Tom Hopkins Documentary Sponsorship Opportunities #TomHopkins #Documentary

Tom Hopkins Documentary Sponsorship Opportunities #TomHopkins #Documentary

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My name is Dan Portik Bestselling Author and owner of BVS Film Productions. My team and myself are developing a documentary on Tom Hopkins whom many have claimed him to be one of the greatest salesmen that ever lived. Tom started with humble beginnings and rose as a true American success story to fame and greatness in the business world. He Has trained over 5 million sales people over the span of his career including myself and has revolutionized the art of selling forever with unique and timeless techniques. Now on the eve of his retirement, I have felt almost obligated to develop this documentary to tell young and old what he has done for the art of selling. I would like to invite you to be a part of this project to tell the story of the man that has shaped the lives of so many for the better. Feel free to view the different levels of participation and be part of something that will inspire generations to come.

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