Transmen Documentary Part 5

Transmen Documentary Part 5

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for about 20 years I was a very serious-minded practicing fundamentalist Christian and I don't use the term fundamentalist to be derogatory but by fundamentalist I mean specifically I believe the Bible was the inerrant Word of God I believed in a little heaven in hell I believe Christ was the sacrifice for the sins of mankind probably after about 20 years I had finally gotten to the point where there were two aspects of fundamentalist Christianity I could no longer accept so as a fundamentalist I would have viewed it as sexual depravity I would have thought that these people are terribly mixed-up amoral and I would have chopped it off to an open rebellion against God I don't particularly believe that being transgender has anything to do with the sin or anything negative really I don't see it as being negative I see it as an issue a disorder I see it as much different you know I was born in the wrong body well there was one passage in Leviticus that talked about men not being able to wear women's clothing and women not being able to wear men's clothing and depending on who's doing the interpretation and that really is the key in Romans after they have exchanged what they know to be true some one could interpret that verse to me as I said any form of homosexuality bisexuality transgender desires or anything else would be God's Way of punishing them because they turned away from the true worship of the true God now as a Unitarian Universalist I look at those verses and I say well Paul had an issue but it's not my issue they'll become brute beasts God said in the last days the people will have no fear of God they will become an irrational brute beasts and they think they're a bunch of monkeys and that's the generation you were raised in a generation that touch you you are an animal so you might as well live like an animal I have total faith in the Lord and I know there's parts where the Lord's you know says that's not right but the thing is is we are who we are so what that's not how we live our lives today that's not how we run our churches that's not how we view our fellow men and women I have a meeting with my therapist this week to discuss testosterone and Stefan I kind of want to make sure that she knows that I'm gonna go ahead and do that and kind of maybe get her to sign off on it been seeing this girl that Christina for like two months and she is clear identified and she goes to Tennessee State University she's originally from Las Vegas I've got her for about a year and a half it's been working out very well I've a 19-13 I've noticed a few changes my voice is dropping a little bit my muscles feel different like they were working better I'm more alert if I'm not sleep deprived I have seen instances where you didn't pass it was called XI and I see how it hurts them and it makes them uncomfortable and I know that I'm always really quick to correct someone so I just mix again back up to hot stove huh don't go there what'd you get there's a hot stove it's nice to know that he's happy and doing it is to do I mean your view our and just remember that and get to know that if know who that person is and then that's that's the key to being happy today I went to the doctor of course the advertiser Knowles I received my first shot so I'm really excited about that one it was it is definitely an interesting experience because I was nervous and I don't know why I was nervous but I was excited in the end and then kind of had like a second birthday these are what I would draw the testosterone with very 18 gauge needles definitely would want to put myself up with that and then now the lower the gauge though the higher the number the smaller the needle the lower the number the bigger the bigger okay last few months has been a huge roller coaster from getting my name changed of course was huge but also telling the parents Dallas that was the big hill that going up the big hill and once I got the parents out of the way it just seems like you know everything's been smooth sailing for a while things have been going great and now that I'm on my testosterone and I can't wait for my changes I can't wait for my voice to lower and just things start falling into place it's like one big jigsaw puzzle and have to start figuring it out biggest change you know voice has got deeper it's still got about two more months of Jurassic change to go through from what I've seen like just measuring from other people I've seen but as you can see kind of see a little bit of the Adam's apple my voice now has drastically changed how much I passed you know at work I'm getting less and less and less she and her I mean it's gotten up late where newer employees that come in don't even know the difference the changes I've seen already only two but said I'm really excited more now this seen what the future is gonna hold and once I get my surgery what that's gonna open the door to and after I get my nursing what that's gonna open the door to I'm more excited about what's gonna happen I'm more optimistic now mainly what we learned was for the phalloplasty it's going to be a somewhat lengthy surgery and I will probably be in the hospital for at least 23 hours maybe eat more the first process for the actual Fallon phalloplasty is going to cost around 26 to 30 thousand dollars somewhere around in there of course spending on the hospital times and stuff like that then the urethra classing which would be lengthening the urethra in order to pee standing up that's gonna be around $60,000 or more for the whole time and then the last one is gonna be probably around $10,000 or so so altogether it's gonna be around $90,000 or more I mean Heather or looking forward to the bottom surgery but it's not something that I need for tomorrow in order to get through my daily life whereas the top surgery was definitely a lot more of a need the binding was getting way too painful to do and emotional to handle if the insurance does cover it or if we have the money to pay for it then we will do it but if we don't then we're just going to wait until we do so it's not necessarily a question of if I do want to you it's just a question of thing I would really much rather not wait forever but you know if I have to wait five years I have to wait five years there's nothing I can do about that activism is mostly in the LGBT community trans people are notoriously for first being stealth and it's hard to create that base of activism a lot of people are really afraid of that the point is that when there's discrimination when there's harassment it doesn't matter where your category is it doesn't matter what label you want to put on yourself when someone hates you and wants to deny you basic rights including the right to live that's what matters most you you

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  1. Thank you for making and sharing this documentary. It is nice to see people become happy with who they are; this is something everyone needs, no matter sexual orientation or sexual identity… It is a basic human need; we all deserve to happy with who we are.

  2. Binding must hurt. Every woman I know can't wait to get their bras off after work. That is almost the happiness moment of my day.  So to have to feel that pressure all day and then if you take it off hate your chest.  I am mad just thinking about it.

  3. You know, I always found it odd that the bible says that a man can't wear women's clothing and a woman can't wear man's clothing. Fashion is constantly changing and what is now seen as women's clothing or men's clothing could be the complete opposite in the future. There was a time when it was normal for men to wear skirts and jeans/pants were reserved only for men. And what about unisex clothing?
    I'm by no means bashing Christianity, I come from a very Christian household and even though I don't necessary follow this religious path, I am respectful of everyone's beliefs and morals. I just don't quite understand why it'd be so specific. :/

  4. I really like this documentary, it's definitely going in my Favorites!
    It's informative! I didn't know testosterone can cause acne, which makes me wary of using it in the future… but I dunno… lots of pimples is a fair price for another piece in the Male Puzzle.

  5. I always thought that passage he was talking about was more literal and in reference to sexual deviancy. I honestly thought it was talking about putting on a specific person's garment in a perverted fashion (like men putting women's panties on their heads and smelling them or something).
    But I'm all open-minded and stuff; what do I know?

  6. It's also a shame that in terms of bottom surgery, the FtM options are so much more limited than in MtF options. Meaning that a MtF can have surgery to get a virtually "normal" vagina but, a FtM can't get a "normal" penis, when it comes to intercourse, etc. Like you said, medical science is really behind when it comes to these procedures. It's really sad & unfortunate for the people that are going through this transition & are genuinely unhappy with the body & gender they were born with.

  7. It's a shame that MTF and FTM Trans-genders can't swap, I would happily trade the male body I was born with with someone who's FTM, I so deeply yearn to be female in full so that my gender and physical sex match for a change.

    Medical science really needs to improve in so many areas.

  8. I am glad Unitarian Unilateralism was brought into this video because so many trans people don't realize that there are religions that will accept those with different views than others, but will still accept them and love them.

  9. This was a great documentary.. I am a transguy living in Oak Ridge, TN.. Started transitioning in Knoxville, TN… It's really cool to see a documentary specific to TN… Knoxville and Oak Ridge seem to be pretty accepting thus far.. and I like living here. Thanks for making such a cool documentary!

  10. tiffany, this is a great documentary! who is the african american woman who speaks throughout it and who does she work for? i really want to get into trans activism and education and am always curious as to how people get the jobs they get that deal specifically with the trans community. this was educational for me in that i always thought ohio was the most evil state but it turns our tennessee is in terms of the law. i wish all of these men joy and blessings on their journeys to themselves.

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