realistic and viable solutions to the litany of environmental problems we all face together.

    Mexico is truly a beautiful country, it really is but maybe all tourists shop stop traveling to Mexico until they have the time to develop real-world solutions to the problems that this lady has listed in her video. Surely developing and implementing proper sewage treatment solutions could and can be achievable for the people of this country. So maybe tourists staying away in mass would serve as the fuel to drive the Mexican government to take real action ion this area????

    Now for all last years woke crowd, listen up to Ricky's monologue on the Golden Globes last week in which he called out all you hypocrites as the last thing the world needs right now is a bunch of filthy rich folks telling all us ordinary working people how you think we should lead our lives. Yes they all arrive in their private jets, limos and or yachts and then proceed to tell us all howe we must stop using oil & gas to drive our cars to get to work and gas to heat or homes. (But they can do all these things because they can afford to buy carbon credits…) Sucks to be ordinary folks does it not??

    Maybe the next bandwagon will be for the Wake-up crowd and the main theme will be…. " Lets ditch tribalism " and actually stop trying to tear people apart and start working on things that will brings people together so that maybe, just maybe we can actually begin to solve these problems together.

    So let's let go of the Us versus them mentality and all the name-calling BS as this path has gotten us absolutely nowhere.

  6. A fascinating insight into Tulum's problems all man-made, myself and my wife are from England and have been going to Mexico for the last 15 years on holiday and in that time scale have noticed a vast change in the environment there seems to be a new development being erected or advertised every 300 meters or so on the 307 highway. Puerto Morelos is a fine example when we first went there in 1998 it was a small fishing village with a few Cantina's and a couple of Guest Houses now, however, it has more than quadrupled in size and become it's own Municipal, however, the infrastructure cannot cope. It is an environmental ticking time bomb, Waste management is a worldwide problem and should be No1 priority of every Government and if it isn't then the people must demand reform before it is too late. Good luck in your efforts Tulum.

  7. We have similar geology in Florida. I wonder if they also have sinkholes? North East Florida is also being destroyed by greed, which is synonymous with the tourist industry. The locals can't even get to the beaches we pay taxes to keep clean.

  8. Odd that you never mention the sargasso. We didn't find out until after booking our tickets. We went to cenotes and Bacalar and now Bacalar is slated for vicious development. So very sad what we do to the planet because we HAVE to see it.

  9. Tulum 1981, sand floor cabana on the beach was $5 a night, a big plate of rice and beans was $1, and cans of Modello were 10 cents. Bonfires on the beach at night and swimming all day with backpackers from Europe. It was an incredible four month experience. I visited the place last year. It was horrible.

  10. Cada vez más el vertedero de toda una bola de pirados new age, de cretinos, de turismo chorra en busca de falsos exotismos y tontería. Pobre Nueva España… A la idiota de la narradora la subía yo a la pinche pirámide a que le sacaran las tripas. No mames.

  11. Excellent and thorough investigation, thank you. The Eco Chic Boutique hotels are a far cry from sustainable and at their going rates tourists will abuse the amenities. It’s horrible. 2011 was my first trip and I call this the pre corporate Mexico. Their road signs from Cancun to playa Del Carmen and beyond were written in such a way you’d think your friend wrote it: example – Drive with care, your family is waiting for you! Imagine that.. all the signs were written with messages of love and care, then just 3-4 years later the road signs changed. The love was gone and the punishment enforced. Also spraying the skies to change weather use to be rare and now much more common. The climate is suppose to change just as our bodies temperature changes but we the people can all stop buying plastics and synthetics and hold corporate interests responsible. Don’t be fooled be deliberate weather manipulation to try to convince the people of a climate crisis. The only crises is back to where the problem originated.

  12. people are stupid and destroy everything they supposedly treasure. Californians did same thing to Idaho. oh, look what a beautiful rural area, let me move in here, then ruin every farm and field with new apartment complexes and ugly home association houses. now its like like living in concret California

  13. This was a powerful message thank you for this video. I just came back from Tulum for my birthday and I loved it so much that I wanted to invest in a condo out there. The people were so nice the food was incredible everything about Tulum was amazing. Now after watching this I feel like it would be wrong of me to even think about doing any investment. I would rather help go to Tulum to help than to invest.

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