Top Free Music Resources for Filmmakers

Top Free Music Resources for Filmmakers

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Whenever you google “royalty free music” there is an abundance of paid resources. One of the biggest suppliers of royalty free music is audio jungle and many of their songs come at a decent price. I’ve tended to steer clear of these resources not because I had to pay for the songs but because I was never blown away by the music I heard. There is a ton of generic and mindless tunes you have to get past before you can find something halfway decent, and then on top of that you have to pay.

I’ve found a few free resources that I feel provide some amazing artists and songs while not being incredibly difficult to navigate through.

Of course with these free resources, you run the risk of coming across other people using these songs. I know I’ve found some popular music on one of these resources and have stumbled across it on another person’s video. Now, let’s check out the top free music resources for filmmakers.

Hans Zimmer said music is 50% of the movie and while we aren't able to get Hans Zimmer to score every single one of our youtube videos or creative projects there are a ton of resources out there for young filmmakers to use and while there are an abundance of paid resources that we can go to there are a few free resources that I think work really really well the thing about the free resources is there's you usually have to take your time to research into them so they take a little getting used to to find your workflow and to find something that you know you really feel fits your project and another thing about the free resources is that they come at the price of being used in other projects so you might have a song or a particular instrumental that you like but you definitely run the risk of it being used by somebody else so let's get into it the first resource is called Free Music Archive I'm gonna get on the computer so I can show you where to find these resources and how to use them the first one is Free Music Archive so I'll search for Free Music Archive here it's the first one that pops up there and so with the Free Music Archive you can search up here by genre and you can see that there's you know a number of genres but the way I prefer is to actually search so you can search anything I'm just trying to get to this menu and this allows you to sort by license and that's what's important to me because I have to like I do a lot of commercial projects and I have to use music I have to use instrumentals that are available strictly for commercial use so the way you sort by that is you click allows for commercial use you'll see it selects everything that is in that category and I'm not going to search for a song or artist album I'll search of genre let's just say jazz I'll press ok and it will populate all of the different jazz artists and songs that are in the creative or sorry that are allowed for commercial use and so there's there's a huge list here as you can see there's more than 43 pages that you can go through and there's basically only two ways to sort this list once you've found your genre you can go by day added and most interesting and most interesting is basically the most popular and this is a really this is the way I prefer to search but I like you will run the risk of having somebody else use this because it's the most popular tracks in that genre but I found a ton of really good instrumentals really good songs I've liked here and I think the Free Music Archive has the best and cleanest way to find music out there for free so that being said let's go to number two and that is SoundCloud and I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to get to SoundCloud I'll just get over here real quick and again with SoundCloud it's the same type of deal you'll just want to you know hone down on the way that you search so you'll want you know you'll want to navigate to the search and let's do the same thing let's just look for jazz and so what you'll want to do here is you want to click tracks and he'll say to listen to to use commercially and again if it's a creative project you know you don't have to search commercially but for most of us filmmakers out there we have to use something that is you know it's allowed for commercial use because eventually we want to get it somewhere to where we can get paid but if it's strictly a creative project which is out of the norm then you know you can search anything that's able to use creatively as opposed to strictly commercially so the thing about SoundCloud I feel is that for the commercial songs it could take a while to find one that you're allowed to actually download there's a lot of people on soundcloud that will require you to either you know like follow comment or share or something like that in exchange for a download but I have found some really really good gems on soundcloud so that's the thing about it you know I feel like with SoundCloud it's it's pretty much worth the search a lot of times you'll find something that's really really nice that you wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else it's definitely worth the search most of the time so the third is YouTube once you get into YouTube here you're going to go to the creator studio and you're going to go to create and the first thing it brings you to is the audio library and the audio library is really functional it's really really easy to find what you're looking for so like for example it had already has the genre here and I can click the jazz and the blues so then it'll give me a list of the different songs and again it like this the YouTube interface is probably the easiest interface to find what you're looking for however the quality I found on YouTube isn't terribly high and a ton of people use it so I feel like this is this is more geared towards youtubers and like mmm almost like non-commercial things to where you can put it out and nobody's gonna you know catch on to what you're – what you're using so YouTube's pretty much just around that area they're like there's some good stuff you can find quick you know and it may work for what you're looking for especially because they have some some sound effects that are really nice and you know those are those are great but there's not as many gems as you'll find on soundcloud and the freedom music archive so that's my top free music resources for filmmakers and then my blog I'm actually going to include a download where you can get the top 10 tracks that I've downloaded and used in my projects so you can head over there and I have the link in the description and you can download those tracks but thank you guys for watching please like please subscribe comment below and I appreciate you guys watching you

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm a filmmaker and are starting out with commercial too. I've been looking all around trying to find something for commercial use – for free, but it's soooo hard.. 🙁 Thank you for sharing.

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