48 Replies to “Thirteenth Amendment Documentary

  1. Love this documentary but please. For the sake of the point being made of injustice, stop trying to include brown and Latino people in our cause and our fight. Because they aren’t doing the same for us. Stop saying people of color and minority because more than one kind of people can label themselves as that. Say black people because it is us and about us. That’s who were talking about, that’s who were speaking of and for. Not anybody else. We need to keep saying black. Them Latinos and brown “brothers and sisters” ain’t standing with us.

  2. thank you Martin Luther King Jr. for changing history! now are fight is economic empowerment! ownership of property banking,corporations! business and finance!!so sad blacks people still love socialism!

  3. Rodney Reed is a victim of this atrocity. Rodney Reed is innocent. This video describes the jim crow era in the United States of America. Why are we still in the year 2019 falseley and mass incarcerating Black and Brown bodies in American prisons? I'm on my way to put boots on the ground in Austin, TX to join the fight to stop the killing of Rodney Reed. Scheduled to be executed on November 20, 2019 the governor of Texas can stop the execution. We are going to let the governor see just how many people are demanding that he stop that execution and give Rodney Reed another trial where the overwhelming new evidence of his innocence can be admitted into court records and evaluated by a Judge.

  4. This country has a great deal to answer for. And more than likely, never will because it has to do with us. The 4th of July is meaningless to us because we were NOT free. In fact, Washington chose not to keep his promise and grant us freedom for fighting in the revolutionary war. And based on how we're still being treated, I'd way our flag is a symbol of oppression, NOT freedom. We are the result of a very long equation. None of which we deserved. Far too many look at the end result instead of how we got here.

  5. I can't continue to watch this, but I know it is educational to learn how these people label us and hate us to the core. So called white people is top brutal beast upon this earth. Esau I hated Jacob I love. You can see all the lies on how the so called white man constructed. Its appealing hate..

  6. And we shall be sent into Egypt again for the curses is still upon us. Until we come together worship our elohim. They took our language they took our ancestors out of Africa to once again build this new world call America. These people is the pot calling the kettle black, all what they say is black people do Is there own doing.

  7. America propagates the myth that the Nazis mastered & utilized fear & propaganda for political power & domination when they cultivated it long before Hitler appeared on the scene. what he actually learned from his European brethren fortuitously coincided with the rise of mass communication through film & radio.

  8. Clinton was one of the biggest drug smugglers of all time. Private planes coming in, and out of Alabama under his watch, and knowledge.
    I can't believe he has never been prosecuted for his crimes which he made sure others got incarcerated for.
    May GOD'S judgement fall on him one of these days. That goes for Hillary and Huma Aberdein as well! Pure EVIL!

  9. i'm french and i didn't know about the 13th before a sociaty who criminelise the poor,the colored,and make a lot of money with it,i'm sorry to all of you live in that kind USCHEAT!!

  10. 🔊…Dear African/Blacks in America…"If you don't want to SEPARATE from your open-enemies, then reap what 'they' benefit👉🏾 YOUR DEATH. When you're too afraid to relocate to a continent that welcomes you and many (not all) who are direct descendants from her, the African/Black Man in Woman in America would rather negotiate with the Devil whose agenda will always be for you to die in some way while allowing their law enforcement in all the states to antagonize, instigate, fabricate, humiliate…and with the assistance of "white" citizens and those that are hypnotized with hate to constantly make you uncomfortable at every walk of life. Yet…the African/Black Man and Woman would rather stay here in American than give your natural land a chance to nurture and respond to you. SO…STAY AND CONTINUE TO BE SLAUGHTERED…The laws are not for the African/Black Man and Woman's interest ONLY to die. You know this…You witness this…You've been given proof of this…AND YOU STAY LAY & WAIT TO BE THE NEXT VICTIM. Can you blame anyone who plans for your demise especially when nothing will be done to protect you including you❓

  11. This is so painful to witness the hatred towards people of colored skin. Time will tell ALL.
    To quote Bob Marley: “you running and you running away but you can’t run from yourself”The real criminals know who they are.Think you’re living in heaven/luxury but you’re living in hell/mansions.The haters live in Misery every day.

  12. I live in a small town in the Houston Texas area. I have seen so many young black men spend most their youth and young adult lives in prison for crack cocaine. They were smart, most graduated high school , didn't commit any other types of crimes. Just got caught up in what that life style could offer. Now over 30 some years later..i still have most my friends ..they are fathers , grandfathers , working like grown ups should..bc they have grown up and out of that life style..

  13. Am I the only one who clearly understands that America is not and have never been a "Country" America has always simply been a "Business" As such, it is critical that you all understand the importance of establishing permanent residences and citizenships in other countries. Don't except the notion that you can not be a citizen of more than one country. Start establishing a plan of exit from America now before it is too late.

  14. The System is like a CYCLE that was built for rotation concerning Black (ADOS) families. It was the same WHITE MAN that gave your ancestors a SACK of POTATOES and the raggedly clothes on their backs after 200 hundred years of slavery and said “SURVIVE” while they lived comfortably off the sweat of their labor. Freedom and Integration was just an aphrodisiac to black folks to sleep dreaming of the American Dream that they never was invited to. Dream over….Nightmare beginning…..If you don’t know anything….Know this…White Folks dream on how to torture you MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY……without their HATRED for US they would have perished a long time ago. Their HATRED for US………is truly based on their SURVIVAL. So, expect more and more of the atrocities. The only difference from then and now. We at least have a fighting chance and OURS won’t bd the only side that lose love ones.

  15. wow… just… wow. Having lived through three of the decades in this video, it hurts my heart to see that we (as a nation and society) have not progressed much at all. Not that I didn't know this…but this video is confirmation in so many ways.

  16. Wow powerful loved it I lived it so glad it didn't really get a hold of me I can still feel comforted love for people and know that they were after me to put me in there to put me in the system to make me hurt and I'm so glad it didn't happen

  17. The reason why conservatives and Republicans have shifted their concerns on criminal justice reform because it hurts economically and the negative effects of mass incarceration are impacting white working class rural, small town America.

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